GOP members of congress vote to repeal the health care law for everyone but themselves, is this a fair and honorable decision or will it bite them in the butt?

Cat 1017 2012/07/16 15:39:48
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When Congress passed the health care law, it required members of Congress to get their insurance on exchanges with the rest of the public. But in voting to repeal that law, Republicans and a handful of Democrats were also voting go back to the old system where the lawmakers get a sweeter deal than most of the rest of the country.

They also voted against a Democratic motion that said members of Congress who support repealing the health care law must also repeal the good stuff they get, such as lifetime care and insurance regardless of pre-existing conditions.

Democrats tried to demonstrate how Republicans distanced themselves from voting to protect their own deal by capturing a slew of GOP members on video saying they didn't vote to protect their own care, as seen below. The clip features a number of Republicans in tight races this year, as well as GOP budget guru, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

“House Republicans refuse to admit they voted to give themselves taxpayer funded lifetime guaranteed health care instead of having the same health care as their constituents,” said Jesse Ferguson, spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, referring to the fact that members of Congress are eligible for retirement benefits after just five years.

“House Republicans didn’t just vote to protect insurance company campaign donor profits this time, they’re even helping themselves to lifetime taxpayer-funded government health care and now they need to be honest with their constituents and admitt it says , Ferguson

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  • Grabitz 2012/07/16 16:08:06
    Of course they are disgusting thats why the right loves them so .
  • Aurora 2012/07/16 16:04:59
    I do not see you complaining about big government unless it has something to do with the GOP, did the democrats vote to repeal their own healthcare NO, did the senate vote to repeal Obama does not care law, NO. Hypocrisy by the liberals, progressives and democrats, is this all you have.
  • Cat 1017 Aurora 2012/07/16 17:39:51
    Cat 1017
    That shows how little you know about me...
  • Rusty Shackleford 2012/07/16 15:56:42
    Rusty Shackleford
    Politicians were not subject to 0bamacare in the first place.
  • Cat 1017 Rusty S... 2012/07/16 17:42:39
    Cat 1017
    Thanks for your unbiased comment...The law affects all of us...But what I don't understand is how its acceptable for them without consideration but JUST repeal for everyone else...Isn't every families need as important as thiers or do they have an entitlement attitude?..Was that why they ran to enrich their lives but to dismiss the needs of the citizens of the country?....Just asking?...
  • Schläue~© 2012/07/16 15:55:23
    I pick 'fair' because your headline is bullsh!t.

    Their vote to get rid of this monstrosity is about saving America from financial disaster and put in a REAL health-care reform act in 2013.

    Trying to tie one vote to another is a joke as well and I'm not even sure it's allowed under the rules. That amounts to blackmail and coercion.
    A bigger question would be ..... why were nearly 1,400 waivers granted by Kathleen Sibelius to predominately union infested companies after the union pigs were all promoting 0bozocare all through 2009?
  • Cat 1017 Schläue~© 2012/07/16 17:46:09 (edited)
    Cat 1017
    Why is the poll BS?...cause it doesn't agree with your ideology?..Is the article a lie on how they voted?...What is the BS you claim...Do you believe that our public servants deserve MORE than the public?...Wouldn't you consider their vote a sham, that they are self servants instead of public servants?...Why are the 2 votes NOT related?...Only in the mind of a person that is confus or the votes unrelated...But thanks for your comment....
  • Schläue~© Cat 1017 2012/07/16 17:52:33
    I answered that .... have a 5th grader explain it to you.
  • Cat 1017 Schläue~© 2012/07/16 18:11:39
    Cat 1017
    No answer , huh?...LOL semper fi...LOL...You are FUNNY!!!!!...no explaination given nor expected from you...

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