Have you ever been spanked on the bare butt in front of anyone?

ABEL 2009/12/09 21:52:05
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What did you get spanked for? What did you get spanked with?
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  • Aw Dagon 2014/05/04 18:08:01
    Yes but I deserved it.
    Aw Dagon
    I was spanked on the bare butt for not doing homeworks.
  • TomTisdell 2013/06/09 08:37:18
    Yes but I deserved it.
    for being bad in school mom use the brush on my bare butt
  • skip 2012/11/20 18:49:03
    Yes but I deserved it.
    When I was about 8 2 girls from school
  • pussinboots 2010/08/15 03:05:11 (edited)
    Yes but I deserved it.
    My husband and I went out to one of his buddy's birthday party and I didn't wear any panties. I knew this would make my hubby excited but I didn't realize that I was flashing a room full of men. At first it excited me so I got provocative. My husband didn't think it was at all funny. He pulled me to a table and chair towards the middle of the room. He then bend me over his knee pulled my dress up to my neck and began to spank by bare ass. When he finished he told me that since I wanted to show it off I had to stay bent over the table. I figure I had that coming. neck spank bare ass finished told stay bent table figure
  • mizzybee 2010/06/06 00:42:12
    Yes but I deserved it.
    my Godmother AND Godfather who i lived with were very strict, i rememver one time i got spanked in the front yard when they told me to come inside and eat dinner but i was playing with my friends so i said a smart ass remark like "no how bout that, if i was hungrey i would have came in to eat, so leave me the hell alone". then my Godfather got the belt and grabbed me pulled down my pants and my panties and gave me 25 licks with thebelt then still bare bottom had me go put my nose agianst the garaage door and after that my Godmother gave my a slap in the face and soap in my mouth.i was 11 years old btw
  • spankedcp 2010/03/24 08:50:23
    Yes but I deserved it.
    All of the spankings I received growing up were on the bare butt and always in front of many. This also includes spankings at school which were always bare butt and in front of the class. I have received spankings with hand, and various implements during my childhood. Spanking this way was common, and I received it not only from my parents, but teachers and others also. The spanker always made sure that anyone watching got full view of my exposed butt and genitals, particularly during corner/lecture time.
  • justwan... spankedcp 2010/07/22 21:10:25
    Ive never heard of such lol
  • william_shatner4 2010/01/04 09:46:07
  • cookie 2009/12/09 21:53:42
    Yes but I deserved it.
  • ABEL cookie 2009/12/09 21:57:46
    Did you really get spanked on the bare butt in front of someone?
  • cookie ABEL 2009/12/09 21:59:07
    ya my boy toy
  • ABEL cookie 2009/12/09 22:14:56
    What did you get spanked with? Did it hurt?
  • cookie ABEL 2009/12/10 19:12:39
    a belt . nope
  • ABEL cookie 2009/12/14 12:32:49
    Can I give you a spanking?
  • cookie ABEL 2009/12/14 22:12:07
    sure lol
  • ABEL cookie 2009/12/15 16:01:44
    how old are you?
  • cookie ABEL 2009/12/15 22:58:28
  • bakesss33 ABEL 2014/02/23 02:13:39
    Can I give you a spanking? :p
  • SpikeM ... cookie 2010/11/13 14:58:59
    SpikeM ~In decay and abandonment I trust~
    Sounds fun

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