GOP Rep. calls Planned Parenthood 'racist' baby killers:The new GOP

Jeff King 2012/09/14 17:03:41
By NBC's Domenico Montanaro and Jordan Frasier

WASHINGTON -- A Republican member of Congress equated Planned Parenthood to “slavery forces” and called it a “racist organization” that was “created with the sole purpose of killing children that look like mine.”

Rep. Tim Huelskamp, a congressman from Kansas who made the comments at the 2012 Values Voter Summit this morning, is staunchly anti-abortion rights and said he has adopted four children “each of them either black, Hispanic, native American.”

“Besides slavery, abortion is the other darkest stain on our nation’s character,” Huelskamp told the crowd. “And this president is looking for every way possible to make abortion more available and more frequent, and he wants you to pay for it -- even if you disagree with it. Welcome to another provision of Obamacare.

“Like the pro-slavery forces who invaded Kansas, the pro-abortion forces in Washington and elsewhere want us to believe that abortion is not murder -- that being born is worse than death, that the unborn baby is property, not a person. We’ve heard that before -- 150 years ago,” Huelskamp said, in an apparent reference to the Civil War and slavery.

He continued, taking a shot at Planned Parenthood: “And not shockingly, we see this administration opposing any reductions in taxpayer funding to the one private corporation, the largest abortion business in the entire country -- Planned Parenthood. Would not allow any single reductions, more than $300 million tax dollars to this entity. And ladies and gentlemen, I am the adoptive father of four children, each of them either -- each of them either black, Hispanic, Native American, and I am incensed that this president pays money to an entity that was created for the sole purpose of killing children that look like mine -- a racist organization, and it continues specifically to target minorities for abortion destruction. Shame on this president and shame on that party.”

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  • Zervur 2012/09/14 23:11:18
    ever research Sanger and Hitler?
  • Rebel Yell 2012/09/14 18:28:06
    Rebel Yell
    The GOP just doesn't get it. They b*tch nonstop about abortion but at the same time talk about those sluts who can't keep their legs closed and keep bringing welfare brats into the world.

    It's a good thing this worthless piece of flesh did not have children of his own. Passing on his DNA would be another national disaster. I love the way he cherry picked his kids, to show what a great man he is.
  • Schläue~© 2012/09/14 17:31:03
    320,000 murders per year ---- $300,000,000 tax dollars, you do the math.
  • Charge 2012/09/14 17:24:37
    You decide....
    Blacks do, indeed, have much higher rates of abortions than whites or other minority groups. In 2000, while blacks made up 17 percent of live births, they made up more than twice that share of abortions (36 percent). If those aborted children had been born, the number of blacks born would have been slightly over 50 percent greater than it was.

    The comparison with whites and other minorities is striking. Whites made up 78 percent of live births, but only 57 percent of abortions. Non-black minorities had 7 percent of live births and 5 percent of abortions. If the aborted children had been born for either group, the percentage increase in the number of children born to these groups would have been less than that for blacks: 16 and 32 percent, respectively.
  • Jeff King Charge 2012/09/14 17:28:23
  • Charge Jeff King 2012/09/14 17:46:59
    Info is from the CDC....


    The Centers for Disease Control recorded detailed information on the race of those having abortions from 1970 to 1981. It shows Roe’s impact on abortions by blacks in the years immediately before and after the decision. The Supreme Court’s decision had the biggest impact on blacks, raising their share of abortions from 21 to 30 percent, while their share of live births only increased from 12 to 15 percent.

  • sickofpolitics 2012/09/14 17:04:55
    Let's think about this...... he may have a point.........
  • Jeff King sickofp... 2012/09/14 17:12:48
  • Charge sickofp... 2012/09/14 17:50:02
    He's right, it's been documented by the CDC, see my post.

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