Haul Videos Prove Teenagers Aren't Feeling No Stinkin' Recession

For most of us, today's economy has taken almost all the fun out of shopping. Going out to the mall or even the drug store has become a luxury that we give ourselves as a treat for not completely going insane during the week. Burning money at Target or Macy's is definitely something a lot of us have had to rethink. Unless, of course, we're YouTube-loving-teenage girls.

Haul Videos, the newest phenomenon to hit the the technological teen world, have taken the online diary to a new level. It's creepy enough that thousands of teenage girls are posting their deepest thoughts to whoever will listen on a nightly basis, but now they've taken to showing the world the contents of their shopping bags.

Watching a few of these videos will undoubtedly make anyone over the age of 16 think two things: 1) these girls are really obsessed with their clothes and 2) they don't seem to be feeling the recession at all.

"It's easy to judge these girls." Says an NPR blogger who recently stumbled upon this new vlog animal. "They're perky; they're materialistic;
they have big closets. But the vloggers who make these videos take
fashion seriously. In their best TV stylist voices, they point out the
intricate beading on a blouse or the makeup that keeps them from
breaking out. Sure, it's not current affairs or politics, but at its
best, it's young women genuinely expressing their personal taste."

While that explanation seems just a little bit too congratulatory to me, one really does want to try and find a reason behind Haul Videos, because without any kind of explanation, they're nothing more than girls showing off for purely materialistic purposes.

Budding fashion mavens or bored, shopping-obsessed little girls, as these clothing and make-up "hauls" become more mainstream, big businesses are bound to catch on. How easy would it be for Target or Forever 21 to "sponsor" one of the more popular Haul vloggers, giving her stuff to pimp out and basically use her like a cheap advertisement?

What mother wouldn't be proud to see her 16-year-old girl shamelessly used by a big corporation?

I've never liked the idea that today's teenagers spill their guts in a public arena as easily as I used to write my issues down in my diary (which I locked and then hid, thank you very much). But the Haul Video craze seems to be reflecting more than simple teenage angst. Are the girls who make these videos really trying assert themselves as knowledgeable fashionistas? Do they just want to show the world how much stuff they have? Are they doing it because someone did it before them and it was popular so whatever?

Or, like this girl, do they just want an excuse to pet their own hair for 10 minutes?
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  • jackolantyrn356 2010/02/22 17:46:57
    You're just looking at the children of MArxist Hot Shots, US Government Officials, bankers, better leave off the rank and file Unionists. we're all in the same hoile you are. I've lost a house and dozens of small assessets . I'm diabetic and getting insulin is a a magical thing right now. I'm really getting to the point where I 'll not be ...........
  • star 2010/02/21 02:48:47
    wow that girl mAde me want to slam my freaking face into a brick wall
  • BloodMist 2010/02/20 22:05:06
    Superficiality is lame and shouldn't be encouraged in any way.Some of these are pretty funny, though, in their own odd way.
  • Kaimeso 2010/02/20 21:27:45
    Actually I loved it,... Part of the fun when I go shopping is watching what others are buying but with this I get to hear what they think about their purchases once they get them home.

    I love shopping but don't often purchase anything unless I'm dressing for some special event. Still I enjoy looking and getting ideals for some outfit or look I'm putting together,...

    Now for the girl in the video I don't think people should laugh or think less of her for doing these blogs. Never can tell when some media outlet will see she has something special in her presentation and take this further than just a fun thing to do,.. Would also look good on her resume if she decides to take a career in that direction,..
  • xxxFaith_in_Betrayalxxx~*In... 2010/02/20 14:45:16
    xxxFaith_in_Betrayalxxx~*In Draco Malfoy I Trust*~
    How to tell I'm still a complete teenager even though I'm a nerd: I sat there, watched the whole things, completely loved the purple skirt she held up, and "awwww"-ed at her adorable yorkshire, Teddy. Yep, I'm still a teen! ^_^
  • Velanarris 2010/02/20 12:32:55
    Check out what catty bitches post on Sodahead!
  • Jaxxi 2010/02/20 11:06:14
    I could video myself shopping at Goodwill. and yard sales...???? C'mon guys, it'll be great!!

    video shopping goodwill yard sales guys s
  • Larry Jaxxi 2010/02/20 21:59:39
    I love yard sales.You would not believe the rare things that I got for only a few bucks.I picked up a antique camera for 50 cents.It was worth well over $200:00 Tools for a couple of dollars.To be honest,I didn't go in for the clothes that much.What people have stored in their garage and attics is unbelievable.There is nothing wrong going to yard sales.
  • Jaxxi Larry 2010/02/21 02:37:25
    No, that is the joke...that I DO shop at Goodwill and yard sales...they're talking about showing girls on reality shows shopping at the mall with lots of money,......I've got their reality right here!!
  • Larry Jaxxi 2010/02/21 14:59:14
  • Franklin Jaxxi 2010/02/22 15:07:16
    So you want me to shoot a video called “Girls gone thrifty” ...LOL hell who knows people will buy just about anything but I am not going to use my regular company name on this one lets start a film co. named “el cheapo productions” for that project
  • Jaxxi Franklin 2010/02/22 16:47:24
    I'm in!
  • Franklin Jaxxi 2010/02/22 21:43:48
    ...we will use loud music and a lot of jumping up and down, and when i tell you its time for a close up you flash the price tag ! LOL
    I can't say much about this post my last 3 GF's had $300 worth of lipstick in their purse at all times (thats on average ) ...I really don't mind high maintenance woman but that is woman not “girls”
  • Jaxxi Franklin 2010/02/22 22:43:09
    I hear ya- I am a low maintenance kind of chick personally--not that i let myself go or anything....I just work on the inside ...as long as that is beautiful, I'm good to go!
  • Master 2010/02/20 04:10:19
    I'd rather watch paint dry, but since they're so into boastiality, how do we know they're not going back the next day and returning everything? I could come home from Best Buy and record all the cool, expensive electronic gadgets I bought, then just keep taking them back.
  • Franklin Master 2010/02/22 21:44:53
    Hey lets not give them any ideas...what I spend at best buy and the auto parts store is my secret and it needs to stay that way !
  • Keith Braun 2010/02/20 03:57:58
    Keith Braun
    of course they arent feeling the recession, as long as they have mommy or daddy paying for everything they want its ALL cool. how does this prepare the child for their life in the real world? one day, their parents wont be here and they will have nothing. For the parents who do this to children(giving them everything they want), you are setting a trap for your kids.
  • Toodleloo SodaHead 2010/02/20 03:56:19
    Toodleloo SodaHead
    I totally care about the beads on a blouse. . . . Geez. What has this world come to?!!
  • diaverde08-AmericanKilljoy 2010/02/20 03:49:23
    This has to be some of the most boring crap on youtube. How it got more than 1000 views I'll never know.
  • ray 2010/02/20 03:39:29
    I had to stop watching about 40 seconds in...I could feel my IQ about to drop with every smack of her mouth...I'm not sure if that's how she talks or if she had gum in her mouth but come ON!! "like I look (smack) really washed out today. (smack)"

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