Gadgets for the One Percent: What's the Most Ridiculous?

News 2012/04/23 21:00:00
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CNBC recently published an article called "Gadgets for the 'One Percent'" spotlighting some of the most extravagant, ornate, and exquisite items in the tech world, from a $2,800 pair of leather-and-wood sound-isolating headphones from Ultrasone to a $2 million personal submarine from Hammacher Schlemmer.

personal submarine

Some of these items are expensive for the sake of being expensive, like a $1 million Luvaglio laptop that can only be unlocked with a fitted diamond.


On the more practical end -- key word "more" -- is the $8,400 Samsung SUR40, a touchscreen desktop computer that's actually a desktop. Or how about the 60 megapixel Hasselblad H4D camera, or the $58,000 Red Epic-M video camera that can shoot at 96 frames per second.

red camera

There's even a $10,700 Vertu Signature cell phone that comes with an OnStar-esque "concierge service" and ringtones played by the London Symphony Orchestra. So, we've got to ask: which item is the most ridiculous of them all?

vertu cell phone
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  • Joey 2012/04/23 21:14:54
    $1 million laptop
    I would love a personal submarine, and I could do crazy stuff with it . With a 1 million dollar laptop all I can do is go on soda and get insulted for having different views.

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  • kiwimac Xed0 2012/04/26 09:17:00
    Proof please!
  • Xed0 kiwimac 2012/04/27 22:28:16
    The proof is in the movement itself, How many of the people within the movement itself aside from the core groups REALLY know what it is all about. There are some very valid points they have, yet these valid points are lost to the general OWS protester.

    Look up some of the Street interviews, specifically the ones conducted by Howard Stern, Your general protester is no more informed about it than your average tea party protester,at its core the tea party is a very good and valid thing,Much like some of the occupy ideas are at their core very good and valid ideas.

    But to many band wagon riders jumped in and the true meanings behind it all have been lost in the sea of media filth, same goes for the occupy movement.

    Anywho.....thats my main reason behind disliking the OWS movement as a whole....It's all rotten now...even at its core.
  • Lady Wh... kiwimac 2012/04/25 14:02:25
    Lady Whitewolf
  • dhamm55 bpf 2012/04/25 11:48:41
    What pack of lies the Neocons like you tell. How many of the 1% kids ever go to war? No they in general don't because they know they have enough gullible 99% who will be willing to die for them. People like you are fools who believe that most of them care about you or this world they care about wealth and power. You're an idiot who walks around with their eyes closed if you believe their lies. What was former Pres. George W. Bush? He started a war based on a lie and alot of the 1% got even richer, but it was the 99% who's blood was spilled and hundreds of thousand innocent Iraqi citzens who were maimed and killed because of his lies. Why should the 99% ever fight for the 1% causes? They shouldn't, let the 1% and their children fight inthe next war and let's see how many wars get started then.
  • Lady Wh... dhamm55 2012/04/25 14:03:29
    Lady Whitewolf
    "let the 1% and their children fight inthe next war and let's see how many wars get started then..."

  • Xed0 dhamm55 2012/04/26 09:07:01
    LOOK OUT FOLKS we got an armchair general here.

    I have served with many men and women from more privileged households that got there from the sweat of their brow, patriotism is known to both the peasant and the noble...don't you DARE belittle their sacrifices by using such a broad generalization.

    Get off your damn high horse you brainwashed buffoon.

    You are owed nothing in life but what you earn, be it earning a percentage from a large stock sale or from flipping burgers. Everyone earns....well....except career welfare recipients...They only take, with no intention of ever putting back in.

    Obama continued said war based on the same "lies" WHAT NOW?
  • Lady Wh... bpf 2012/04/25 14:01:54
    Lady Whitewolf
    If YOU want to support the wealthy, go for it. I DON'T WANT TO.
  • Xed0 Lady Wh... 2012/04/26 09:01:35
    Then cancel your internet and TV, sell your house, and go move into a cave in the countryside.

    No matter what you do you provide support for these corporations by buying from them.
  • Zak Smith 2012/04/24 21:58:00
    $1 million laptop
    Zak Smith
    The cell phone was a close second for me though.
  • Pat 2012/04/24 21:48:36
    Touchscreen table
    I was going to say a million dollar laptop but I thought a whole table would be more expensive. I would however like my own submarine. What a kick that would be! Hard to imagine that kind of wealth, isn't it?
  • EllЕ Pat 2012/04/24 23:19:40 (edited)
    Actually touchscreen table Samsung SUR40 possible to buy for $7000 & in 2-3 years this kind of table would be around $2000. As first blu ray players were over $1000 & many tv innovations began with price tag around $10000.
    In my opinion it's would be nice design if computer was built into table (half circle) with touchscreen & 3 monitors around. ))) Even if you use computer, you still have to use pad, mouse, keyboard, some people use scientific calculator, etc. So, instead of all this junk around you on the table, you can use virtual pads, virtual mouse, virtual keyboard, virtual calculators, etc. on your table.
    Even if table is not your main computer, virtual keyboard, etc. can be very useful. )))

    mouse virtual keyboard virtual calculators table table main virtual keyboard

    mouse virtual keyboard virtual calculators table table main virtual keyboard

    mouse virtual keyboard virtual calculators table table main virtual keyboard
  • Pat EllЕ 2012/04/24 23:58:46
    Wow, I thought if a laptop cost 1 million, a whole table had to cost more. Oh well. Is the third picture down close to the one you would prefer? Looks like everything is in the table on that one. Thanks for all the info!
  • EllЕ Pat 2012/04/25 00:42:44
    I think the million dollar is mostly for diamonds & customization. ))) (power button also a big diamond)
    I like the concept of the first one for the "most useful table". )
    Welcome. )
  • Pat EllЕ 2012/04/25 01:27:36
    A diamond power button!? How decadent can we possibly be? No need to respond. I am just thinking out loud.
  • Clyde EllЕ 2012/04/25 00:25:04
    That drafting application would be very useful....I want one!
  • EllЕ Clyde 2012/04/25 01:39:01
    If these socialists don't destroy economy & condemn invention as unnecessary luxury - we all will have one. )
  • Clyde EllЕ 2012/04/25 13:46:33
    Yes, their goal seems to be to put us all on food stamps.
  • EllЕ Clyde 2012/04/25 14:39:21 (edited)
    They trying to make everyone to be depended on government through anything they can think of, (from gov. rebates to healthcare, from gov. grants to bailouts, from gov. housing to food stamps) because then it's much easier to control & inslave.
    But to do so they have to spend a lot of taxpayers money - to the bankruptcy & hyperinflation.
  • Patric 2012/04/24 21:33:20
    hmmm,, I would think the most ridiculous item is..

    the 99% buying lottery tickets .. yes , that is the only way that they would be able to enter into our 1 % world , but , the odds are better to get hit by lightning ...

    by the way the 99 % buy into the lottery tickets , they sure must envy us 1 % ...

    envy all you want , you will always be a 99% in your heart and your actions....
  • Clyde Patric 2012/04/25 14:57:29
    Cough Cough bull sh!t cough cough.
    All of these guys are self made billionaires that either dropped out of college or never attended.
    David Geffen - Dream Works
    Lex Wesner - Victoria's Secret
    Steve Jobs - Apple
    Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook
    Haim Saban - TV and Media Mogu
    John Paul DeJorial - Paul Mitchel and Patron
    David Green - Hotel Lobby
    You are only limited by your own attitude!
  • Patric Clyde 2012/04/25 15:11:12 (edited)
    some how, some way ,,, I just do not get your point...

    but that is some list of some people that have made good ... good for them....
  • Clyde Patric 2012/04/25 15:15:14
    The point is that they were all at one point part of the "99%" .
  • Patric Clyde 2012/04/25 16:31:28
    oh,, my miss understanding..

    but then , wern't all of us, once in the 99% ?

    except paris hilton ,
  • Clyde Patric 2012/04/25 21:17:43
    LOL, yea there are some trust funders.
  • Patric Clyde 2012/04/25 21:21:21
    and good for their parents that they were able to make , and keep all that money...
  • Clyde Patric 2012/04/25 21:26:05
    Sorry i think I misunderstood your first post, it seemed at first glance you were taking the side of the OWS. Apologies!
    Yes, I begrudge no one, even the sliver spooners.
  • Patric Clyde 2012/04/26 10:28:01
    I try to not want any thing..

    but if there was one thing , it would be for my children to grow up to be

    silver spooners..... :)
  • ScreaminMime 2012/04/24 20:47:02
    Haters going to hate
    What only the 1% can afford now will be mainstream for everyone in a decade or two, quit coveting and wait your turn!
  • mwf122090 2012/04/24 20:12:41
    $1 million laptop
    The laptop just seems crazy. You can pay $1,000 for the same thing!
  • Shanra 2012/04/24 19:51:41
    I'm not sure at all, I'm afraid. A lot of them sound rather crazy.

    I got stuck between submarine and laptop so I'm going with other on this one.
  • t.eliot, topbard 2012/04/24 19:37:27
    Personal submarine
    t.eliot, topbard
    They are all obscene.
  • Alex, WolmanXX 2012/04/24 18:00:55
    Alex, WolmanXX
    All the above.
  • RosaG 2012/04/24 18:00:26
    $1 million laptop
    Some of them, like the submarine, I can understand the fun of. But this one? Why??? It's just for the sake of having something expensive. Ridiculous.
  • Carol 2012/04/24 17:35:12
    Why not? If they can afford them, and wish to spend their money on that stuff...more power to them,
    We are by no definition rich. However, we do have/make more money then some of our family. They have this same attitude towards some of the things we buy. We can afford it, what do they care? What should I spend it on instead?
    What do we care what they spend their money on?
  • RoyJLores 2012/04/24 17:00:52
    $1 million laptop
    How could a laptop cost a million dollars? Not even a top of the line Alienware computer costs that much!
  • spencer.kagen 2012/04/24 16:41:24
    Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud bought an immense 3-story plane in 2009 for an estimated $400 million. Don't believe me? Take a look at the layout of this bad boy:
  • Ron in ... spencer... 2012/04/24 18:46:44
    Ron in Oregon
    Just think if Obama would wake up and allow the Keystone Pipeline we would not send money over there we could keep it here in North America.
  • Patric Ron in ... 2012/04/24 21:35:59
    hmmm,, so the most ridiculous thing spent would be..

    the 980 billion that obomma pissed down the toylet and called it a stimulus ????
  • Ron in Oregon 2012/04/24 16:27:39
    Ron in Oregon
    Why not an alarm that sounds if you get near one of those occupy idiots.
  • Xed0 Ron in ... 2012/04/25 02:14:32
    I would give up the internet for one of those.....The closest thing we have is body odor as of right now though.

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