Glenn Beck should watch what he says/Being sued for slander

Webster’s New International Dictionary, Second Edition, Unabridged, defines gossip as: “One who runs from house to house or goes about tattling and telling news; an idle tattler; a news monger. The tattle or conversation of a gossip; idle talk; groundless rumor; gossip is idle personal talk; petty gossip or scandal.”

Now look at the word slander: “Defamation [of character], whether oral or written; a false tale or report maliciously orally uttered and intended to injure the reputation of another; an evil report; ill repute; to be a cause of sin, to scandalize. To utter slander against; to defame; to injure by malicious false report; to accuse unjustly; to misrepresent a thing; to distort.”

Notice that the Unabridged Dictionary said gossip is slander, and slander is a false tale, an evil report to unjustly injure someone. It went so far as to say it could be spoken or written!!!
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