Glenn Beck Announces GBTV 2hr. Daily Show On Net - Will You Be Watching?

Edmund Jenks 2011/06/07 18:10:51
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Glenn Beck and Mercury Radio Arts announce GBTV – home of Glenn’s NEW two hour show!

All programs will be broadcast in HD and will be available live or on-demand across multiple viewing platforms. Select shows on the network, which already has over 80,000 paying subscribers, are currently available, and others will come online over the months leading up to the full launch on 9/12/2011.

Glenn’s two-hour show will be broadcast live weekdays from 5 to 7PM ET from a newly-built set designed by Glenn and his team at the iconic NEP Studios in Midtown Manhattan. The show will feature Glenn’s unique fusion of entertainment and enlightenment and will include contributors like Mercury’s own S.E. Cupp and Brian Sack. Joel Cheatwood, the former Fox News Channel executive who joined Mercury earlier this year, has been appointed President of Programming for all of GBTV and will oversee Glenn’s show.

“GBTV is the future,” said Glenn Beck. “The confines of traditional media no longer apply. GBTV is about getting active in the community, participating in stories, and finding new ways to deliver news, information and entertainment directly to the audience.”

Mercury’s decade-long relationship with Clear Channel Communications will extend to the promotion of GBTV across over 100 of Clear Channel’s spoken word radio stations, reaching over 13 million listeners per month. Clear Channel’s ability to drive consumers to action makes them a leading choice for national advertisers.

“We’ve had a long history of success with every business that Glenn and Mercury have brought to us,” said John Hogan, President and CEO, Clear Channel Radio. “We’re thrilled to be able to provide a broad promotional platform for GBTV and to promote Mercury’s vision of the future to millions of consumers.”

As for Fox News and its attitude towrd the changes in their relationship - ROGER AILES went on the record re GLENN BECK, in interview with Howard Kurtz: After multiple meetings with Beck, whose incendiary rhetoric was growing hotter, they agreed to divorce. Given Beck's outside projects, Ailes says, 'his goals were different from our goals... I need people focused on a daily television show [for Fox News].'" http://bit.ly/kHI4UE

Read More: http://www.glennbeck.com/2011/06/06/glenn-beck-and...

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  • RobertRowe 2011/07/09 08:58:58
    NO - He is just a scare monger, Fox is better without him
    jesse ventura rips beck a new one at 13:25 about beck dissing unions when he's part of one! hahaha!!!!
  • Leeaqua 2011/06/09 14:29:04
    NO - He is just a scare monger, Fox is better without him
    I wouldn't watch anything this idiot does !
  • WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB 2011/06/07 22:08:00
    NO - He is just a scare monger, Fox is better without him
    WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB
    No. I don't own a TV.
  • Edmund ... WannaBe... 2011/06/07 22:35:50
    Well, you own a computer ... it is time for you to hook into GBTV. Get your dose of Beck on!
  • WannaBe... Edmund ... 2011/06/07 22:40:36
    WannaBeRSC the Contrarian SOB
    No freakin way.
    I do NOT follow the mob.
  • Dewymoon 2011/06/07 22:05:42
    YES - Definitely, his voice is a necessary addition to the debate
    Love my dose of Beck love dose beck Glen Beck
  • dave b 2011/06/07 19:19:36
    YES - Definitely, his voice is a necessary addition to the debate
    dave b
    I love Beck simply because the Left hates him so much. He's always seen right through their smoke and mirrors and he knows what pure poison they are to America.
  • jams 2011/06/07 18:57:33
    NO - He is just a scare monger, Fox is better without him
    I'm not a fan of demagoguery, whether its right or left, religious or atheist, us or them.
  • patriot 2011/06/07 18:41:48
    YES - Definitely, his voice is a necessary addition to the debate
    In fact I am already an extreme subscriber so already signed up. No PC, you can watch it anywhere - on tv, ipad, phone and computer. He is using some new technology-like the sports channels do.This is going to be awesome. He will have a 2 hour show everyday kind of like he does on Fox now. Launches 9/12. However-he is going to be doing all kinds of things this summer. He is going to Auschwitz in preparation for the Restoring Courage Event and it will be on.
  • Lynn 2011/06/07 18:32:31
    Ha! And all you Beck haters thought he was going away in disgrace when he announced the end of his show on FNC....
  • Met Lynn 2011/06/07 22:17:00
    He is.

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