GOP Right that Secularism is the Enemy?

sodabox 2012/09/22 17:04:21
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  • PoliticalSanity 2012/09/22 17:49:57
    Multiculturalism is the enemy to all races and cultures. Each should have their own space. This makes the US a profound failure and in need of starting over in smaller, sovereign units of government..
  • sodabox Politic... 2012/09/23 14:56:52
    I think if you did away with religion you would solve most of the problems with multiculturalism. Or you could just ban islam.
  • Politic... sodabox 2012/09/23 18:27:15
    People are naturally most comfortable around their own kind, so don't try to ignore race here. Culture and race are intertwined, and religion is part of culture. What we don't need is interracial breeding, especially invoving whites, because white characteristics generally result from recessive genes. Whites have a right to preserve their own race and to care about doing so, so they need their own exclusive space in very much the same way as Israel is for Jews only, which may be read as white Jews only.
  • Shadow13 2012/09/22 17:49:25
    Religious fundamentalism and those whom advocate theocracy are the enemies.
  • stranger 2012/09/22 17:20:35
    i meant to push YES!

    RONALD REAGAN: "If we ever forget that we're one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under."

    that is very true!
  • sodabox stranger 2012/09/22 17:25:59
    I guess the FIRST amendment means nothing to you?
  • stranger sodabox 2012/09/22 17:32:23
    oh it does! its hilarious! you people support athiems to run in the government and don't mind if christians can't exercise the 1rts ammendment, but damned us all if atheists get the same treatment! if atheists can run the govenrment and talk freely so should christians!
  • sodabox stranger 2012/09/22 17:35:58
    There are laws in some states that atheists can't run for office. There has never been an atheist president. How are atheists running the government?
  • stranger sodabox 2012/09/22 17:45:52
    obama sure as hell ain't christian! i doubt he has any beliefs he doesn't flip flop about, and you atheists are trying hard to get rid of God in the country!
  • sodabox stranger 2012/09/22 21:34:45
    Romney is the flip flop king. Bye.
  • lurx: t... stranger 2012/09/22 17:38:25 (edited)
  • lurx: the soda jerk 2012/09/22 17:18:19
    lurx: the soda jerk

    Apparently on this point the GOP is in complete agreement with the radical Islamists.

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