Given the Recent Shooting Rampages, Is Gun Appreciation Day Inappropriate or OK?

News 2013/01/19 20:38:51
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National Gun Appreciation Day is upon us and so far the reaction has been mixed with Sodahead readers. Roughly 55-percent of you tell us it's about time that National Gun Appreciation Day is established. Of course, there's 45-percent of you that feel the exact opposite. Some have even said that National Gun Appreciation Day should have never been established in the first place.

Detractors' arguments against National Gun Appreciation Day are pretty simple to understand. They believe it's inappropriate given the recent shooting rampages in 2012 that directly affected communities and touched the lives of many others who have been or known victims of gun violence. The most notable shooting rampages of the last year were the Aurora, CO theater massacre and the tragedy of Newtown, CT, that saw 26 lives taken via gunfire--a majority being children.

There are clearly strong feelings on both sides. Some want guns banned altogether or at the very least, stricter regulation of firearms. Other think there should be more guns. Even the National Rifle Association (NRA) is at odds with the government, and the President, going as far as mentioning his children in a controversial ad that was later taken down. This debate clearly isn't going away anytime soon, but the glorification of guns with this Appreciation Day might be too much to take for many people.

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  • Marie/M2M2K™-#1Conservative... 2013/03/19 17:41:28
  • CKarliner 2013/03/19 17:32:55
    Guns, they're what save your life, deal with it.
  • maryam 2013/02/07 08:07:43
    i donot agree with it
  • Thank u, Nerdette Geekette 2013/02/06 22:22:54
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    My life was saved twice with guns. So I am appreciative of that. But my brother was killed by gangs in a random drive by shooting. So I am torn
  • dru dixon 2013/02/06 00:06:09
    dru dixon
    Why would anybody set aside a day for a gun??
  • lrak.niwri1 2013/02/04 18:41:01
    I appreciate my guns!
  • SubhankarDas 2013/01/31 17:02:32 (edited)
    The right to bear firearms for self security is quite important for every civilian otherwise they would become easy and defenseless targets for any miscreant.We must always remember the fact that firearms by themselves aren't destructive.It all depends on the user whether he uses it for his security or for spreading destruction...
  • George 2013/01/29 01:27:40
    Its fine. So little has previously or is currently made of it that it seems insignificant. To a point, I have no belief that neither canceling such celebrations nor ignoring them make ours a safer, better nation.

    I'm fairly confident it would have continued to be unworthy of the news had there not been either an agenda in favor of disarming the public or merely hoping of maintaining news ratings w/more controversy.
  • harv.tepfer 2013/01/26 18:28:53
    Those holding the 2nd Amendment so tightly to their bosoms seem to confuse a right with license, excess. No one can be considered a sportsman who has an assault rifle, with a 30-rounds magazine ,or hand guns with a like capacity. I view civilian ownership of such weapons in the same light as RPGs, flame throwers, 50-caliber machine guns, etc. in the wrong hands. They should be exclusive to the military and have no place in my - or your - neighborhood. To have celebrated Gun Appreciation Day, upholding such weaponry ,is farcical and inimical to civilized society. Gun control does not mean confiscation of legitimate sporting equipment, only the kind of weapon that represents an ability to kill many people in a matter of seconds. Battlefield only, not Main Street USA.
  • gbrobin... harv.te... 2013/01/27 16:02:08
    I think you need to read the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the words of the founding fathers. The expressed view of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution is to protect us from tyrants, both foreign and domestic.
  • harv.te... gbrobin... 2013/06/10 13:17:01
    That would be the militia representing a collective defense,not individuals.
  • gbrobin... harv.te... 2013/12/30 01:04:05
    It's indivuals citizens that make up the militia, not the "National Guard". If you or anyone else hasn't noticed, the national guard units can be federalisted at a moments notice. You need to study American history a little more closely, that is , unless you already know it all.
  • harv.te... gbrobin... 2014/10/26 05:14:00
    So why does the possibility of a National Guard (once called Militia) unit being called up appear so threatening to you? Guardsmen can be called to help in towns damaged by tornadoes,, floods, -- yes, in times of civil unrest. -- as well as being called for national defense. No, I don't know it all, but apparently somewhat better informed and a lot less frightened that you appear to be.
  • Subhank... harv.te... 2013/01/31 17:12:34
    There's a difference between a gun collector and a psychotic murderer...the assault weapons produced before 1986 are legally transferable and since their prices are quite high only matured gun collectors buy them let me remind you they are collectors of old military arms...they don't run around wildly with bullets spraying from their guns..instead of resorting to gun bans and other ineffective gun laws govt. must keep a check on illegally smuggled weapons.Targeting innocent gun owners for the fault of some psychopath is not the right way to handle the problem..
  • lrak.ni... harv.te... 2013/02/04 18:48:02
  • Smedley... harv.te... 2014/08/03 12:50:40
    Smedley Fitshitz
    Actually, the assault rifle used by our armed forces is select fire full auto/burst/semi. The modern sporting rifle that you are referring to is no different than any other semiautomatic. One press one round. The main difference is the look. There are literally 10's of thousands of people who use these rifles for sport, myself being one of them. Why? Because they are fun! I am not a hunter, however I am a shooter. Gun competitions are a safe family sport. It is a fact that legal gun owners are among the most law abiding groups.

    On a much more serious note, look at the current world stage. When I was in Ukraine in Nov. 2013, nationals there would have never guessed they would be occupied by Russia. Only the American press says separatists, in reality they are Russian troops. Albeit only a small sliver of the east, occupied none the less. Do they wish they could have a sporting rifle with a 30 round mag with ammo?

    Can this happen in America? I certainly hope not. However, many of the recent events have surprised me greatly.
  • Carlo 2013/01/24 16:45:56
    Actually Im not sure how many other countries allow guns if any, but maybe its not a bad idea. Problem is we have enough problems on New Years and Independence Day with "accidental" striking of people and property. It may not be such a good idea in that case.
  • Webted 2013/01/24 15:35:13
    Nobody can fail to be shocked and appalled by the NewTown tragedy. But gun control is not the answer and no proposal being offered would have stopped this horrific event. Public record data shows gun control laws increase violent crime and free ownership of guns by law abiding citizens brings significant decreases in violent crime rates. This is not an emotional decision until the politicians get hold of it. Change the mental health system if you want to prevent violence by mentally ill individuals. But efforts to control assault rifles (whatever that means) or big box magazines will not produce any positive result. As usual, more government is not the answer. And peoples desire to do something to protect us all does not mean that any of these proposals make any sense or will improve our safety. More guns in the hands of trained, law-abiding citizens for personal defense may be a better approach. Please think about it.
  • harv.te... Webted 2014/10/26 05:41:55
    The key is in your very words "trained law-abiding citizens". We have such an abundance of guns available, enough for every man, woman and child, with some left over. Are you suggesting that all these people are "trained, law-abiding citizens"? That there shouldn't be some sort of intelligent cap on gun ownership? Forget the NRA's constant scare tactics; nobody is suggesting taking away your guns. Cars are licensed and controlled, businesses are licensed and controlled. airplanes are licensed and controlled. Why should firearms be an exception. Guns are not intended primarily for target practice. They are designed to kill, so we have every right to be concerned about who uses them.
  • Phyl *In God i Trust* 2013/01/24 01:04:17
    Phyl *In God i Trust*
    Its not the guns killing each time. Its the person that is shooting the gun that is doing the killing.They do not need to take our guns.
  • dheydrick 2013/01/22 23:45:37
    In light of news coverage of the recent shooting rampages, it's not only appropriate to celebrate National Gun Appreciation Day, it's very inappropriate to talk about gun control. Name one criminal and/or unstable mental person who is going to abide by, not only the current laws, but all of the new laws coming down the pike. These laws and executive orders are directed toward the rights and freedoms of law abiding, responsible current / future gun owners. Liberals are once again 'not letting a good crisis go to waste' by pushing 'feel good' agendas that don't have anything to do with the issue at hand. We should be talking about responsible gun ownership and mental health issues, which were the real root causes of the recent tragic CT shooting.
  • Larre 2013/01/22 23:12:05
    I think National Gun Appreciation Day should be an opportunity to teach about responsible gun ownership. It is also a time to learn a great lesson about what has happened with the recent massacres and the consequences of irresponsible gun ownership. When one holds a gun in their hands, they are the ones to make that decision to be responsible or not. Let's use this time to point people who own guns in the right direction, only to use them for peaceful purposes and not for such violence. It's not about glorifying guns, but being aware that each gun owner has a choice to make, and it needs to be the right choice, not to hurt others with the guns they hold in their hands. To really know what happens when that trigger is pulled.
  • Brave & Crazy 2013/01/22 22:25:32
    Brave & Crazy
    It's stupid, but not inappropriate. Really? Gun Appreciation Day?
  • SW 2013/01/22 21:33:00 (edited)
  • kage SW 2013/01/22 21:50:53
    this deserves more raves. much more raves.
  • mae SW 2013/01/23 20:14:32
    Perfect! I concur that a frying pan is much more useful since I don't know anybody who can fry an egg with a gun. Or make potato salad with a gun. Frying pans? I use those a lot. And, one of those 1879 14-inch cast iron frying pans makes a fearsome weapon in the hands of a kitchen-weary wife/significant other. Properly locked and loaded, this frying pan--soundly delivered with a roadhouse swing--to the side of the head of a perpetrator can do a heck of a lot of damage in the hands of a well-trained--and sufficiently upset--wife/significant other. Thank You for posting this list...Putting Gun Appreciation Day in it's true place.
  • SW mae 2013/01/23 20:25:55 (edited)
    Thanks! ...And I bet no one would get accidentally "panned" to death at Frying Pan Appreciation day...

    ... Not only that, some of the cast-iron variety would effectively block most small-calibur bullets so they actually provide more protection than guns. --At least if Clint Eastwood movies from the 70s and Louis Lamour books are true...
  • mae SW 2013/01/23 22:10:21
    You and Louis Lamour sparked my search on Google--most agreed a heavy-gauge cast iron skillet could deflect a bullet from a small caliber hand gun, but nothing larger, and rifles all fired through cast iron pans with no problem.
  • bill.fleming.77 2013/01/22 21:02:33
    Why not appreciate a freedom that is afforded us by our Constitution. I think it needs to be celebrated every weekend so people don't forget.
  • Mamaknows bill.fl... 2013/01/22 21:40:22
    Maybe people should have to take a constitutional class every couple years....to counter balance all the socialist propaganda in the media....
  • bill.fl... Mamaknows 2013/01/22 23:35:59
    That is a good idea I would at least feel better that the people voting have a better understanding of what is going on.
  • Mamaknows bill.fl... 2013/01/23 00:11:30
    As it stands now they teach a very ...lopsided gov class..that gets forgotten by 12th grade...so many people are completly ignorant of their rights and why they have them. LOL let alone people that serve on a jury. They have no clue what power they have in standing on a jury.
  • mae Mamaknows 2013/01/23 20:17:51
    That is an excellent idea.
  • harv.te... Mamaknows 2014/10/26 06:03:34
    Most of the propaganda I am seeing is scare tactics by the NRA and its cousins. The NRA sent me a supposed poll by mail. The questions were so biased that I am surprised that any person of average intelligence wouldn't throw the poll into the trash can. Of course they were seeking new members and I suspect that they didn't much concern themselves with "trained, law-abiding" gun owners as they were for increasing membership.
  • mae bill.fl... 2013/01/23 21:18:55
    Well, maybe wk.end target practice. I would not deprive gun-owners of their right to hunting and target practice.
  • bill.fl... mae 2013/01/23 21:21:04
    and self defense but let me take this moment to thank you for not denying our right to bear arms. You are a real champ or is it chump. You just don't get it and probably never will until it is too late for you
  • harv.te... bill.fl... 2014/10/26 05:53:27
    I totally agree, so long as we never confuse right with license.
  • DP 2013/01/22 19:55:20
    Chose the wrong answer because I thought it said appropriate. Gun hating crybabies need to GTF away from my right to bear arms.
  • LeroyRogers 2013/01/22 18:53:29
  • Mike 2013/01/22 18:51:39
    As long as we don't close down the entire country for it, as is done on MLK, Jr. day!
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