Half of Democrats Believe in Socialism

Southern Man 2012/12/13 16:46:10
Not Me
Bring it on
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Here are the results of a recent Gallup poll.

And they voted Obama.

53% of Democrats approve of socialism. Weird that about a quarter of Republicans do too. Weird!

Small business, free enterprise, entrepreneurs get high ratings among
all groups but I believe it is the Conservatives that care about them.

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  • sbtbill 2012/12/13 19:17:08
    Bring it on
    Conservatives don't understand Socialism.

    1) Socialism requires elective government just as capitalism does.
    2) Socialism is an economic system.
    3) Big international businesses are totalitarian states with economic power greater then that of most countries. Some may even have military power greater then many countries.
    4) Socialism is the owning of the means of production by the government in the classic definition. Since much of labor today is involved in services this is no longer a good definition. A better definition would Socialism is the provision of goods and services by publicly owned companies.
    5) Modern Socialism has merged with employee ownership of business.
    6) If stock corporations were actually controlled by stock holders that would tend toward socialism as it would mean the people owned the company.
    7) Modern socialism is simiar to Bismark's welfare state.

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  • rebar4444 2012/12/17 14:51:31
    Not Me
    Its just a buzzword
  • ajracestables1 2012/12/17 01:14:57
    Not Me
    I am not a democrat and I hate socialism. I like to have the freedom to make choices for myself such as health care, retirement programs ect. I also don't like social programs such as welfare, free colledge for illegal immigrants. They can pay there own way, the working people have to.
  • Headsho... ajraces... 2012/12/18 07:20:47
    Illegals are the working people.
  • ajraces... Headsho... 2012/12/20 06:37:03
    Only legal citizens have a legal right to work in this country. Legal citizens are the working people and they foot the bill for the illegals, whether they work or not.
  • Headsho... ajraces... 2013/01/07 09:56:56
    Legal citizens are the ones who hire illegals and exploit them and all the ones I know that do are conservatives. What does that tell you?
  • ajraces... Headsho... 2013/01/13 18:31:40
    That tells me that the laws should be enforced and they should be penalized whether conservative or liberal. All parties involved do it.
  • Classical Liberal 2012/12/17 00:01:47
    Not Me
    Classical Liberal
    but, I'm not a democrat.
  • KarenInKenoshaWisconsin 2012/12/16 23:41:02
    Not Me
    Socialism on the family, community or what level? And what definition of socialism are people using? If you don't believe me that there's a common standard consensus on what socialism means to the joe and jane on the street, then do a couple hundred such interviews on the street and simply ask people to define socialism.


    To a lot of democrats, paying for firemen, police, medicaid and so on is "socialism".

    To others, socialism is a national economic system, as described in dictionaries and encyclopedias.

    How can we have a good discussion if we don't first examine what we mean by socialism. The word means so many things to so many people right now and has been adulterated and polarized in our politically divided climate.

    I answered no because I feel I have to go by the standard encyclopedia type of definition. I would answer yes if you ask me if we should invest in infrastructure and people...in education, medicaid, health, firemen, police and so on...
  • John Galt jr or Ron/jon 2012/12/16 23:31:54
  • Jazzyjimmy56 2012/12/15 07:58:34
    Not Me
    History tells us that it does not work. It has failed and continues to fail wherever and whenever it has been tried. Why not accept that. It's impossible for a socialist system to sustain economic viability, the people are the ones that suffer at the hands of the wealthy government hierarchy. Freedom and socialism cannot co-exist.
  • Laura 2012/12/15 05:54:56
    Bring it on
    I would like to see more socialism in the U.S..
  • Darr247 2012/12/15 01:43:42
    Not Me
    Liber (in latin = free)
    The root word of Liberal AND Liberty.
  • Wayne 2012/12/15 00:46:08
    Not Me
    No! I do not approve of socialism. I do not approve of communism. I do not approve of progressivism. I do not approve of liberalism. I do not approve of totalitarianism. I do not approve of any school of thought that can lead to any form of totalitarianism. No! Thank you - no.
  • Jlmpatro 2012/12/14 12:46:54
    Not Me
    Not Me!
  • Wohuz 2012/12/14 09:57:34
    Not Me
    I wouldn't trust those numbers. It's coming from the same people who said Romney would win big time.
  • Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA 2012/12/14 03:25:05
    Bring it on
    Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA
    Almost all of them believe in socialism. They even march with the communists.
  • Patent1 Torchma... 2012/12/14 03:31:38 (edited)
    There are no more communists. They died out in 1992 when the Russian Federation dissolved.
  • holly g... Patent1 2012/12/14 03:43:54
  • Patent1 holly g... 2012/12/14 03:54:54
    More stupid cartoons.
  • holly g... Patent1 2012/12/14 04:13:56
    holly go lightly
    Some people are so gullible that it takes a picture .
  • Patent1 holly g... 2012/12/14 14:07:35
    Socialism is the American way. We have always been socilaists.
  • Souther... Patent1 2012/12/14 15:40:07
    Southern Man
    You need a History lesson
  • Patent1 Souther... 2012/12/16 16:18:41
    What exactly don't you understand about "the worker owning his own means of production"? That's the goal of socialism. It also defines millions of small businesses in America, like the ones I operate.
  • CAROLYN NTARWNJBS 2012/12/14 03:00:04
    Bring it on
    Republicans are very intrigued by this word. Socialism is society.
  • Patent1 CAROLYN... 2012/12/14 03:33:55
    That's because they are anti-social.
  • CAROLYN... Patent1 2012/12/14 11:32:03 (edited)
    Lol, is that what it is? I agree.
  • A Lionheart 2012/12/14 02:20:35
    Bring it on
    A Lionheart
    Since when is working together (social) a bad thing?
  • Idiot repubs 2012/12/14 01:37:30
    Bring it on
    Idiot repubs
    We call it civilization, the unwashed GOP are all uncivilized, selfish and liars.
  • Kookieless The Sexy Nihilis... 2012/12/14 01:36:57
  • Classic... Kookiel... 2012/12/17 00:08:32 (edited)
    Classical Liberal
    Little Known Fact: Bill Clinton is a fascist. So was Franklin D Roosevelt. Barack Obama has obvious fascist leanings as well, but he hasn't gone and outright said anything conclusive yet. In fact, most Democrats tend to favor fascist policy to real free market policy, often considering them to be "moderate" or "compromises".

    But, yes, most people who claim to support free markets are indeed fascists, who support monopoly and the human rights abuses that must necessarily follow. Out of every federal representative in the GOP (which claims to uphold free markets), I would suggest that only two genuinely do: Ron Paul and Rand Paul. The rest use it as a guise to bring fascism to us, just as the Democrats use "social justice" and the like.
  • Frank Stephens 2012/12/14 00:35:15
    Not Me
    Frank Stephens
    Yeah, and the other half believe in Communism.
  • Patent1 Frank S... 2012/12/14 03:35:44
    There is no such thing as communism any more, It died in 1992.
  • Frank S... Patent1 2012/12/14 03:53:29 (edited)
    Frank Stephens
    Tell that to the Czech Republic (2012 elections), or Russian’s recent Communist Party's doubling of its vote to more than 20%. The rise in the vote for the Communist party is by working-class people. Take a look at Latin America and the rise of Communist sympathizers in the Democratic Party.
  • Patent1 Frank S... 2012/12/14 03:56:55
    The communists of the cold war are gone. You are referring to Socialists.
  • LesWagg... Frank S... 2012/12/15 23:55:30
    LesWaggoner BN 1
    1 ~ A Communist nation does not hold elections their officials are appointed by the proletariat.
    2 ~ I live in Costa Rica and it is a democratic nation hol;ding presidential elections every four years.
    3 ~ The government leaders of Mexico, Belize, Guatamala, San Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama are aso elected.
    4 ~ Ignorance is not a virtue.
  • Frank S... LesWagg... 2012/12/16 01:24:35
    Frank Stephens
    You are correct, and ignorance is NOT bliss, Les. Perhaps your education left out The UNION OF SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLICS!

    The bicameral Parliament of the USSR, the Supreme Soviet, consists of the Soviet of the Union and the Soviet of Nationalities. The Soviet of the Union is composed of 750 members* elected by citizens of the USSR voting by election districts, on the basis of one Deputy for every 350,000 inhabitants. The Soviet of Nationalities is composed of 750 members elected by citizens of the USSR, voting by Union Republics, Autonomous Republics, Autonomous Regions and Autonomous Areas on the basis of 32 Deputies from each Union Republic, 11 Deputies from each Autonomous Republic, 5 Deputies from each Autonomous Region and one Deputy from each Autonomous Area.
    Both Houses were elected for a term of 5 years.
  • LesWagg... Frank S... 2012/12/18 20:10:20
    LesWaggoner BN 1
    Those who are elected to the Soviet are pre-selected by the Politbureau. That is not a democratic election.
  • Classic... Frank S... 2012/12/17 00:12:28 (edited)
    Classical Liberal
    Actually, in Russia, the rise in the communist vote is primarily due to a general disdain for Putin. Communists are considered to be the only alternative to his own party. And the Communist Party actually took more than 20% in a legitimate polling, since 146% of the vote was counted.

    My stepmother is a Russian immigrant with family still living there. She is a good source of information on Russian politics.
  • Frank S... Classic... 2012/12/17 03:35:29
    Frank Stephens
    Agree, Classic. The claim from Les was that Communist nations don't hold elections.
  • holly g... Patent1 2012/12/14 03:53:37
    holly go lightly
    You should tell that to these guys.  communist party usa 2012

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