Has government abused eminent domain by taking private land and turning it over to another private, commercial purpose?

TeaParty Patriot 2007/04/15 17:21:40
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Government has had the right for a long time to take private land and convert it to public land for the public good. But now government can convert the land back to private use by another owner that the government feels would better suit the public need.

The US Supreme Court upheld this decision, but what do you think? (see trivia for more info)
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  • Rileymo 2007/10/16 11:36:09
    This "law" has been abused in so many situations. Another example of govenment abusing it's power and corruption. It makes me sick. I would love to go to a freeholders home, or a senators home and turn it into a shopping mall or even better, a homeless shelter!!!!

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  • Reaper 2009/07/20 03:29:09
    same shit hitler did, O just keeps stacking em-up
  • Edward 2009/07/12 12:09:34
    who are they to say it is good surely they are not playing GOD
  • JDLogan 2008/12/28 05:11:45
    We need a much tighter definition of "public good" and LONG jail sentences for those that abuse government power and public trust.
  • skeeter2 2008/10/27 08:27:56
    Here we go with the Supreme Court taking over our rights. Maybe we should all go to the towns of the rich judges and take their property for an amusement park or maybe a shopping mall. When are we going to take back our rights what happened to we the people. We are letting insane corrupt judges telling us how to live as if we are little robots.
  • fred 2008/04/05 05:07:02
    The same thing will be going on if and when the clowns in government attempt to take over your right to use carbon as you wish and sell you carbon credits so you can use that which you've always had a right to use.
  • masonator1 2008/03/28 04:31:44
    just pure scum at work here,but we let it happen because we did nothing to stop these govt.
  • celtic 2008/02/26 18:12:14
    soon the government will own all the land. after all they are getting paid for land in which is not their land... through "taxation".
  • TheyDidWhat? 2007/12/22 14:45:13
    Absolutely! The supreme court decision is beyond the pale. I applaude the folks who began an eminent domain suit againt david Souters home in New England.
  • Sophist... TheyDid... 2008/02/21 06:35:31
  • Wicked (Holla Back Boy) 2007/10/24 04:00:22
    Wicked (Holla Back Boy)
    It's been abused alot... really annoying.
  • ROO 2007/10/24 02:29:53
    Yes..Whenever and Whereever they can..As Always..
  • ☺that's all she wrote... 2007/10/24 02:23:16
    ☺that's all she wrote...
    It seems to happen mostly to those without influence to make way for the rich and powerful.
  • chilton~T~ 2007/10/17 22:46:13
    Yes it has been abused and the misuse is escalating.
  • Michael, Arrivederci e amore 2007/10/16 18:03:53
    Michael, Arrivederci e amore
    I was almost shocked when I heard about the ruling. Almost.
  • BRADY969 2007/10/16 11:55:30
    I don't agree but that's why we need to change the laws. If you want change...get active and make it happen.
  • Rileymo 2007/10/16 11:36:09
    This "law" has been abused in so many situations. Another example of govenment abusing it's power and corruption. It makes me sick. I would love to go to a freeholders home, or a senators home and turn it into a shopping mall or even better, a homeless shelter!!!!
  • joe 2007/07/23 21:28:16
    If the landowner is doing something seriously illegal on that land ( like traing terrorists ) they should be arrested ,then paid market value for the land which could then be sold . If I own land and just want it to stay natural with using it for any purpose that's my business and no one should have a right to take it and resell it . Sounds too much like giving people the shaft . Hey !!! ISN'T THIS EXACTLY WHAT WAS DONE TO NATIVE AMERICANS .

  • TeaPart... joe 2007/07/24 05:19:28
    TeaParty Patriot
    If someone trains terrorists on the land and goes to jail, I hope we don't compensate them anything but with water and bread 3 times per day.

    Government does have the right to take my land to build freeways. The previously Liberal Supreme Court allowed government to now take private property away from one owner and give it to another if they think it helps the community. So they can take away your home to build a Wal-Mart. That is crazy.
  • Sophist... TeaPart... 2008/02/21 06:38:53
    once again, government should not dictate commercialism.
    Take land for more roads, by all means. Seattle is either going to fall into the ocean, or explode from the hours spent inhaling exhaust fumes. This is essential for the health of the community.
    But taking away land in order to let commerce seep in, is wrong. It is still the right of the individual to sell or keep their land. This must stop immediately.
  • highlatte 2007/05/14 01:53:21
    More government intervention, deciding what is good for us.
  • littlebuffalo55TBA 2007/05/12 23:10:38
    Taxes! All about Taxes!
  • ken 2007/05/05 15:04:54
    Unless it is a crack house, then the gov' should keep it's money grubbing friggin' hands off of private land. A lot of people talk about how great our government is but look what direction it is going. Our rights are slowly going away. It is still the best place to be but will it be 50 years from now?
  • shirlstermcg 2007/04/22 14:09:53
    What happened in New London Ct is a perfect example, The govt ceased homes from private individuals for commercial developement. It was disgusting. Those poor people lost their homes so that someone else could get rich. What is most disgusting is that they are not profitting further, If such a seizure does exist then the law should be changed so that those parties that sacrifice their homes get an equity share. That may help ease their pain. Many of the homeowners in New London could not afford to purchase a new home in this market. A Perfect example of greed and power gone a mock and even more shocking?... the court agreed.
  • Sophist... shirlst... 2008/02/21 06:40:54
    goes to show we have to look under the hood of our government. When people don't have their clothes on, it is wrong not to demand them to put them on. Why, does this type of tyranny exist in a free country?
  • Crazy Misty 2007/04/18 00:32:05
    Crazy Misty
    I'm also in shock..
  • Adi 2007/04/16 06:59:37
    I am still in shock over the ruling.
  • Sophist... Adi 2008/02/21 06:41:30
    Shows you who is ruling. Feel safe?

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