Getting real tired of the oSLIME ... Gallop poll unemployment numbers continue to rise as the lies from the administration continue to show drop in real unemployment Underemployment Rises to 20.3% in March

iamnothere 2011/04/01 15:51:01
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April 1, 2010

Underemployment Rises to 20.3% in March

Unemployment saw a slight but insignificant decline

by Jenny Marlar

D.C. -- Gallup Daily tracking finds that 20.3% of the U.S. workforce
was underemployed in March -- a slight uptick from the relatively flat January and February numbers.

Underemployment in U.S. Workforce, December 2009-March 2010 Monthly Trend

"The underemployed in March became neither more nor less hopeful about finding work soon."

These results are based on March interviews with more than 20,000 adults in the U.S. workforce, aged 18 and older. Gallup classifies
respondents as underemployed if they are unemployed or working
part-time but wanting full-time work. Gallup employment data are not
seasonally adjusted.

A rise in the percentage of part-timers wanting to work full time
(from 9.2% to 9.9%) is responsible for the March increase in
underemployment. Unemployment saw a slight, but insignificant, decline
in March.

Underemployment Components, December 2009-March 2010 Monthly Trend

Underemployed Americans Still Not Hopeful

Despite the Obama administration's March 16 announcement that
unemployment would remain high or increase in coming months, the
underemployed in March became neither more nor less hopeful about
finding work soon. Six in 10 underemployed Americans are not hopeful
they will find work or move from part-time to full-time work in the next
four weeks. That translates to 12% of the workforce that is both
underemployed and not hopeful they will find their desired amount of
work. The lack of change suggests that underemployed Americans
anticipated long-term difficulties in finding work well before the
administration's formal announcement was made.

Hope Among Underemployed for Finding a Job in the Next Four Weeks, January-March 2010 Trend

Bottom Line

As unemployed Americans find part-time, temporary, and seasonal work,
the official unemployment rate could decline. However, this does not
necessarily mean more Americans are working at their desired capacity.
It will continue to be important to track underemployment -- to shed
light on the true state of the U.S. workforce, and the millions of
Americans who are searching for full-time employment.

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Top Opinion

  • keeper 2011/04/01 16:17:45
    These funny number idjits claimed today that unemployment is down to 8.8%... I don't think so!!

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  • Dora Rachael 2011/04/02 14:01:08
    Dora Rachael
    More BS lies!
  • Alex Oger 2011/04/01 23:18:34
    Alex Oger
    are we gonna vote 4 him again ?
  • luigi1- in god we trust 2011/04/01 22:23:41 (edited)
    luigi1- in god we trust
    Hundreds of thousands of unemployed Americans who's extended unemployment benefits ran out are dropped from the stats & no longer counted. They are still unemployed but no longer exist.

    The far left media burried the story to protect & sheild Obama. Fox News reports the true facts on unemployment & are labled anti Obama racists.
  • Biki~pwcm/potl~ 2011/04/01 20:25:42
    With Obama, it's really easy....if his mouth is moving, he's lying. Simple.
  • gr8American 2011/04/01 18:46:12
    So ha 2011 doin for ya? And you are posting last years figures because? Are you upset because the doom and gloom predictions that the conservative controlled media recorded in ur brain cell did not come true?
  • iamnothere gr8Amer... 2011/04/08 12:13:56
    can only post the figures that are available.. if you can updated them.. PLEASE feel free we would all like to see them
  • gr8Amer... iamnothere 2011/04/09 03:47:28
    Na u would not understand the simple figure of 1.8 million new private sector new Jobs created last year by Mr Obama or the $4.3 Trillion historic record profits for Corps, that is one hell of a Capitalistic Commie.
  • iamnothere gr8Amer... 2011/04/09 10:28:35
    new jobs.. ?? where?? Profits by corporations.. yup. big ones.. and most of the profits coming from overseas as they flee the regulations here in the US
  • gr8Amer... iamnothere 2011/04/09 13:25:09
    You can look at the job stats by doing a google search and ignoring any of the sites that posts lies, i.e conservative controlled media sites, that should be easy enough for u. Though you may understand why the corps are making so much profit, u miss the point of the Reagan initiated free trade agreement. Basically make America a corporate dictatorship which will make the rich richer and the have the American People become satisfied with minimum wage, That is the conservative agenda and were it not for Liberals and Unions the conservative controlled media would have succeeded.
  • iamnothere gr8Amer... 2011/04/10 00:26:53
    you never seem to want to go back far enough for your examples
  • gr8Amer... iamnothere 2011/04/10 01:45:33
    How far is far enough? Is Clinton Far enough or do u want to discuss how Reagan sunk our Nation into a record deficit which percentage wise is still unmatched, and his comment to that was that the deficit was big enough to take care of itself.
    You may post some examples of the job loses or anything you hear on the conservative media as I have to support your position, otherwise u are just posting conservative media talking points.
  • ur XLNC... gr8Amer... 2011/04/10 04:15:14
    ur XLNC-PWCM
    You really don't know what you are talking about. It is NOT a Conservative agenda. It is an elitist agenda, and there is a tacit agreement between the elitists to maintain the status-quo. Even in your lack of completely accurate analysis, you can see just by stepping out your front door and looking around, you will see a bunch of people that neither you are I would want making decicisions about your life. The whole point behind the elitist theory is that people of some accomplishment, such as attaining wealth, position, leadership skills, decision-making experience are more suited to running corporations or government. The major parties are two sides of the same coin. The Founders were correct, but the elitists of today have so much more disdain for the masses that they are going to destroy the goose (US).
  • gr8Amer... ur XLNC... 2011/04/10 18:02:14
    Well if it is a Leftist agenda, why was it that the Conservative Agenda sank our Nation into its financial woes?
    There is only one party purely designed to make the rich richer and make the middle class or if possible the poor class grateful for whatever they can get from the elite class and that is the Conservative party. I have full hope that the conservative party will disappear because the American People will fully understand that that is not what America stands for.
  • iamnothere gr8Amer... 2011/04/10 18:04:15
    yup... make two class society.. you and the elitists and the rest of us poor suckers.. guess you have not been paying much attention to how that is working out in the mid east these days
  • gr8Amer... iamnothere 2011/04/10 18:13:17
    I am a Democrat and my life is goning along just fine despite the doom and gloom predicted by the conservative controlled media.
    If it was up to them u'd have to be thankful for receiving a job even if there was no minimum pay. The elitists are the conservatives.
  • iamnothere gr8Amer... 2011/04/10 20:27:37
    what planet did you say you lived on?? Conservative media?? you are some kind of delusional... 90% of the media are proud to say they are not just liberals but will out and out tell you they are progressives(read that as Communists)
  • ur XLNC... gr8Amer... 2011/04/10 18:06:40
    ur XLNC-PWCM
    You clearly did NOT understand and you are clearly UNWILLING. Here's some suggested reading for some REALLY CLEAR understanding, my college textbook on American Government; "The Irony of Democracy". Check your library and read the first chapter.
  • gr8Amer... ur XLNC... 2011/04/10 18:17:45
    I understand that none of the dire predictions brought on by the conservative controlled media have happened, despite how much they would want them to happen, I understand that the economy is getting better despite what u hear in the conservative controlled media, I understand that private sector jobs continue to be created despite what the conservative controlled media tells u and I understand that Barack Obama will be our President for 6 more years, despite what the Conservative controlled media tells u.
    U don't understand anything that is happening in the real world and are very content in the mythical world of the conservative media.
  • ur XLNC... gr8Amer... 2011/04/10 18:50:51
    ur XLNC-PWCM
    How does it feel to be a TOOL Mr. gr8enabler?
  • iamnothere ur XLNC... 2011/04/10 20:28:39
    he is acting the tool.. I hate to say that.. but what else can one say about the delusion??
  • ur XLNC... iamnothere 2011/04/11 14:38:18
    ur XLNC-PWCM
    For my part, I'm slightly smarter than a rock. It scares me to consider how incredibly STUPID some people are. As much as I hate to admit it, having the elitists run the government is a GOOD idea, and it is really simple. Some people really don't have what it takes to breathe, much less make decisions that are national or global in consequence.
  • Bob Pooba 2011/04/01 18:28:38
    Bob Pooba
    Yeah, it's real strange that the numbers are so good but still here where I live plants and mills are closing and the others are all laying off workers .
  • Lily Blooms Eternal 2011/04/01 18:08:37
    Lily Blooms Eternal
    At least he's consistent. You never have to wonder if he's lying or not because there is no chance that he isn't.
  • gg~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2011/04/01 17:04:44
    I don't believe anything that comes from this administration or anything related to this administration. It's all backwards and convoluted.
  • keeper 2011/04/01 16:17:45
    These funny number idjits claimed today that unemployment is down to 8.8%... I don't think so!!
  • iamnothere keeper 2011/04/08 12:15:36
    As they continue to drop people off the rolls of those who are being counted.. the Rolls do indeed shrink.. but it is a statistical lie plain as the nose on your face
  • keeper iamnothere 2011/04/08 14:53:17
    I just read yesterday that Missouri was going to extend long term unemployment benefits... this will add 10,000 more to the unemployed immediately, and they said 40,000 by the end of the year...
  • iamnothere keeper 2011/04/09 10:30:46
    you read that wrong.. they eliminated the benefits.

  • Dixienc 2011/04/01 16:03:17
    OH they love to throw out that national average as if it's the be all and end all of what is REALLY going on state to state. We are still in double digit unemployment here in NC. Many many states are still in double digit unemployment. They think that by adding all the numbers and coming up with an average that they're describing the ENTIRE country. Only the most die hard koolaid drinkers and NObama followers can't see this. They would believe that even they are working when they're not if NObama told them so. They believe they're better off under him as the value of their home falls in the pits, they can't afford to drive because gas prices have tripled since he took office, and he doesn't want to strip them of every possible right they have under our Constitution.

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