Has America lost it's morals?

KCurtis 2012/12/16 15:26:23
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  • Briana83 2013/01/03 20:45:45
    Yes, here's why
    Ban all the good things; allow all the bad ones...mostly.
  • luke 2012/12/21 02:08:04
  • KCurtis luke 2012/12/21 05:48:02
    I guess being the dolt you are you can't read either. We haven't let God in school since 1962 because some loon thought it was a bad thing to pray. Go play in the UK area you don't belong here commenting on my country, yours is too phucked up to have any opinion that matters.
  • luke KCurtis 2012/12/21 06:17:27 (edited)
  • KCurtis luke 2012/12/21 06:33:49
    1) That you have to number your answers is telling.

    2) God doesn't kill people moron, people kill people. He left us with free will, we are not robots, except for you.
    3) That's why it's called faith
    4) That it is, some more important than others, yours is worth zilch.
  • Commrade#371 2012/12/19 01:41:46
    No, here's why
    We never had any morals. The idea of morality, and the American way of life are just that, an Idea. I love the idea of America. I love the idea our forefathers stood for. What I dont love is what America is today.

    All those saying things about god,

    God is not christian. We know nothing about god. If we want to I sugest you put down your cryptic old texts written by men who were prone to halucinating in the desert heat and look to science, philosophy and reason. We will find and understand the mind of god by looking towards the cosmos.
  • S. Gompers 2012/12/18 14:58:24
    No, here's why
    S. Gompers
    It never had any.
  • Frank 2012/12/18 04:53:07
    No, here's why
    We've slowly removing God from everything and inserted violent video games, porn houses, gangs, drug lords, incorporated with corrupt lieing politician wannabe dictators....
    Fortunately there are still a lot of Americans who still cling to their guns and religion, and if you don't like it kiss it...........
  • kenc.63 2012/12/18 03:07:21
  • Cindy64... kenc.63 2012/12/20 04:30:34
    You ars so RIGHT my hubby!! thumbs up
  • Lee 2012/12/18 00:28:19
    Yes, here's why
    Families are fading away. There are more single parents than there are married couples, and too many children growing up without one of their parents.
    No one cares about anyone else anymore. Only out for themselves and kick as many people as they need to get ahead.
    Too many people are concerned with what they can get instead of what they have.
    This could go on and on...We're fading. We're going to kill each other.
  • ronbo51 2012/12/17 23:24:49
    No, here's why
    just the democrat party and voters have!
  • Stardust 2012/12/17 20:23:21
  • timothy.hill.14 2012/12/17 19:39:23
    No, here's why
    I think that morals in America have definitely taken a slide, and in following the news it may even seem that they have taken the back seat in many people's lives if not kicked out of the car completely and left to hitch hike on it's own. I know that there are still many many decent people in the US, but more and more people are being told to be "tolerant" and adopt a live and let live attitude even when it's over things that America 50 years ago would have never tolerated or allowed.
  • Commrad... timothy... 2012/12/19 01:44:39
    The Earth has never been a place to find morality. There are a small portion of offenders and a small portion of defenders but those who do the most harm are those who just sit and watch. Our morals as a collective species hasn't degraded, they were never there in the first place.
  • timothy... Commrad... 2012/12/19 03:52:44
    I can't argue with that. I agree about the people who just sit and watch. "The surest way for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"
  • Trader1 is kerbonkin' 2012/12/17 19:27:49
    Yes, here's why
    Trader1 is kerbonkin'
    Individually, no .... collectively, yes.
  • Matt M 2012/12/17 18:06:27
    No, here's why
    Matt  M
    I don't think there has ever been a generation that trumpted itself and morally superior to the good old days. But I think the reality is that things just go along. For the one loon kid, there were thousand, tens of thousands in that community that were heroic and good.

    I don't see national indifference as one would expect from an amoral society. So on balance the evidence is pretty strong that we are pretty strong.
  • AM 2012/12/17 16:29:59
  • S Perkins 2012/12/17 16:24:22
  • ☆astac☆~PWCM 2012/12/17 13:44:54
    Yes, here's why
    Because for the past 50 years the American left have been slowly destroying them
  • joe keeney 2012/12/17 13:21:18
    No, here's why
    joe keeney
    Only the liberal part.
  • MARIDOTS 2012/12/17 11:15:57
    Yes, here's why
    Well wow.. this is a hot topic and I'm in another direction all together. I think that morals are taught at home, parents have to lead and teach by example. If you lead an immoral life chances are your children will emulate you and they will also lead an immoral life. Not in every case but usually. Its not always the parents fault when someone becomes a raving lunatic like this guy did in CT, but something somewhere went way wrong in his mind. I was raised by 2 parents that stuck together thru good and bad, and there was lots of each. I learned my morals from them, I'm no prude, not a goodie goodie, but I do have morals and I've tried to infuse those into my children as well. In the end, it depends on what a child chooses to do.You can teach a child 3 things, whats right, whats wrong and honesty. What they do with that information as an adult is up to them. If they have grown up with strong moral values they usually become pretty moral individuals... JMHO of course.
  • Doc. J 2012/12/17 11:03:32
    No, here's why
    Doc. J
    Because religion is not the basis for morality.

    Cute little picture.....
    How does it explain how your god's exclusion from school curriculum as the reason for violence........When a CHRISTIAN gunman....IN A CHURCH blew the head off a doctor during services?

    Last I checked a church was supposedly the "house of god"......
    From where I'm standing it looks like your god couldn't prevent a murder in his own house.

    So you may take your theory back to the drawing board.
  • ☆astac☆... Doc. J 2012/12/17 13:46:06
    How about how you progressive left are targeting children for abuse
  • Doc. J ☆astac☆... 2012/12/17 14:00:01
    Doc. J
    I beg your pardon?
    What stupidity are you about to entreat me with?

    And just WHAT does it have to do with how having prayer (christian, of course) is going to prevent such things from happening, when your god has shown himself/itself to be unable to prevent a murder in a dedicated house OF prayer?

    Unless you are trying to say your god favors "some" murders......dispite his 7th commandment.

    "Thou shalt NOT murder"

    Looks pretty simple to me......Didn't see any qualifiers.
    You saying there ARE qualifiers? Funny, you'd think your god would have forseen the need and had it written in right off the bat........
  • ☆astac☆... Doc. J 2012/12/17 14:11:21
    How about how you progressive left are targeting children for abuse
  • Doc. J ☆astac☆... 2012/12/17 14:43:54
    Doc. J
    You have shown that you can repeat yourself.
    Now show that you can back your statement up.

    I'll be here not holding my breath.
  • KCurtis Doc. J 2012/12/17 22:33:37
    Well actually morals have begun in the ideals of religion. Every religion has rules regarding good behavior and bad. The problem I believe, in today's liberal mantra they preach to be tolerant of people who have less than good morals. In schools today the kids a programed to expect every outcome to be a good one, when in life we all know that is not how it works.
  • Doc. J KCurtis 2012/12/18 11:53:43
    Doc. J
    Well actually,....you're wrong.
    Morals predate the monotheistic religions and the concept that "a god" provided them.
    Going to Rome, Greece, and further to the Sumerian civilizations. Law, justice, and the guiding morals developed in mankind without a god to provide them. And the polytheistic pantheons didn't include a god for morality.
    Then there's the people who have developed in seclusion from the rest of humankind and amazingly enough, have very well developed morals.
  • KCurtis Doc. J 2012/12/18 22:58:45
    Polytheism is the worship or belief in multiple deities usually assembled into a pantheon of gods and goddesses, along with their own religions and rituals.

    Polytheism is a type of theism. Within theism, it contrasts with monotheism, the belief in a singular God. Polytheists do not always worship all the gods equally, but can be henotheists, specializing in the worship of one particular deity. Other polytheists can be kathenotheists, worshiping different deities at different times.

    That brainiac, is a religion.
  • Doc. J KCurtis 2012/12/18 23:57:41
    Doc. J
    No kiddin......
    My point, that you so adroitly sidestepped was that in said polytheistic religions, none of the gods provided an overall moral code.
    You worshipped your patron god/goddess and made whatever sacrifices were deemed necessary, and were either favored or not.
    The religion did not provide the morals.
    Yet both the Greek and Roman civilizations left behind MOUNTAINS of evidence to their highly developed morality and ethics.

    So......you were saying?
  • KCurtis Doc. J 2012/12/19 01:10:33
    That you've gone completely around the FACT that religion was the basis of those morals.
  • Doc. J KCurtis 2012/12/19 01:28:42
    Doc. J
    Ah yes.
    And I have just used pre-christian history to refute your assertion.

    Anything else?
  • Commrad... KCurtis 2012/12/19 01:48:52
    While the zealots who worshiped deities were busy sacrificing people and animals tot their gods, people like Socrates were discovering morality. Morality comes through reasoning not through blind faith
  • wtw 2012/12/17 04:47:20
    Yes, here's why
    Proof is in the last three shootings!
  • burning... wtw 2012/12/18 00:41:14
    To play devil's advocate here, the worst school massacre wasn't even within the last 20 years and it didn't even involve guns. It was in 1927.
  • wtw burning... 2012/12/18 06:01:42
    I wish that were the only thing you could point to as a deckine in out society!
  • Bronar 2012/12/17 03:17:59
    No, here's why
    Look at the way we pull together after a nightmare like this. We all love our children and want a better life for them.
  • AM Bronar 2012/12/17 16:52:48
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