Gay staffer of Newt Gingrich is vilified! Article by Andrew Sullivan of the Daily Beast.

Mel 2012/05/02 22:08:09
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Grenell’s sexual orientation is irrelevant to his ability to serve as
Romney’s foreign policy spokesman. Heck, he’s worked in a similar
capacity for other prominent–and respected–conservatives for years. And
he didn’t leave his party even as gay groups demonized Republicans.
And even when a Republican president came out in support of an
amendment which would enshrine the traditional defining of marriage in
the federal constitution.

Yes, Grenell was prepared to work for an administration opposed to
marriage equality even when he supported it passionately (like, ahem,
Dick Cheney). He was prepared to be ostracized by many in his own
community for being a Republican, taking brickbats from the gay liberal
establishment, and throwing many punches back. His neoconservatism is,
so far as I can tell, completely sincere, and he has a huge amount of
experience as a spokesman.

It's sometimes hard to explain to outsiders what level of principle
is required to withstand the personal cost of being an out gay
Republican. I've only ever been a gay conservative (never a Republican),
and back in the 1990s, it was brutal living in the gay world and
challenging liberal assumptions. I cannot imagine the social isolation
of Grenell in Los Angeles today, doing what he did.

And his reward for such loyalty, sincerity and pugnacity? Vilification.

I mean: what do Republicans call a gay man with neoconservative passion, a committed relationship and personal courage?

A faggot.

In my opinion this is absolutely shameful!

Read More: http://www.thedailybeast.com

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  • A Founding Father 2012/05/03 07:27:30
    My opinion is.....................
    A Founding Father
    Are we to believe that the Republican Party, the Party of No, the Party of "Just Say No", the party of "Christians", Evangleicals, "Moral Majority", "Focus on the Family", "Southern Baptist Convention", and all other "good and pure things", actually has GAY MEMBERS AND GAY EMPLOYEES? OK, now I'm going to join the Tea Baggers and ............ OOPS, that is a big mistake, big mistake. What to do? What to do? OMG, no place to go where there are no "impure" Republicans. Help!!!
  • Mel A Found... 2012/05/04 01:42:25
    Ha ha aha ha! That's a good one. RAVED!
  • Swampdog PWCM 2012/05/02 23:43:57 (edited)
    My opinion is.....................
    Swampdog PWCM
    You have homophobes, islamaphobes, Anglophobes, every kind of racist and bigot in BOTH parties, get over it. The only reason this man is being vilified is because he's a conservative! Hypocritical liberals!
  • Mel Swampdo... 2012/05/03 00:57:25
    Excuse me the man is a conservative activist. Didn't read the article did you? FAIL
  • Swampdo... Mel 2012/05/05 18:05:16
    Swampdog PWCM
    Wow what a scathing retort, and there is no excuse for you!
  • Mel Swampdo... 2012/05/05 18:59:30
    If you notice I didn't right the report. Columnist Andrew Sullivan did. Shame on you fro not reading that.
  • Swampdo... Mel 2012/05/06 00:16:14
    Swampdog PWCM
    You didn't WRITE the report, not RIGHT the report. I could only get 3 paragraphs of Andys writing. Perhaps you are imagining a lot more than is there. Liberals do that you know, pretend they know what another is thinking.
  • Mel Swampdo... 2012/05/06 05:02:55
    This was on the Dailybeast.com and I copied/pasted the entire article. It's still there if you want to look.
  • Swampdo... Mel 2012/05/06 13:34:16
    Swampdog PWCM
    Thanks, I shall.
  • Paul 2012/05/02 23:36:51
    The Respublican Party is bigoted and anti-gay
    I think society in general still has difficult time accepting gays. Whether right or wrong, I feel the issue has been force fed to the country. It is a life style, and I do believe gays deserve their civil rights. It is my opinion that conservative republicans are further from accepting gays than the liberal democrats, but that generalization isn't anything set in stone. It is what it is, I know churches that openly talk out against gay rights, and although our society has been encouraged to accept gay rights as politically correct, it is still going to take time for that to sink in on many people. I don't think last generation was all that ready to accept gays, maybe this generation is a little closer, maybe next generation will be even better, who can say for sure what the reality will be.
  • A Found... Paul 2012/05/04 04:46:39
    A Founding Father
    Maybe they will all die from AiDS and the problem will be self correcting? We could wish, but probably not going to happen, is it?
  • Paul A Found... 2012/05/04 18:11:20
  • abubincrazy 2012/05/02 23:18:28
    My opinion is.....................
    Who gives a sh@t?!?
    Some men are born gay, some women are born gay, and some women decide to be gay.
    I'm just glad I was lucky enough to be a heterosexual man.
  • shadow76 2012/05/02 23:06:35 (edited)
    My opinion is.....................
    Why do we have know everybody's sex life? Why did the question on top say Newt Gingrich, but the article says Romney? What is shameful is polls like this with lies in them.
  • Mel shadow76 2012/05/03 00:59:24
    I accidentally put in Gingrich and I couldn't edit the qyestuin line. I meant to sat Romney
  • shadow76 Mel 2012/05/03 01:08:22
    uh huh......
  • Mel shadow76 2012/05/03 01:56:35
    Yes it was an error. can you address what the article says?
  • shadow76 Mel 2012/05/03 11:25:04
    I have no interest in the subject, I think it has been talked to death and I am tired of hearing about other people's sex life.
  • Mel shadow76 2012/05/04 01:43:25
    That's not the issue. The issue is after all this man's effort to support his conservative candidate, they boot because he's gay
  • shadow76 Mel 2012/05/04 06:17:44
    How do you know?
  • Mel shadow76 2012/05/04 17:11:46 (edited)
    This has been reported everywhere and this man was in TV and radio interviews. Where have you been?
  • shadow76 Mel 2012/05/05 08:46:29
    I work and sleep, been ignoring the "news".
  • Mel shadow76 2012/05/05 19:00:04
    Hm I see.
  • shadow76 Mel 2012/05/06 12:55:15
    You see what? Some guy gets fired and then he goes around claiming it is because he is gay, people are paying him to to go around bashing Romney, and you wonder why I am sceptical? By the way I never waste my time on trash daytime talk shows masquerading as news. or the kind radio interview shows that would have him on.
  • Mel shadow76 2012/05/10 04:18:44
    Who is paying him to bash anyone? Where are the interviews? Please post one
  • Mel shadow76 2012/05/05 05:51:48
    if you had no interest then why post in the first place? *LOL*
  • shadow76 Mel 2012/05/05 08:50:09
    You sure he wasn't fired because he was a bad employee? He could just be claiming that.
  • Mel shadow76 2012/05/05 19:03:20
    Not according to all the articles and reports I've read. Grennell himself stated he felt pressured to quit because he was gay. In fact there was pressire from Tae Party and Christian groups to get rid of him. Romney made a half hearted apology that's BTW on Youtube
  • shadow76 Mel 2012/05/06 12:58:47
    If your reading is as bad as your spelling i wonder if you can.
  • Mel shadow76 2012/05/10 04:19:27
    Take it easy keyboard warrior. Take those blood pressure pills and relax
  • carolynb 2012/05/02 22:49:36
    My opinion is.....................
    This is another example of a person voting against their own best interests. I dont understand this at all, and it makes me feel like he deserves what he got. He needs to go and work for a democrat. At least they wont fire him for being gay.
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾ 2012/05/02 22:24:56
    My opinion is.....................
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    where is the article link??
  • Mel ☥☽✪☾DAW... 2012/05/03 00:59:55
    The story is at the Dailybeast.com
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... Mel 2012/05/03 02:08:30
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    i cant find it sorry to bother you brother
  • Mel ☥☽✪☾DAW... 2012/05/03 05:48:25
    U'll try to message you the link
  • Mr Wayne 2012/05/02 22:11:52
    My opinion is.....................
    Mr Wayne
    You listed the wrong candidate. It's a Romney staffer, not Gingrich staffer.
  • Mel Mr Wayne 2012/05/02 22:12:45
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... Mel 2012/05/02 22:25:24
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    might have to detete this and do over
  • Mel Mr Wayne 2012/05/02 22:17:23
    It won't let me edit. BUT thanks I did get that wrong.
  • Mel 2012/05/02 22:10:24
    The Respublican Party is bigoted and anti-gay
    Very intolerant especially to another conservative. There are gay conservatives out there, and I believe the Party is against their own best interests

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