Gorilla Walks Upright Like a Man: Cool or Scary?

News 2011/01/31 16:00:00
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This one is probably not going to go over very well with the folks at Kentucky’s Creation Museum. A new viral video that’s taking the ‘Net by storm purports to show 480-pound silverback gorilla Ambam walking around upright on two legs like, well, a human.

The 18-second video of the 21-year-old male primate who lives in a British nature park was filmed last April by researcher Johanna Watson while she was working on a project about great ape locomotion.

While proponents of evolution have long held that humans’ upright bipedalism is among the most convincing proof of the evolution of the human species from primate ancestors, some are seeing Ambam’s two-legged stroll as a possible harbinger that the evolutionary gap might be quickly closing.

One of the keepers at the zoo told England’s Daily Star that Ambam has had this ability for as long as he can remember and that the great ape’s father and two sisters could also walk upright. Like many a human, Ambam’s keepers said the ape’s incentive for walking like a man comes down to food and curiosity. It seems he likes to get a look at the food bucket as it’s arriving and peek over the enclosure’s edge to see what’s doing outside.

Ambam’s keepers said he’s not been trained to stand and does not do it on cue, adding that all gorillas can do it, but just don’t choose to that often. If anything, a keeper said he’s probably just a good example of his family’s “standing-up gene,” and not some kind of missing link.

Are you excited or scared by upright ape?

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  • b man 2011/01/31 18:06:32
    b man
    I would like to shave him and have him come work for me before its too late....
    shave work late Apes planet

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  • bl4Ck niGhTm4Re 2011/02/12 18:26:16
    bl4Ck niGhTm4Re
    weird,funny,cool and maybe scary......idk......a mixture........i think
  • sfgnsdfgn 2011/02/08 14:06:00
    He looks like a creationist
  • Marek 2011/02/01 23:06:04 (edited)
    Nothing surprising really, there is a dog that walks upright. The little bit of a shocker to some people is that the gorilla looks like a fat human walking.

    surprising dog walks upright shocker people fat human walking upright walking dog

  • bl4Ck n... Marek 2011/02/12 18:26:46
    bl4Ck niGhTm4Re
    lmao :D
  • Cherry JollyRancher XD 2011/02/01 23:06:00
    Cherry JollyRancher XD
    Weird but Awesome
  • Texas Johnny 2011/02/01 21:52:30
    Texas Johnny
    As long as we don't see this..I am ok. gorilla army palnet of the apes
  • veronica 2011/02/01 20:12:14
    I think its werid.
  • Stan Kapusta 2011/02/01 19:18:09
    Stan Kapusta
    There more intelligent than we thought they were. They can imitate too.
  • Stratweenie57 2011/02/01 18:45:17
    Nuthin' scary about it-lots of animals imitate what they see humans do,just look at the Left Wingers imitate humans-they do it all the time....they're just no damn good at it.
  • Magical Mushroom 2011/02/01 18:33:31
    Magical Mushroom
    Cool, I don't belive we were monkeys, I know I am not one or ever was. He is just a smart gorilla, maybe he is mimicing people or he is just being a male and its his land and he is making sure you know that this land is his.
  • jimf 2011/02/01 18:27:53
    A freak nothing more
  • Some Guy 2011/02/01 18:23:47
    Some Guy
    I've seen her before.
  • MOJ 2011/02/01 18:17:24
    Was that a newspaper in his hands? I bet his trip to the dump zone must have been really rough with the way he was walking.

    People cmon, its just an ape walking on two feet. We always knew they had the ability to do so, just because they are doing it now doesn't mean they are turning into some smarter, kill you and take over the world type of beings.
  • mavericky 2011/02/01 18:07:56
    It amazes me how many as*-hats have made political comments about this. It is my humble opinion that they need to get a life.
  • <--That guy 2011/02/01 18:01:44
    <--That guy
    Good for him.
  • Shayes ™ 2011/02/01 17:56:53
    Shayes ™
    To me its just a animal with a special gift. Nothing more and nothing less! His 15 mins of fame will soon fade and we'll be on to the next new thing.
  • Jojo CupcakeKillerr xD 2011/02/01 17:38:10
    Jojo CupcakeKillerr xD
    Yay! Cool!
  • Al 2011/02/01 17:36:26
    I believe that I have seen some of the democrats walk that way, or to be related. Somewhere in our political system and a few more in Chicago.
  • Shayes ™ Al 2011/02/01 17:57:16
    Shayes ™
  • Philanthropic Misanthrope 2011/02/01 17:19:57
    Philanthropic Misanthrope
    Does he drink tea at 3, too?
  • Michaelene 2011/02/01 17:01:35
    Great trick, I'm sure the Nature Park will see a rise in visitors. Hopefully he won't learn to escape his enclosure, ape rage is downright terrifying.
  • Truthteller 2011/02/01 16:48:39
    I thought it was Obama at first.
  • No Reality 2011/02/01 16:46:57
    No Reality
    Well I'll be a monkeys' uncle!
    ill monkeys uncle monkeys drinking alcohol
  • FumbDuck 2011/02/01 16:35:54
    UNIMPRESSED should be the option I am not undecided did everyone forget about the dog who had no front legs and learned to walk upright. HE was a dog and smart enuff and had the will to live. So this is just another animal who learned to walk on two legs and he ain't the first.
  • Dana 2011/02/01 16:27:52
    Now he can get a drivers licence and get a job. Can you imagine him cruising around town with sun glasses on? lol
  • No Reality Dana 2011/02/01 16:55:38
    No Reality
    Speaking of monkey business.... speaking monkey business monkey wearing sunglasses driving a car
  • Al No Reality 2011/02/01 17:41:31
    I believe that the short one lives in N Y. I think he is a preacher or pretends to be. He is always degrading the Republicans. Maybe someone could identify him.
  • GINGERBREAD 2011/02/01 16:24:28
    I would hate to burst anyones bubble, but the "GREAT APES" have been walking upright for a very very long time, in the Congo. Yep, they walk up right whenever they can but mostly they walk on all fours, it's more comfortable for them to do this.
  • r-w-wako 2011/02/01 16:16:09
    It's mildly interesting, but dogs born with only two legs are REALLY cool.
  • Kent Harper 2011/02/01 16:13:23
    Kent Harper
    ...is that Barney Frank?
  • GoNavy! Kent Ha... 2011/02/01 16:49:37
    No I think the ape is straight :)
  • Kent Ha... GoNavy! 2011/02/01 16:51:53
    Kent Harper
    Oh, who knows, they both have equal intelligence levels.
  • GoNavy! Kent Ha... 2011/02/01 17:16:40
    Please sir, do not insult the ape.
  • shadow76 2011/02/01 16:05:03
    neither, it looks like something is holding it up.
  • JimTheGeek 2011/02/01 15:59:54
    It should be no wonder that gorillas, chimps, etc. are learning from their interactions with humans. They do have comparable brain sizes.
  • No Reality JimTheGeek 2011/02/01 16:38:25
    No Reality
    I can believe that fact.
    funny monkey
  • sodash*thead 2011/02/01 15:32:14
    Isn't that Al Sharpton?
  • Al sodash*... 2011/02/06 23:26:49
    Thanks, Finally someone did recolonize him.
  • sodash*... Al 2011/02/07 00:43:15
  • UnusualSuspect 2011/02/01 15:29:37
    A gorilla walking upright would be like a conservative finally "understanding" the ways of the real world.

    Too bad conservatives haven't learned to walk upright yet.
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