Gay Marriage States Lowest Divorce Rates, Bible Belt Has Highest

☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾ 2011/12/23 05:22:43
Can we say something? Has anyone else ever noticed that the Christian right never talk about divorce like, as an issue threatening the preservation of marriage? We have yet to hear of it from them. At least we haven’t heard anything about divorce from anti-gay marriage Christians in the last couple of years. That’s kind of wild we’re thinkin’ if you’re calling yourselves this sector of religious society leading a ruthless down ‘n’ dirty crusade against gay marriage cause it will supposedly destroy the institution.
Man and Horse that Built Civilization

The Bible Belt states on the other hand has the most divorces...go figure. Must be the buckle.

50 years ago Christians held signs like this
no race mixing sign
Man and Horse that Built Civilization
no race mixing sign
Christian hate gay marriage

But there may be a reason for their silence on the matter. They may have gotten wind of something early on that’s just come to light to the general public.
Massachusetts, the first state to legalize same-sex marriage, for years has had the lowest number of divorces in the nation. In 2009, there were only 1.8 divorces per 1,000 population. Marriages also are legal in Washington, D.C., which closely trails Massachusetts with 2.1 divorces per 1,000 residents.
Gay Marriage States Lowest Divorce Rates  Bible Belt Has Highest
New York, the largest and most recent state to legalize marriage equality, has a divorce rate of 2.5 per 1,000. That ties the rate in Iowa, the sole non-Northeastern state to allow same-sex marriages. The other states with marriage equality also all have low divorce rates compared to the national median: Connecticut, New Hampshire and Vermont.
This is in comparison to bible belt states:

Rounding out the top ten lists of divorce-crazy states are Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Kentucky, Maine (the only state on the list in the Northeast), Oklahoma, West Virginia and Wyoming. Besides Arkansas and Kentucky, states in the Deep South with rates higher than the Northeast include Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee.
Gay Marriage States Lowest Divorce Rates  Bible Belt Has Highest
Um, bible thumpers this data ain’t cute. And it contradicts your beloved Christian values. Why can’t bible thumpers stay married y’all?

According to the Edge it’s tolerance not religion that produces long term partnerships. Stephanie Coontz, professor of history and family studies at Evergreen State College told the Edge that while Southerners in the nation’s bible belt don’t believe in premarital sex they tend to get married too young which contributes to the high divorce rate in those states.
“The same things that produce higher acceptance of diversity are the things that tend to lower divorce rates,” she explained. “This is one of the ironies. People who are higher educated and who have experience outside marriage because they have delayed getting married and have a higher degree of economic security and sophistication tend to be more acceptable of same-sex marriage and have lower divorce rates.”
Coontz also says education and income is also a big factor in why certain populations in the country gay and straight stay together as opposed to those in the bible belt.

To get the statistical numbers on the rest of the states including states with domestic partnership laws go to the following link http://www.edgeonthenet.com/news/family///123078/so_much_for_...

Read More: http://www.renwl.org/gay-marriage-states-lowest-di...

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  • Mark In Irvine 2011/12/23 06:54:49
    Mark In Irvine
    it's usu the bible belt that worries about man-beast sex ... and it's usu the bible belt which has the greatest incidence of it

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  • Dave In Cali 2013/11/25 01:51:23
    Dave In Cali
    That Deuteronomy quote is hilarious. The "word of God" is so full of love, that it's hard to see why so many of his followers are so filled with hatred. /sarcasm.
  • ☽✪☾Goddess~Worshiper☥ 2012/05/06 04:16:12
    Hypocrites.. There should be a lot of execution, because I know Christians that are not married and are not virgins.
  • Met 2012/05/06 01:06:18
  • Giantfighter 2012/04/25 00:19:20
    Go figure! If you're judgmental, selfish & insensitive towards others & their needs or desires, why wouldn't you be toward your spouse & even your children?!
  • Ozymandias 2012/04/24 01:51:00
  • BeautifulSoul 2012/04/22 00:49:12
    To each his own. I believe in God. He gave us free will to do as we please. I don't see why people would be so hateful towards one another tho. It is ridiculous.
  • Mz Understood 2012/04/21 22:49:16
    Mz Understood
    Hmm....points to ponder. So much for "THOSE people destroying the sanctity of marriage".
  • Rukasaki ~~ Hawkshadow 2012/04/21 03:19:11
    Rukasaki ~~ Hawkshadow
    hmm. very interesting indeed. i wish more christians actually bothered to learn a thing or two.
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... Rukasak... 2012/04/21 03:25:57
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    they read one book and think all answers are found in it
  • vinone 2012/04/20 22:17:50
    1965 must have been a good year...
  • wqerwqerwe 2012/04/20 16:37:16
    Gay marriage is so new this doesn't mean that enabling it is saving marriages. They should have the right to marriage but I do think we should stop giving married people economic benefits. Most people are not married. Married people should stop oppressing non-married people and wasting our time in the political arena. I don't care if you are gay or straight you aren't a better or more quality citizen just because you are married.
  • émilie✿ 2012/04/20 16:13:59
    LOL.. And all of those Christians who think us gays make marriage immoral and that we're the ones violating the sanctity of marriage.. xDDDD
    That is too funny... And hypocritical...
  • stevegt... émilie✿ 2012/04/21 14:24:09 (edited)
  • SilveryRow 2012/04/20 16:06:48
    An interesting article, good job.
  • Lucy Sparkles :3 2012/04/20 15:59:25
    Lucy Sparkles :3
    makes sense.
  • Yosyp 2012/04/20 15:45:01
    goes to show you never can tell
  • Dawn 2012/02/22 17:07:48
    I noticed this a long time ago.
  • Someone Else 2012/02/21 02:06:52
    Someone Else
    Let's see now how many gay marriage states are there and how long have they been gay marriage states and how long has heterosexual marriage been in existence as apposed to gay marriage.
  • Sadisticon 2012/02/20 15:29:38
  • hari 2012/02/20 08:53:33
    depends on individual perception
  • Greenbay 2012/02/20 07:07:33
    Ha stupid bible belt
  • EastIndianFemme 2012/02/20 06:33:20
    The ones in black and white pictures...I'm sure some of these people carry these "signs" in their minds today but won't really say it verbally unless need be?? If your a white-heterosexual-male-breeder, you are privileged for life and you take all this for granted!!
  • XENON23 2012/02/20 06:21:36
    Some how I am not shocked.
  • disclaimer 2012/02/20 06:16:41
    Oh, the irony.
  • ItsYaFace 2012/02/03 12:14:33
    The church have fought every demonstration of human rights to date; - religiously (see what I did there? Lol). Perhaps they should forget about their hypocritical, outdated ideals and remember that what falls behind is left behind.
  • Tropiceagle33 2012/01/24 14:56:01
    good lawd!!...what else can i say
  • EastInd... Tropice... 2012/02/20 06:25:06
    What is "lawd", that isn't even a word?? I hope you meant to say, "lord", that's a word!!
  • caroline 2012/01/24 14:38:29
    Interestingly enough i've just had a look to see where the highest incidence of child abuse occurs and surprise surprise its the bible belt!!!
    Not really surprised i'd already learnt this at a child psychotherapy talk.
  • Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru 2012/01/24 14:36:01
    Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru
    Christian divorce is just slightly over the average with the rest of the world. Which is some instances makes them Hypocrites, and in others they are no better nor worse than others in the world...Reality strikes hard. to realize that people change over the course of their lives and rather than be miserable in a marriage , decide to end it.. FACT OF LIFE.. To continue to be miserable because of Religious Belief is STUPID..

    I dont understand the hatred for Homosexuals,, Does their existance hurt another person not envolved in their lives?

    After all "God made all people" .. OH, I can hear it now!
  • Alvin 2012/01/23 23:43:26
    Let us not forget that the Anglican Church arose out of Henry VIIIi's desires to divorce Catherine of Aragon (because she had not given him a male heir to the throne), that was thwarted by the Roman Catholic Church as they did not condone divorces after the marriage has been "consummated".
    Thence, the rest of the Protestant Reformation and the myriad versions of Christianity that abound today.
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... Alvin 2012/01/24 14:32:42
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    i did a blog on the history of marriage recently
  • nicolin... Alvin 2012/02/05 16:56:48
    The reason the pope wouldn't annul the marriage of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon was that he needed her cousin, Philip II of Spain, to help fight the war against the Turks. It had little or nothing to do with consummation. Pope Alexander VI annulled the marriage of his daughter Lucrezia to some Sforza while she was pregnant.
  • Happy 2012/01/23 23:26:33
    all i have to say is how pathetic for bible thumpers and i am glad New York legalized same-sex marriage..
  • LQ~phaet 2012/01/23 21:57:17
    I was just discussing this issue with someone yesterday.

    Go figure.
  • rhaver1 2012/01/23 19:36:12
    I don't really care one way or the other, people should be allowed to do whatever they want to do as Americans. However, someone could use statistics to argue anything, whether it be long term, short term, lesbian, or whatever. There will always be statistics to support or debunk a topic. The argument shouldn't focus around rates and numbers, but what the terms "liberty" and "freedom" mean. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
  • Fenris 2012/01/23 11:59:43
    Bible not to forget the quaran have some "interesting" things to say about gay marriages!
    Me? Well I di NOT think it´s up to anyone to deside who lives with who and why!
  • john 2012/01/23 09:39:00
    Is it because there are more christian marriages than gay one's....
  • Ann 2012/01/23 05:28:22
    Some Christians are so heavenly bound their no earthly good. To many have really developed the attitude that it is their job to decide who Jesus/God will allow pass the golden gates. Just like many did/do not want certain folks living next to them now, because goodness you have to love thy neighbour, they don't want them in eternity either. Wake up people, why are you so concerned about others lives? Because while your screaming about them it takes the focus of you. But hey those that use the Bible to hide behind.... God is watching, and he is not happy. Let Ye without sin cast the first stone...
  • Tim 2012/01/23 04:27:13
    i can believe it. even though im not into it
  • les_gvt 2012/01/23 04:25:26
    mainly because the same sex states have lower marriage rates to begin with, and a higher cohabitation percentage
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