Global Oppression, Suffering and Murder - Is the following the REAL story Barack Obama wants to tell?

Jack Lakeman 2012/07/18 20:13:25
None of the above
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(A 'Duh Progressive' True Op-Ed)

On July 12th President Obama told CBS News that a president’s job is to “tell the story” behind their policies, and that he regrets not telling the “story” of his policies
well enough to the public. Besides sounding like a president who is
explaining away a pending re-election defeat (God willing), Obama’s
comment is his typical velvet-gloved, back-handed “love tap” across the
face of the public. Gee, Mr. President, I didn’t know it was time for
us to crouch before you after recess for story time, as if we were still
in the third grade.

Aside from that, the “story” Barack Obama claims he has not told
accurately is vastly different than the one he would like to tell. As
for that story, there are 1001 ways to tell it, not one of them short or
easy, given how closely one examines it. But speaking on the
President’s behalf, and trying to extract myself far from my national
and social-economic sphere, here is my stab at Obama’s true, ultimate
story, in a nutshell:

Obama’s story actually begins in 1885, when the Germans began a “protectorate” colony over the Sultan
of Zanzibar’s possessions along the Kenyan coast. Soon the British
followed, establishing their presence in the country three years later.
From then until the conclusion of World War I, the British
and Germans bickered over how much they would possess of Kenya and which resources they would gather
and exploit. Following the Germans’ defeat in WWI, the British gained
full dominance over Kenya, which as one can imagine, did not please
native Kenyans much.

Not only did the British rule Kenya, but nearly the entire continent of
Africa was under European domination by the time of “The War to End All
Wars.” Needless to say, most Africans, like anyone would, found their
colonization a bit…uhh…“agitating.’’ Further stoking their agitation
was the rise of.....


Read More: http://www.duhprogressive.com/index.php/true-op-ed...

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