GSA employees under IG investigation received $1.1M in bonuses

Quietman ~PWCM~JLA 2012/06/04 20:06:49

An ongoing congressional investigation reveals $1.1 million in bonuses were awarded to 84 employees of the General Services Administration since 2008 — while the inspector general was probing these individuals for wrongdoing or misconduct.

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), who is heading the investigation, said the overall number of employees receiving bonuses while under investigation is likely to be "far higher" since not all information for current investigations is now available, according to a release from the senator.

Of the 84 GSA employees, each received an average of eight bonuses, totaling $13,000. (See breakdown of bonus awards.)

One program officer received more than $38,000 in bonuses since 2008, despite being reassigned for abuse of authority. Another employee, a GS-14 level supervisor, received more than $20,000 in bonuses, even after being reprimanded for interfering with an IG investigation, according to the release.

"It doesn't pass the smell test to be awarding huge bonuses in taxpayer dollars to officials who are being investigated, or have already been found responsible, for fraud and waste of those very taxpayer dollars. That's why I'm not letting up on our fight for accountability in government," McCaskill said in the release. McCaskill is the chairman of the subcommittee on contracting oversight in the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

The GSA has no policies to freeze bonuses to employees under investigation by the IG, according to the release.

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  • GeorgeAMartini 2012/06/04 20:17:45
    Why do ANY federal employees get bonuses???!!! They are already paid, on average, twice what their private sector counterparts make.

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  • Rod 2012/06/05 13:13:33
    Bonuses while they are under investigation? It seems that being a bad guy is how you get ahead in DC.
  • A Founding Father 2012/06/05 03:49:28
    A Founding Father
    Dear God, have we stooped to this level of nonsense? $1.1 million in a four year period, spread among dozens of employees. Any Reagan Bank, Wall Street brokerage, or a small corporation, could award a bonus of that size to a secretary in the "pool", for a week of "overtime" or help putting an important document together over a busy weekend. Some bitch and complain that Government employees don't work hard enough or do enough, and here is someone complaining that a small reward for performance is doled out to a few. Get over it, druids, move on to something important or at least interesting.

    I went to a baseball game yesterday and every player on the field earned more than $20,000 for the four hours they were on the grass, even those not in the game. Why are we punishing ourselves with this sort of crap on SH?
  • Quietma... A Found... 2012/06/05 15:15:00
    Quietman   ~PWCM~JLA
    There's your problem. They baseball players work out in the market and get what the market will bare. If ppl don't want to watch baseball they don't have to pay to go to a game, but none of us get out of paying lazy governement employees and believe me they are lazy. I know because I have worked with them 3 different times as a contractor!!
  • A Found... Quietma... 2012/06/05 17:34:39 (edited)
    A Founding Father
    If you "contracted" somthing, then you know that you get what you pay for. Govy employees have little reason to be motivated to hurry, do a better job, reach out for a
    promotion or a bonus for doing good work. Mindsets like yours just assume they are
    not going to do more or better, so they live up to your expectations. Boys who can't read or write English, on the other hand, can earn several $Million at age eighteen if they can throw a ball through a hoop or hit one with a stick. Big difference? The ballplayers have a strong UNION that negotiates for a share of the money sucked from the hapless fans who want a couple of hours of entertainment.
  • David 2012/06/05 02:51:58
    How ironic. McCaskill's as crooked as a dog's hind leg.
  • Racefish 2012/06/04 23:08:51
    Hmmm. And these people are wanting the rich to pay more in taxes?
  • Philo® ~PWCM~JLA ✩ 2012/06/04 21:04:34
  • GeorgeAMartini 2012/06/04 20:17:45
    Why do ANY federal employees get bonuses???!!! They are already paid, on average, twice what their private sector counterparts make.
  • LADY LIBERTY SILLY WORDSMITH 2012/06/04 20:15:18 (edited)

  • ElliPonto 2012/06/04 20:13:20
    waiting, are you saying that someone whom Obama placed would be a crook.
  • Cuppajo 2012/06/04 20:12:41
    You know, I bet you could hire a hitman for about $2500. Look at all the money that would save this country!
  • beachbum 2012/06/04 20:12:36
    Make 'em pay it all back, and then send 'em to jail for defrauding the American taxpayer. More gov't. waste.
  • BrianD3 2012/06/04 20:09:14
    wait.....you suck at your job and get reprimanded and transferred but you still get a bonus? Ok, explain to me what I am doing wrong......

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