Germany's Former First Lady Sues Google for 'Prostitute' Algorithm: Whose Side Are You On?

AdriHead 2012/09/12 22:21:28
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Bettina Wulff, Germany's former first lady, is not a prostitute -- and she want you to know it. The wife of former German President Christian Wulff is suing Google over its autocomplete function while searching, which shows the words "prostitute" and "escort" after Wulff's name is typed out.


The former German first lady says she's never been a prostitute but that rumors circulated about her allegedly racy past around 2006, most likely to harm her husband's political career. Wulff may not be a prostitute, but do you think the lawsuit is fair? Or is Google being sued for all the wrong reasons?

Germany’s former first lady is not happy with her Google results. Bettina Wulff, 38, is suing the search giant over their autocomplete function, which she argues perpetuates rumors that she was once a prostitute.
38 suing search giant autocomplete function argues perpetuates rumors prostitute

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  • Mog of War 2012/09/12 22:29:44
    Team Google!
    Mog of War
    Google's autocomplete feature is base on popular searches. Deal with it. Google could probably filter this from their autocomplete, and likely will, so this lawsuit is pointless.

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  • NotTarg... Soundstorm 2012/09/15 05:29:58 (edited)
    Well this IS the internet, this IS the place to post opinions, and I don't see a problem expressing to a small percent of the world who even saw my comment that I think, from what I've read, that a public figure half way around the world is an idiot. Excuse me for having an opinion.
  • Soundstorm NotTarg... 2012/09/15 05:37:36
    There are opinions and then there's just plain spite. And the latter is all too often dispatched easily and frequently in the safe anonymity of the internet.
  • AnonRanGER Soundstorm 2012/09/15 13:30:44
    She IS an idiot. She's sueing Google because their auto-complete feature shows that a lot of people add the word "escort" or "prostituierte" to her name, which those people presumably do to check the validity of the claims made by someone completely else - so Google search suggests those related searches to save you time.
    She should have educated herself on "the bizarre random way" Google search works (are you serious?) before filing a LAWSUIT.
    She may not be a whore, but she sure as hell is an ATTENTION whore.
  • Soundstorm AnonRanGER 2012/10/03 08:36:17
    So now you want to add idiot to her algorithm? Why should anybody have to put up with you vicious spiteful people?
  • AnonRanGER Soundstorm 2012/10/10 14:11:41
    I didn't add anything. She is an idiot, and I explained why. I'm not vicious or spiteful either. She's an idiot for suing Google because she doesn't have a clue how Google search works and doesn't realize she's lashing out at the wrong target and her efforts are pointless, except if she wanted attention and/or is an idiot.
    That is a fact, neither vicious nor spiteful.
  • Soundstorm AnonRanGER 2012/10/13 22:21:08
    You're proving your viciousness right now but you're too callous to be aware of it. Misunderstanding of how the curious algorithms of Google operate doesn't make someone an idiot. A better case can be made that Google's content is tarnished because of the legions of idiots influencing its algorithms.
  • AnonRanGER Soundstorm 2012/11/07 12:28:24
  • Dweezle 2012/09/14 20:18:01
    Team Bettina Wulff!
    I understand how she feels, I do not like google so much as a Corporation anymore.But google is not saying she is a prostitute, Google is only showing common search names associated with bettina wulff.
  • TombstoneJim 2012/09/14 19:06:06
    Team Google!
    The fact that GERMANY has a first lady hot enough to be used as the nome deregurr by call girls is quite funny......I can't Imagine Michhelle Obama having that become an issue
  • Inquisitve Kat 2012/09/14 18:06:05
  • Centurion~PWCM~JLA 2012/09/14 17:48:52
    Team Bettina Wulff!
    These things can be removed. They ought to be.
  • Chris D 2012/09/14 17:34:42
    Team Google!
    Chris D
    ...bad for her, I get that, but if someone was looking for that story then it's a legitimate search query - even if she was never an escort. If you cant take the heat - stay out of politics if what I say.
  • Eric 2012/09/14 17:21:33
    Team Google!
    Fascinating debate. It would seem to me that there is a reality here and the reality is that a large number of people associate Wulff with prostitution. Google should not be blamed for a reality that they did not create.
    However, they did magnify and reinforce that reality with every hit. But, overall, Google is not the responsible party and allowing this would really be a can of worms.
  • Wm Kabrich 2012/09/14 17:04:39
    Team Google!
    Wm Kabrich
    This is wrong, all Google is doing is reporting what is out on the web. If she wants it gone she needs to go after all the post about her being a prostitute and have them take it down. Which of course now means SoadaHead too.
  • concerned dude 2012/09/14 14:32:15
  • actor44 concern... 2012/09/14 16:36:42
    Concerned Dude You need to be concerned along with Fine about your critical thinking skills!
  • concern... actor44 2012/09/14 18:08:49
  • firozal... concern... 2012/09/15 15:50:52
    firozali a mulla
    As the stock market tries to grab the last few percentages of profit (between, say, 1424 and 1465 SPX on the S&P500 Index), the shorts who bet on the collapse of prices finally give up. They liquidate their bearish, short positions. The market shoots higher as they throw in the towel, perhaps up 45-60 handles in a single session (a ‘handle’ is one SPX point). That is the ‘tell’ . . . that is when the stock market rolls over and dies, no matter what the Fed, the politicians, financial advisors, or the talking heads on financial channels pontificate and promise.”

    As much as I want Bernanke’s move to be a meaningful epitaph to the legislative stupidity of Congress and the Executive Branch, I am afraid it will just be another tiny pebble in the road to ruin.

    The day rapidly approaches when the most popular question on Main Street becomes: “What the HELL were they thinking?"
  • LarryFine 2012/09/14 11:12:44
    Team Bettina Wulff!
    Hey, I'm suing too. Looked up "Larry Fine" and it comes up with "Stooge"! What an insult.
  • NotTarg... LarryFine 2012/09/14 20:52:18
    I get pictures of GOATSE when searching my own name. Try explaining THAT to potential employers.
  • Soundstorm NotTarg... 2012/09/15 05:23:02 (edited)
    Now that sounds like a malicious online stalker may have you in his sights!
  • Soundstorm LarryFine 2012/09/15 05:20:21
    Whoooah! I resemble dat remark!
  • Marek 2012/09/14 08:27:12
    Team Bettina Wulff!
    I tried the search with her name and selected the third item.
    There was not a single site that would justify google autocomplete to suggest that she was or is a prostitute. Google needs to be more careful who they hire to create the autocomplete database.
  • AnonRanGER Marek 2012/09/15 13:52:46 (edited)
    "There was not a single site that would justify google autocomplete to suggest that she was or is a prostitute."

    That's not how it works though. Google is not a news agency; it helps you find what you are looking for.
    If enough people look for "Bettina Wullf prostituierte" to specifically search for articles on that subject, Google search suggests the same term for anyone else searching for "Bettina Wulff", to save them time.
    The autocomplete function simply suggest words that OTHER USERS associate with the search, and in this case, it happened to be "escort" and "prostituierte" because a lot of people were trying to find out if those rumor were true, and searched for that.
    The third suggestion is "height" because apparently a lot of non-German people were also interested in her height for some reason
    See how that works? And do you see now how ridiculous and moronic it is to sue Google for showing popular search results?

    "Google needs to be more careful who they hire to create the autocomplete database."

    Please explain how an autocomplete function should work.
  • DavE 2012/09/14 05:53:57
  • Centuri... DavE 2012/09/14 06:04:22
    I preferred Germany over the sandbox too.

    Maybe I'll get to go back in a few years.

    Cold War Medal
  • DavE Centuri... 2012/09/14 06:13:30 (edited)
    Blondes and green grass and green forests and beer. We had it SO good !

    BMO's and dust dirt are the pits.
  • Centuri... DavE 2012/09/14 06:25:44
    They say that when a single man goes to Germany, he comes back with a Car, a Clock or a Kraut.

    I came back with all three.

    I still have the car and the clock.
  • DavE Centuri... 2012/09/14 06:50:31
    LOL !!! That is funny !!! My girlfriend was the daughter of an ME-109 pilot who went on to fly for Lufthansa. He was cool. She was brainy but fun. My unit moved to a different part of DE and that was that. Had this car there and it was a gas. Bought another one this summer, decades later, only $5K. Having the best time ever driving the schnitzel out of that little go-cart.
    yellow Porsche 914 Germany
  • Centuri... DavE 2012/09/14 17:46:52
    I bought one of these over there. Being a Senior NCO hoping to bring my family back together it was more practical for me. I still have it but it is in serious need of a paint job. Right before moving here from Texas, somebody dented the door and a few days later a Texas hailstorm pounded on it. When I am working full time again I want to knock out the dents and repaint it.

    Volvo 740 GLE
  • DavE Centuri... 2012/09/15 04:27:03
    They sure are solid cars and most of the hail dents will go away on their own after a number of years of diurnal heat-cool cycles (but in the Pac NW that may take a couple decades). It's certainly worth keeping. I was in Vanc WA for a number of years.
  • Centuri... DavE 2012/09/15 12:13:56
    After nine years here, most of the hail dents have gone away. This Pacific Northwest is beautiful.

    Crater Lake

    One of my favorite places.
  • DavE Centuri... 2012/09/15 12:24:41
    Wizard Is. and Crater Lake. Love it ! Sure is an awesome place.
  • MercuryZero 2012/09/14 05:43:21
    Team Google!
    And she can sue the whole world while she's at it. I know that it sucks that she had to go through all the rumor business but that's just how Google was made to be. Blame the people who typed the words in. -_____-
  • Fef 2012/09/14 05:17:01
    Team Google!
    I understand her point... but Google would violate its policies by adjusting the algorithm. The private company (Google) has a right to display the data it collects unless it intentionally defames her. This happened by historical data - not an editorial decision.
  • joe mauro 2012/09/14 05:09:13
    Team Bettina Wulff!
    joe mauro
    im always on the side of the hooker!
  • BlueMax372 joe mauro 2012/09/14 14:51:54
    I never met a hooker or a bookie that I didn't like. LOL! Within hours of making that statement many years ago I finally got my long-awaited transfer out of the vice squad!
  • joe mauro BlueMax372 2012/09/14 14:58:06
    joe mauro
    lmao,in chicago or la they would have promoted you.
  • 1776gwash 2012/09/14 04:49:48
    Team Bettina Wulff!
    I like whores anyway.
  • DeathByPartisanship 2012/09/14 04:37:50
    Team Google!
    Wait a minute?! Who cares?

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