Have you changed your party affiliation from Democrat to Republican or Independent?

dobemom 2009/07/26 14:57:22
I personally was a Democrat and did not change my party affiliation until after voting for Clinton 2 times. I have seen a lot of people stating the same that they were Democrats but now consider themselves Republicans, some because of the 2008 election and some for other reasons. I would like to see how many people have changed their party affiliations and the reason why they changed. I personally changed my affiliation becasue I started paying attention and getting information from other sources outside of the mainstream media. I was basically told I was a Democrat and that they were the party of the middle class and that the Republican party was the party of the rich and racist--but after research I found out that this was not true, I believe the democrats confuse morals with racism. Just curious and thanks for sharing.
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  • thebe 2011/06/21 20:15:59
    I went from being a long time Independent ... to Democrat and focus on voting for the Working Family Parties. I refuse to vote for any Republican since the bashing and on going insults from the conservative right since the Obama presidency. It was after Obama was elected that I changed to Democrat and unless it gets as crazy as the Republican party, I don't plan on changing.
  • Kim 2009/09/18 22:44:31
    "SodaHead" I keep seeing your page pop up as I do my research. This time, I was trying to find actual numbers of party affiliation change. I would like to compare how many over different periods of time, including recently, have changed their party, from Dem to Rep and Rep to Dem. I think it might be an interesting comparison. I've never changed by the way. Always Republican. I think we need a new one though: The People's Party
  • Chelsea 2009/07/27 02:27:41 (edited)
  • Jerry 2009/07/26 18:19:14
    I'm independent cause the others are the same money hungry assholes.
  • hook 2009/07/26 17:08:37
    no i have allways been an independent,it suits my nature!!
  • deleted 404 2009/07/26 17:03:22
    deleted 404
    Was a Dem, but switched to Republican... my family has always been Democrat.... -when I realized the 'err of my ways', I switched-- I'll NEVER go back~
  • dobemom deleted... 2009/07/27 10:37:42
    I grew up in a Democratic household too
  • jesse 2009/07/26 16:48:08 (edited)
    Republican republican
  • OhioCritter-Adopt a Homeles... 2009/07/26 15:20:43
    OhioCritter-Adopt a Homeless Pet
    I was a Republican- then switched to Democrat- saw the ERROR of my ways- and see the bigger picture of the Government. I am a Independent - however in Ohio one can only Vote in the primaries if you are a R or D. This is
    wrong. I think all candidates should be listed on one ballot.
  • dobemom OhioCri... 2009/07/26 15:45:27
    I totally agree-I live in Ohio too and I really think this needs to be changed.
  • GOD 2009/07/26 15:08:10
    No I am a democrat and thats where I will stay
  • dobemom GOD 2009/07/26 15:46:07 (edited)
    So I am pretty sure this question did not pertain to you-so why waste your time and mine. And I guess I should have known better with a user name of GOD, real classy.
  • GOD dobemom 2009/07/26 20:07:12
    yes I am real classy
  • dobemom GOD 2009/07/27 10:38:07
  • Jester 2009/07/26 15:04:24
    I joined the libertarian party (officially anyways) when I was 19 and actually took the time to register as such.

    I am 22 now, and I spent very little time as an independent. Their platform just appealed to me the most.
  • dobemom Jester 2009/07/26 15:06:15
  • Jester dobemom 2009/07/26 15:13:04
    Our membership has also been increasing exponentially since Obama took office. I take this as a definitive sign that Americans are growing tired of being told how to live their own lives.
  • dobemom Jester 2009/07/26 15:46:27
    I sure hope so.

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