'God Prefers Kind Atheists Over Hateful Christians,' Portland Church's Sign Reads

doctorwho_guru.†=♡ 2012/04/07 05:48:27
 God Prefers Kind Atheists Over Hateful Christians   Portland Church s Sign Reads

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  • Sean Mathews 2012/06/01 17:10:06
    Sean Mathews
    Woo-hoo! :D
  • LindaM 2012/05/29 01:36:11
    Wonderful. Hope it hits home to many.
  • CAPISCE 2012/05/28 23:40:50
  • Manda 2012/05/28 22:48:43
    LOL, that makes me giggle! I chose to answer before reading the comments--I bet I'm in for a treat!!!
  • CircusFreak13 2012/05/21 05:53:40
    wow. Im atheist, one thing i couldn't ever understand was why there are wars over religion and beliefs in god, if you follow through with your beliefs in god and are very christian, then why would you start a war to say "my religion is better than yours"? it doesn't make sense to make war over peace.
  • Sean Ma... CircusF... 2012/06/01 17:10:29
    Sean Mathews
  • CircusF... Sean Ma... 2012/06/03 04:10:15
    Hey, I am my own god! So obviously, my god isn't very holy already!
  • Insert Vaguely Clever Name ... 2012/04/20 21:06:23
  • Elephant Lord 2012/04/08 03:14:24
  • baii 2012/04/08 00:13:14
    one church has common sense, that jesus and praise the lord and all that stuff
  • Angi 2012/04/07 22:39:09
    I agree.
  • CAPISCE 2012/04/07 21:04:46
    Funny all you Atheist support Obama who is a man of strong Faith. Obama mentions God more than my Parrish priest
  • stevegt... CAPISCE 2012/04/07 21:22:07
  • CAPISCE stevegt... 2012/04/09 20:11:19
    That statement believe it or not came from the Souther Baptist who did reserch on the last 5 Presidents. Obama mentioned God in public more than the others. The Democratic S.B. were using the study to promote Obama, it was posted on CNN.
  • stevegt... CAPISCE 2012/04/09 20:27:06
  • CAPISCE stevegt... 2012/04/09 20:34:11
  • Manda CAPISCE 2012/05/28 22:50:35
    I cannot speak for all atheists but I do not support any political candidate based on his religious beliefs. I am not offended by believers. Rather, it seems that believers are offended by me.
  • CAPISCE Manda 2012/05/28 23:39:46
    With that type thoughtful response I can't see how anyone would could be offended.
    I'm a Gnostic Christian(very different) who accepts all type thinking, I get it from both sides--Christians and Atheist, and it has been my experience that the Atheist are more apt to attack and criticize.
    The Radical Religious and the RadicaAtheistsst are the same in my mind.
    Fact is neither side knows with CERTAINTY if there is a God/Gods or not---unless they died and jumped on Soda Head to give us a report.
  • Manda CAPISCE 2012/05/29 00:31:16
    Right--we are all operating under a belief. Neither has been proven so we have to live the life that works best for each of us as individuals. I do not support either side shoving their beliefs on the other though I am open to civil debate.
  • CAPISCE Manda 2012/05/29 01:24:02
  • justnotsaying (: 2012/04/07 20:11:15
    justnotsaying (:
    Good for him. I guess he finally got tired of seeing people claiming to be Christan, but being so hateful and mean, and finally got the courage to put that sign up.
  • 22RIDE 2012/04/07 20:05:35
    Great sign. I'm not religious. But if I ever need a pastor to talk to, I'd call on/pick Tom Tate.
  • elijahin24 2012/04/07 16:30:58
    Well, I'm glad the god I don't believe in, prefers me over ass-holes who believe in him. In all seriousness, I am glad that they've posted this. There shouldn't be animosity between atheists and Christians. We should disagree, and discuss our disagreements openly, and respectfully.
  • LuLu Ca... elijahin24 2012/04/10 03:55:38
  • elijahin24 LuLu Ca... 2012/04/10 13:39:56
    I guess I can see how that would be taken as me suggesting that ALL Christians are ass-holes. That's not what I meant. Ass-holery is not limited to any religion. I would definitely distenguish between ass-hole Christians (or Muslims, Jews, Hindu, Pagan, etc.); and the perfectly nice, friendly and respectful (and respectaABLE) of each.
  • CAPISCE LuLu Ca... 2012/05/29 01:25:59
    I find discussion on this issue turn into recruitment sessions from both sides
  • CAPISCE elijahin24 2012/05/29 01:24:56
    Yes Sir , I agree
  • Idiot repubs 2012/04/07 15:10:31
    Idiot repubs
    That is a nice thought.
  • CAPISCE 2012/04/07 14:57:23
    I agree with you on this one even though your an obvious racist
  • stevegt... CAPISCE 2012/04/07 21:22:56 (edited)
  • CAPISCE stevegt... 2012/04/09 20:36:22
    That is a good point----it's all about skin color to a Racist so stay out of the sun if your white and stay out of the shade if your Black
  • Brandi Angela 2012/04/07 14:27:15
    Brandi Angela
    Good job Pastor Tate for not being a hateful Christian.
  • sandra 2012/04/07 13:58:10
    I love it, the Pastor thinks for himself, very deep message.
  • Justin.Long 2012/04/07 12:58:27
    Yep sounds about right
  • BeingMe<3 2012/04/07 12:57:09
    wow.. that's gonna make some mom's even more mad
  • Ira 2012/04/07 12:54:39
    I read somewhere in the bible lo those many years hence that it wasn't important for one to believe in god, but to act in a manner god would want you to behave. That is a god I can get behind, but then again, I don't believe in god. Then again it doesn't matter. I try hard to be good to people in my passing. Just don't piss me of on SH.
  • CAPISCE Ira 2012/04/07 15:01:22
    I really would like to know for sure if there is a God or not. You seem to know--how is this possible? Did you die already and have knoweldge the rest of us do not? If so, teach me how you beat death--it's a really useful tool to have
  • Ira CAPISCE 2012/04/07 18:33:11
    I don't take things on faith unless I know who is asking me to. I do not know God, therefore God does not exist to me. The conviction I have as to god's existence is as strong as ANYONES conviction that god does exist. There is no difference except in the side of the conviction one is on. Mine does not require faith. It requires a substantial lack of reason and logic, science and observation.

    I used to work at god and religion with years on committees at my temple. Too much work for zero reward. I would never work this hard at a job for the same. I would only work this hard for charitable reasons and I do not need god or religion and its dogma/traditions for this.
  • CAPISCE Ira 2012/04/07 21:00:52
    Read what you posted. Prove Love exists, prove there is no God---you can't so your are a man of faith if you believe in these things
  • Brendan Mcdonald 2012/04/07 12:31:31
    Brendan Mcdonald

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