George Soros predicts riots, police state and class war for America

snipe 2012/04/07 21:23:54
He should know since he's the one funding the whole thing!

“I am not here to cheer you up. The situation is about as serious and difficult as I’ve experienced in my career,” Soros tells Newsweek. “We are facing an extremely difficult time, comparable in many ways to the 1930s, the Great Depression. We are facing now a general retrenchment in the developed world, which threatens to put us in a decade of more stagnation, or worse. The best-case scenario is a deflationary environment. The worst-case scenario is a collapse of the financial system.”

Soros goes on to compare the current state of the western world with what the Soviet Union was facing as communism crumbled. Although he would think that history would have taught the globe a thing or two about noticing trends, Soros says that, despite past events providing a perfect example of what is to come, the end of an empire seems imminent.

“The collapse of the Soviet system was a pretty extraordinary event, and we are currently experiencing something similar in the developed world, without fully realizing what’s happening,” adds Soros.

Soros goes on to say that as the crisis in the Eurozone only worsens, the American financial system will continue to be hit hard. On the way to a full-blown collapse, he cautions, Americans should expect society to alter accordingly. Riots will hit the streets, says Soros, and as a result, “It will be an excuse for cracking down and using strong-arm tactics to maintain law and order, which, carried to an extreme, could bring about a repressive political system, a society where individual liberty is much more constrained, which would be a break with the tradition of the United States.”

The recent adoption of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 and the proposed Enemy Expatriation Act, if approved, have already very well paved the way for such a society. Under the NDAA, the US government is allowed to indefinitely detain and torture American citizens suspected of terror crimes without ever bringing them to trial. Should lawmakers Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and Charles Dent (R-PA) get their Enemy Expatriation Act through Congress, the US will also be able to simply revoke citizenship without trial, essentially removing constitutional rights from anyone deemed a threat.


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  • Trust Noone 2012/04/09 19:37:14
    Trust Noone
    Yes the puppet master.
  • Swampdog PWCM 2012/04/09 18:56:37
    Swampdog PWCM
    Soros is funding the OWS crowd, why not the Trayvon Martin bunch? He's already destroyed the Argentine economy, guess we're next.
  • Yo'Adri... Swampdo... 2012/04/09 23:26:31
    You probably aren't far from being spot on! He is a trouble maker.
  • Lisa Yo'Adri... 2012/04/10 01:11:45
    A trouble maker with billions !.... Lex Luther?
  • David Lindner 2012/04/09 18:32:15
    David Lindner
    george soros? pft... the liberals and msnbc, as well as cnn, have the liberals under control by fear of what the world economy is like.
  • Fred 2012/04/09 18:26:47
    Well Im glad that I have my rifles
  • Freeranger 2012/04/09 17:49:23
    It's almost like the beam pouring through the microscope is coming to a finer point with each ensuing month until finally, conflagration. Part of this deal brokering lies squarely in the lap of the officials we elect, and whom we allow to continue a career status.
    The rest are in bed with them, formulating a plan in which we will see an attempt by that 5% to rule the world, and those bought off to do their bidding.

    Time to get engaged and get those laws overturned and then oust those who signed on.
  • MR. 2012/04/09 17:38:08
    Mr. Soros, the Lord Jesus, Lord, Mr. Soros,...(Oh' you've met,...one day!)
  • t.eliot, topbard 2012/04/09 17:09:06
    t.eliot, topbard
    The idea that Soros or anyone else is funding the decay of western so-called civilization is ludicrous. Our society is crumbling on its own, under the weight of corruption and extreme inequality of wealth and resources, a world-wide problem. Complain all you want about how redistribution of wealth is soul killing socialism, the fact remains that when the impoverished segment of the population reaches critical mass and said poor people feel they have nothing more to lose, all the repression the state and the rich people can bring to bear will not be enough to maintain the status quo.
  • chgo 2012/04/09 17:01:32
    The top 1 percent caused the division in the first place.
  • Yo'Adri... chgo 2012/04/09 23:27:17 (edited)
    Oh you're back from your tent? How did that work out for ya?
  • Plantgypc 2012/04/09 16:59:52
    yata yata yata

    The New Black Panthers said there will be unrest today April 9th. Tomorrow we will know if they walked the walk or just talked the smak.
  • Yo'Adri... Plantgypc 2012/04/09 23:28:12
    I always thought it was YADA YADA YADA...not with a "T".! Hmmmmmmmmmm thanks for the heads up!
  • BwaHa Yo'Adri... 2012/04/15 18:21:01
    Damn... and he spent money for that shirt!
  • jimmy d 2012/04/09 16:42:09
    jimmy d
    The liberal pig is betting millions on it!!!!!
  • Beat Magnum True Hero 2012/04/09 16:21:18
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    George Soros can open his mouth and say all kinds of stupid things. It takes the other 308 million citizens to follow along.

    I'm sure that in SOME cities, a riot may break out here or there, but we've had these before and the country survived.
  • Waterpuppy 2012/04/09 16:11:28
    Wouldn't that be like building a bonfire in an oil refinery and predicting a huge explosion in the near future?
  • Bali 2012/04/09 15:36:17
    do you think obamas behind gets sore from georges arm being up it?
  • Yo'Adri... Bali 2012/04/09 23:28:49
    nah......he's a pro!
  • Bronar 2012/04/09 15:03:35
    Democracy will be safer when this man is no longer alive.
  • snipe Bronar 2012/04/09 15:08:54
    He has Sons!
  • Calm down! 2012/04/09 14:59:10 (edited)
    Calm down!
    I think they are right on track for that! Good paying jobs are no where to be found anymore, the middle class is already destroyed, gas, food, and everything else is going up like crazy, and massive illegal Mexican’s are flooding in the US like crazy with nothing being done about it. It sure looks like this is a well thought out plan! Also, so many people are falling for the college scam like crazy now and getting into massive school loan debt in this horrible economy thinking they are going to have this great paying job when their done. Most people are looking at a $12 per hour jobs if your lucky right out of college in this economy? Good luck paying back $20,000 in school loan debt, rent, food, and all your other bills on a $12 per hour job. The only ones making money in this economy are the colleges. If you want to attend school in this economy, check out your local trade schools. You will get more for your money!

  • Old Nellie Bones 2012/04/09 14:47:31
  • Candy 2012/04/09 14:41:40
    No, according to him regulations, government initiatives and continuing to spend unchecked is the way to go! Worked for Greece :)

    Speaking of Soros interfering with freedom....
    Obama is killing choice through EPA ignoring our constitution
  • Ukie 2012/04/09 14:35:00
    He and "all" of the organizations that he funds to influence, manipulate, and de-stabilize; should be be barred and prosecuted for crimes against the State!!!! Soros enemy to America organizations funds influence manipulate de-stabilize barred prosecuted crimes http://external.ak.fbcdn.net/... influence manipulate de-stabilize barred prosecuted crimes httpexternal ak fbcdn net Soros enemy to America influence manipulate de-stabilize barred prosecuted crimes httpexternal ak fbcdn net
  • AM 2012/04/09 13:33:47
  • AM AM 2012/04/09 13:34:41
  • AM AM 2012/04/09 13:41:22 (edited)
  • AM AM 2012/04/09 13:41:37
  • Seonag 2012/04/09 12:10:03
    This is all part of his grand plan.
  • dandieselonian 2012/04/09 12:02:42
    george is the man george
  • Charu ∞ijm♥∞ 2012/04/09 10:00:19
    Charu ∞ijm♥∞
    Of course he does after all he is paying for them.
  • 7leads 2012/04/09 08:30:36
    Soros is a man who is garbage. Can you imagine a man with all his money doing nothing but bring down America? I can't give my opinion, but hopefully you can read my lips...
  • Mike W 2012/04/09 06:56:36
    Mike W
    its what he and his puppet have been working for since he got his puppet elected presiodent obama and soros
  • TheTruth1313 2012/04/09 06:34:43
    Well, since Soros and his NWO cohorts, along with their step-n-fetch-it Obama have been tirelessly working towards this so that they can declare a "military state," it really is no surprise that he would predict such a thing.
  • Yo'Adri... TheTrut... 2012/04/09 23:31:19
  • TheTrut... Yo'Adri... 2012/04/10 07:16:31
    Thank you and thank you for the friend request as well.
  • Jay Theyme 2012/04/09 05:23:47
    Jay Theyme
    Said it before and will say it again - there was FAR too much freedom for OWS punks to run around smearing feces and harassing people. Now they got a big taste of the thrills and saw very few consequences. That amounts to giving them permission to not only do it again but do more.
    In some ways we have ourselves to blame. We should have been smashing them squarely in the face, seeing arrests and real world consequences.
    Meanwhile, an Indian store-owner gets smashed with all kinds of charges for daring to throw spices in the eyes of a would-be robber.

    Anyways, Soros and his left-wing Alinsky buddies (which includes Obama and his terrorist buddies) don't need to be presenting this as 'bad news' SINCE THEY ARE DOING THIS CRAP IN THE FIRST PLACE. Ya.. WE KNOW George! We already know what you are doing a-hole.
  • marianne Jay Theyme 2012/04/09 06:06:21
    in my view, soros is observing and reporting as he sees it.
    why kill the messenger....
  • Jay Theyme marianne 2012/04/09 06:48:32
    Jay Theyme
    The messenger is reporting the results of his actions. He is reporting his own 'success'.

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