Government Bullies Nevada Rancher - will YOU stand with him?

snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cliques 2014/04/12 06:23:02
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Why the Standoff at the Bundy Ranch is a Very Big Deal

Posted on April 11, 2014

If you haven’t been following the unfolding drama at the Bundy Ranch
about 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas you need to start now. The
escalating confrontation between irate local residents and federal
agents of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has the potential to take a
very dangerous turn for the worse at any moment, as hundreds of militia
members from states across the country are expected to descend upon the
area and make a stand with 67-year-old Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy.

Before I get into any sort of analysis about what this means within
the bigger picture of American politics and society, we need a little
background on the situation. The saga itself has been ongoing for two
decades and the issue at hand is whether or not Mr. Bundy can graze his
900 head of cattle on a particular section of public lands in Clark
County. Cliven Bundy has been ordered to stop on environmental grounds
to protect the desert tortoise, but he has stood his ground time and
time again. As a result, the feds have now entered the area and are
impounding his cattle. According to CNN, Between
Saturday and Wednesday, contracted wranglers impounded a total of 352
cattle. The Bundy family, as well as a variety of local residents have
already had confrontations with the BLM agents. Tasers have been used
and some minor injuries reported. Most significantly, militia members
from across the country have already descended upon the area and it
seems possible that hundreds may ultimately make it down there.

To me, the argument of who is right and who is wrong in this
situation is the least interesting part of the story. I have noted time
and time again that the feds are becoming increasingly out of control
and belligerent to American citizens. We know the stories (think Aaron Swartz)
and we know the overall trend trend. However, the reason the Bundy
Ranch confrontation is so interesting, is that for whatever reason this
particular incident seems to be striking a chord of dissent. It is often
times the most random, unforeseen and innocuous things that spark
social/political movements. This standoff has it all.

From CBS News:

Las Vegas/AP) — Militia groups are rallying behind a rancher whose
cattle are being seized by the federal government.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that two militia members from Montana and one from Utah have arrived at Cliven Bundy’s ranch.

“We need to be the barrier between the oppressed and the
tyrants,” Ryan Payne of the West Mountain Rangers told the
Review-Journal. “Expect to see a band of soldiers.”

Payne said that militias from New Hampshire, Texas and Florida are likely to join and stand with Bundy and stay at his ranch.

“They all tell me they are in the process of mobilizing as we speak,” Payne told the Review-Journal, adding that hundreds of militia members are expected.

Lawmakers are adding their voices into the fray, criticizing the
federal cattle roundup fought by Cliven Bundy who claims longstanding
grazing rights on remote public rangeland about 80 miles northeast of
Las Vegas.

Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada said he told new U.S. Bureau of Land Management chief Neil Kornze in Washington, D.C., that law-abiding Nevadans shouldn’t be penalized by an “overreaching” agency.

Republican Gov.
Brian Sandoval pointed earlier to what he called “an atmosphere of
intimidation,” resulting from the roundup and said he believed
constitutional rights were being trampled.

The fact that a U.S. Senator and the Governor are publicly coming out
agains the feds is in my opinion a very big deal and may signal the
beginning of a true fracturing in the social fabric. Something that I
have been expecting for many years.

Heller said he heard from local officials, residents and the
Nevada Cattlemen’s Association and remained “extremely concerned about
the size of this closure and disruptions with access to roads, water and
electrical infrastructure.”

The federal government has shut down a scenic but windswept area
about half the size of the state of Delaware to round up about 900
cattle it says are trespassing.

Sandoval said he was most offended that armed federal officials have tried to corral people protesting the roundup into a fenced-in “First Amendment area” south of the resort city of Mesquite.

The site “tramples upon Nevadans’ fundamental rights under the U.S. Constitution” and should be dismantled, Sandoval said.

People being rounded up like cattle in these bullshit “First Amendment areas” is completely unacceptable.

BLM spokeswoman Kirsten Cannon and Park Service spokeswoman
Christie Vanover have told reporters during daily conference calls that
free-speech areas were established so agents could ensure the safety of
contractors, protesters, the rancher and his supporters.

Meanwhile, federal officials say 277 cows have been collected.
Cannon said state veterinarian and brand identification officials will
determine what becomes of the impounded cattle.

The kindling for social upheaval has been growing in America for quite some time. Disrespectful and ignorant statements
from billionaire oligarchs like Sam Zell only make it worse. The
question in my mind has always been what will the catalyst be to spark
the brushfire? Will it be the Bundy Ranch? We’ll have to wait and see.

Personally, I hope cooler heads prevail and there is no violence,
because once you head down the road of violent confrontation between the
people and the feds you are opening up a can of worms that will not
easily be bottled up again. In such a situation, everybody loses.
However, my long-term fear is that unless the government and its puppet
masters on Wall Street and elsewhere in big business change course,
social upheaval will prove inevitable, whether the Bundy Ranch sparks
it, or some other incident down the road. These are troubled times and
they are likely going to get worse before they get better.

This picture basically says it all:

Bundy ranch

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  • bob'45 2014/04/12 13:41:46 (edited)
    Leave the Bundy's Alone! This is no longer about turtles!
    I am not surprised that the tyranny of the Federal Government has reached what could be considered the new norm in this country. I am proud to stand with the Bundy's against an out of control government. stand with the bundy s

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  • Turn the Tide 2014/04/14 16:04:51
    My thought......
    Turn the Tide
    For as many generations the Bundy Ranch has existed with the Desert Tortoise, I'd say the Desert Tortoise is really not the issue.

    The first time I heard about this Rancher and the Feds, I thought Russia invaded Nevada.

    It seems as though the current Presidential Admin, various Dem Senators, and Russia's Putin have something in common...

    ...Do whatever unethical act you want to do,

    ...Deny any involvement in the unethical act, and all the while...

    ...Act like you are against the unethical goal that you are really trying to accomplish relating to your unethical act.

    In fact, I believe this current Presidential Admin is all about posturing without any intention to back up foreign policy unless a foreign policy issue hits American shores.

    Hence, Putin and President B.O. Admin and various Dem Senators are really birds of a feather (with similar Socialist/Communist goals) that flock together.
  • snell/G... Turn th... 2014/04/18 06:06:16 (edited)
    snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cliques
    well said!
    obama   epic fail
  • pumpkin... snell/G... 2014/09/05 04:30:23
    Another good post Snell.
  • Roy Munson **SL, BD** 2014/04/14 10:13:43
    Leave the Bundy's Alone! This is no longer about turtles!
    Roy Munson **SL, BD**
  • snell/G... Roy Mun... 2014/04/18 06:16:15 (edited)
    snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cliques
    sheeple power

    ...the Sheeple elected him - the Sheeple keep him - the Sheeple run this country!
  • Claybern 2014/04/14 02:59:24
    Leave the Bundy's Alone! This is no longer about turtles!
    The feds are starting to act like Vladimir Putin, and it sucks.
  • Dan 2014/04/14 02:49:28
    Leave the Bundy's Alone! This is no longer about turtles!
    I'll bet Harry Reid is behind this somehow.
  • Lady Willpower 2014/04/14 00:26:22
    Leave the Bundy's Alone! This is no longer about turtles!
    Lady Willpower
    The government should have bigger and better things to focus on. This is petty nonsense.
  • bob 2014/04/13 21:29:04
    Leave the Bundy's Alone! This is no longer about turtles!
    The land is state land, not federal but because of a turtle the fed declares an endangered species they take control, then they want him to pay federal Grazing fee's on land the fed doesn't own and when he challenges he ends up in a Federal Court in front of a Federal Judge, This is just wrong and where the hell is the Governor of Nevada at.
  • snell/G... bob 2014/04/14 07:22:28 (edited)
    snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cliques
    ...you know where to find him ....
    obama on the golf course
  • Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA 2014/04/13 11:46:43
    Leave the Bundy's Alone! This is no longer about turtles!
    Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA
    It's about government taking over.
  • snell/G... Torchma... 2014/04/18 07:18:06
    snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cliques
    aint it though??
    big government
  • Charu ∞ijm♥∞ 2014/04/13 06:15:45 (edited)
    Leave the Bundy's Alone! This is no longer about turtles!
    Charu ∞ijm♥∞
    It hasn't been about no turtles....LOL
    Agenda 21
  • snell/G... Charu ∞... 2014/04/18 07:23:05 (edited)
    snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cliques
    governement socialist landgrab
    ....read the caption - its true!
  • Charu ∞... snell/G... 2014/04/18 07:32:21
    Charu ∞ijm♥∞
    Thank you Snell ;)
    Our Founding Fathers were most intelligent and intuitive....
    thomas jefferson tryanny thomas jefferson tryanny
  • MCA~AFCL~PWCM 2014/04/12 22:33:31
    Leave the Bundy's Alone! This is no longer about turtles!
    I hope other ranchers follow his lead and force the federal govt to give back the land they have stolen!
  • snell/G... MCA~AFC... 2014/04/13 06:20:35
    snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cliques
    i just hope other ranchers get behind him right now in support...
  • MCA~AFC... snell/G... 2014/04/14 13:33:36
    The next one has started. Kit and Sherry Laney of the Diamond Bar ranch in New Mexico. It's the same issue, land they claim has been in their family since before NM became a state was used for grazing. The federal govt laid claim to it and said his cattle are trespassing.
    "When Kit Laney answered a knock on his door Saturday, law enforcement officers from the U.S. Forest Service handed him a piece of paper announcing his Diamond Bar Ranch in southwest New Mexico would be shut down Wednesday and his 300 head of cattle grazing there would be removed – one way or the other.
    Other Forest Service officials were busy nailing similar notices on fence posts along the highway and informing neighbors that after Feb. 11, they should not attempt to enter the Diamond Bar property."
  • snell/G... MCA~AFC... 2014/04/18 06:09:46 (edited)
    snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cliques
    THAT is a cryin' shame!! governement socialist landgrab
  • Dennis Swanson 2014/04/12 22:19:40
    Leave the Bundy's Alone! This is no longer about turtles!
    Dennis Swanson
    Its the scum filth that carry out the orders you should be worried about. police snipers
  • snell/G... Dennis ... 2014/04/18 07:25:31
    snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cliques
    ....we are...
  • Disbelief 2014/04/12 22:05:32 (edited)
  • snell/G... Disbelief 2014/04/18 07:26:51 (edited)
    snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cliques
    ....agreed! They havent, they won't, they never will! governement socialist landgrab \

    governement socialist landgrab

    armed citizens

    armed citizens

    armed citizens
  • Disbelief snell/G... 2014/04/19 04:36:27 (edited)
  • Dwight 2014/04/12 20:51:36
    Leave the Bundy's Alone! This is no longer about turtles!
    Seems it was never about the tortoise, but about who can, or will, pay the government more for the land and spread the graft around.
    Why is it the Federal government can get more worked up over a rancher using public land to graze cattle than they can with people illegally crossing the borders at will and signing up for public assistance?
  • wtw 2014/04/12 20:42:47
    Leave the Bundy's Alone! This is no longer about turtles!
    I stand with them over big government!
  • keeper 2014/04/12 19:43:41
    Leave the Bundy's Alone! This is no longer about turtles!
    It hasn't been about turtles for 20 years...but they do need to come to some agreement.
  • Tee Quake 2014/04/12 19:12:03 (edited)
    Leave the Bundy's Alone! This is no longer about turtles!
    Tee Quake
    I am sick and tired of the Obama regime using duplicitous means to whittle away our individual freedoms. They are allegedly worried about the turtle, but rammed through a 30 year pass on laws intended to save golden eagles and bald eagles from flying into the propellers of windmills on windmill electric farms, which Obama has pressed so hard for, when the answer to our energy crisis lies in lakes of petroleum under our feet. Just look at North Dakota where they have been harvesting oil from private land and the State's economy is BOOMING. Somebody better stand-up to Obama today or I guarantee you we will regret it dearly tomorrow. This is Obama's end play of bullying American citizens using his patsies in all his made-up agencies which tilt the governmental checks and balances far over to the Executive branches favor; czar after czar. This is completely unconstitutional and Congress and/or the Judicial branch should put their feet down. Today it's cattle near Las Vegas; tomorrow it's some right near and dear to YOU. If we don't stop Obama's out-of-control regime today we will all regret it tomorrow.
  • snell/G... Tee Quake 2014/04/13 06:23:18
    snell/GOD & COUNTRY-zero cliques
    Agree! However, this thing with the Bundy's has been going on since the early 1990's. Its just recently escalated to unreasonable proportion. However, obie isn't gonna get involved or speak out because he's color blind.
  • evangelism_vision 2014/04/12 18:05:06 (edited)
    Leave the Bundy's Alone! This is no longer about turtles!
    Amen and I was going to post a discussion on this but you beat me to it. THANK YOU

    I agree and the Government needs to back off. The Govennment has gone too far and it's not only the IRS that attacks Citizens, you have a corrupt White House that spys on Americans, a Senate controlled by Nazi Democrats who think they are above the Law and can waste Tax Payer money


    If you want the Corruption to end..... GET RIDE OF THE LIBERALS IN THE HOUSE AND THE SENATE
  • Linda7777 2014/04/12 17:08:47
    My thought......
    "Bundy acknowledges that her family owes significant money in unpaid grazing fees, but she refuses to pay that money to the federal government."

    She knows she owes the money, she just refuses to pay who it's owed to. Why isn't that money in a bank account - all 20 years worth? Because she never intended to pay it in the first place I'd wager.

    I feel for the Guy and his family, But the law is the law and someone gave this man some bad advice. By not paying the Fed Bill he owes he gave then the key to his house. Legally the law is not on the side of the feds. Even Fox admitted that yesterday. I just hope the Crazies don't use this to incite anyone since this can and may end up bad if they chose to incite.
  • Dwight Linda7777 2014/04/12 20:53:20
    Why is this a bigger deal than people illegally crossing our borders at will and signing up for public assistance or attending our schools for free?
  • Linda7777 Dwight 2014/04/12 21:00:24
    You know as well as I do that you pay your bill, Its call responsibility and the lady admitted that they have not. If the Republicans took up Immigration we would have and answer to your immigration question!
  • Dwight Linda7777 2014/04/12 21:04:58
    Thanks, but that's not what I asked. The BLM is willing to target citizens with snipers over "money", but won't stop illegal border crossing's even over National Forests.
  • Linda7777 Dwight 2014/04/12 21:08:39
    Any law enforcement agency be it Federal or State police always put snipers in an area they feel could turn life threatening to them. They also do this in hostage situations. Is protocol for them. Is how they work.
  • Dwight Linda7777 2014/04/12 21:25:34
    I have not read or heard any article or news story where the BLM claimed they feared the Bundy's might turn violent, or had exhibited an indication of being on the verge of violence.
    When did the Bundy family threaten anyone to make the BLM fear violence?
    How does this equate to a Hostage Situation?

    The only intimidation I've seen was Government agents threatening unarmed protesters with either tazers or hand guns while one of their number allowed a dog on a leash to come very close to those same protesters, following them with the dog leading in a very aggressive manner, While agents targeted them with weapons.
  • Linda7777 Dwight 2014/04/12 21:29:49
    They did the something to the protestors back in the 60s, It was done in the South also all of the Civil marches took place. When ever they take on any kind of action the Feds and Police do this.
  • Dwight Linda7777 2014/04/12 21:50:22
    So in your mind this is okay because they always do it?
  • Linda7777 Dwight 2014/04/12 21:56:59
    No, I said it was protocol, Just as it protocol so it should not be a shock to anyone!
  • Dwight Linda7777 2014/04/12 22:01:37
    It is unacceptable. SOP or not.

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