Frontier Airlines just announced that it would start charging some customers for carry on luggage. Will the move change the way you pack to fly?

ABC News U.S. 2013/05/02 20:00:00
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Another domestic airline will charge passengers for carry-on bags. Denver-based Frontier Airlines announced Wednesday it would begin charging passengers who book tickets on third-party web sites -- such as Expedia and Orbitz -- for bringing their bags onboard the flight. Passengers who purchase tickets on Frontier's web site will incur no additional charge for a carry-on bag.

The cost of a carry-on for passengers booking on third-party sites is $25 - $100. The fees will go into effect this summer, the carrier said, with the date to be announced soon.

third-party sites 25 100 fees effect summer carrier date announced

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  • Nothing 2013/05/02 23:47:07 (edited)
    I’ll just take another airline.
    Screw ya Frontier... oh wait... I actually fly Qatar airways so it doesn't matter. xD
    screw ya frontier wait qatar airways xd

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  • Shifting Piece 2013/05/08 02:15:21
    I’ll just take another airline.
    Shifting Piece
    Never messed with Frontier
  • Bob Anderson 2013/05/07 15:51:33
  • wes 2013/05/07 10:04:48
    And I fly at least once every 5 years whether I need to or not......
  • Patrick Henry~PWCM~JL 2013/05/07 03:25:57
    Patrick Henry~PWCM~JL
    I don't fly as it is because of these ridiculous price schemes and the TSA. If I'm gonna be felt up I want it to be by one of the "sexy stews," not some police academy washout.
  • flyingseaturtle BN 2013/05/07 02:22:51
    I’ll just take another airline.
    flyingseaturtle BN
    I don't fly them anyways ;-)
  • Jimm 2013/05/07 00:51:06
    If I flew Frontier...which I don't...I think I'd invest in some cargo pants!! Then I'd pack them full as possible with the stuff I'd normally put in my carry on.
  • you_ me 2013/05/06 19:00:46
    you_ me
    It isnt an issue, one airline is now weighing all pax plus all baggage and their fare is based on thier weight.
  • Emily Ockerman 2013/05/06 16:20:31
    Emily Ockerman
    i dont fly on frontier
  • Marcus Clark 2013/05/06 06:49:01
    I’ll just take another airline.
    Marcus Clark
  • P. Sturm 2013/05/06 02:58:23
    I’ll just take another airline.
    P. Sturm
    Screw Frontier.
  • Nathan S 2013/05/06 00:58:15
    Nathan S
    No, it might change the airline I fly or the way I book my ticket. Most of the time I book my ticket with the airline anyway so this would not apply to me. The price is usually the same, or less, through the airline and the third-party sites usually don't offer much service beyond the ability to search multiple flights and airlines a once. Ever since the airlines started this stupidity I've just looked at the fees as a fare increase that they were not brave enough to implement and the ones I can not avoid I add to the ticket price. I have actually bought a more expensive ticket with another airline because I could avoid the bag fee or the fee was low enough to make up for the cost of the ticket. This is why I prefer Southwest. I don't mind paying more for something extra and because that is the way Southwest has decided to handle the whole alacarte thing the are my first choice.
  • TKramar Nathan S 2013/05/06 05:32:56
    The only advantage to the third party sites, as you say, is to see who has the lowest rate. Then you can go to the airline's site and book the flight.
  • TKramar 2013/05/04 23:37:39
    They already charge.
  • Jerry 2013/05/04 22:31:45
    I’ll just take another airline.
    prefer southwest anyway, you get to pick your seat!!!!
  • John 2013/05/04 18:27:43
    I say NO. BUT it will influence my choice of airlines.
  • domax61 2013/05/04 18:25:51
  • J v E 2013/05/04 06:32:16
    J v E
    Yes... I will not fly with Frontier :)
  • Milna "Lenni" Alen 2013/05/04 06:32:00
    Milna "Lenni" Alen
    we never fly anyway, but use car or train. And I don`t need much stuff, one backpack is enough for trip that last a week, I have been in camping in scout :)
  • Nonpartisan 2013/05/04 02:27:30
    I do not fly commercial airlines unless I have to cross an ocean or some where that is impossible to drive. It is so much nicer to drive, and the indoor air quality in all airlines makes me sick. If I do have to fly, I take the least expensive flight that I can find, which has a good chance of getting to the destination without crashing before we get there.
  • Cookie Monster 2013/05/04 02:11:32
    I’ll just take another airline.
    Cookie Monster
    When I fly in June, it will be on an airline that doesn't charge carry-on luggage. I never have and never will fly on this airline!

    middle finger
  • Pronatalist Pronatalist 2013/05/03 23:55:04
    I’ll just take another airline.
    Pronatalist Pronatalist
    It sounds as if, they don't like their customers. Perhaps soon, they will have no customers. This nonsense has got to stop. Surely they don't expect people to fly, with just a tooth brush packed into their shirt pocket? Or will they charge for that too?
  • Proggy 2013/05/03 20:51:17
    I never flew their airline and from this I never will.
  • WolfEyes 2013/05/03 20:45:33
    I’ll just take another airline.
    carry on is free. maybe they'll get the point.
  • Professor Wizard 2013/05/03 20:42:28
    I’ll just take another airline.
    Professor Wizard
    It will change the way I fly...

    I won't fly American Airlines... .. .. and now I won't fly Frontier either!
  • Cal 2013/05/03 20:32:32
    I wont fly frontier.
  • Michelle 2013/05/03 20:12:29
    I’ll just take another airline.
    That's ridiculous. Luggage is lost way too often for that type of crap. Let people carry on reasonably sized carry-on luggage for free in case of mix-up.
  • Dave**Gay for Girls** 2013/05/03 20:06:15
  • LourdesO Dave**G... 2013/05/04 00:29:51
    You are funny :o) That's easy to say, but when you go on a long trip and with little kids you end traveling carrying a moving, even car seats you need to travel with.
  • RJeffreySavlov 2013/05/03 19:08:38
    I’ll just take another airline.
    The airline industry has, for decades, had the bad habit of shooting themselves in the foot. Provide less larger more comfortable seating and charge more for them. People would object less to paying higher prices for more comfort. On all my overseas flights to the far east I flew " Premium Economy". I paid about 40% more for the seats and the section was always sold out.
  • Níl mé leat 2013/05/03 18:15:13
    I’ll just take another airline.
    Níl mé leat
    I have known too many people (out of the few number of friends and family who have taken a plane more than once) who have had their luggage lost by an airline or stolen. I'll take a different airline and skip the possible $100 fee so I can keep my essentials with me like my phone, wallet, and freaking passport (if I'm going out of the country).
  • maron93 2013/05/03 18:05:54
  • ricknroll 2013/05/03 18:04:40
    I voted No because I rarely fly.
  • brichards719 2013/05/03 18:04:30
    I’ll just take another airline.
    ive never even heard of frontier airline
  • lindacamarda 2013/05/03 17:11:30
    I’ll just take another airline.
    If we allow this particular airline to get away with it, the rest will soon follow. Please raise your voices in protest for yet another charge. I don't mind paying a fair fare (lol) but I hate the nickel and diming tactics. Just took a flight on Delta, and they did not even have ROOM on the plane's overhead bins for our carry-ons. We had no choice but to check them in, but at least we weren't charged!
  • Pronata... lindaca... 2013/05/04 00:16:50
    Pronatalist Pronatalist
    What they could more reasonably nickle-and-dime for, would be headphones. I saw some in an honor-system sales box for just $2. Yeah, I had to check. Only the money part of the box was locked. Don't want to pay? Great. Remember to bring your own in your personal bag. They ought to always use the standard 3.5mm plug, not some arbitrary crap. Besides, I could have got out my headphones, but the movie I watched didn't need any sound to see what was going on. Carry-on bins wouldn't be so overflowing, if they allowed at least 1 free checked bag. People come with not 1, but 2 hands and arms, and a back, so why not allow a carry-on backpack, a personal, and 2 free checked bags? Do they not value customers and repeat customers? It is absurd to think that people traveling to another country, and having to stay a long time to justify the expensive airplane ticket, should travel packed light. It is not like they can make a cheaper airplane, by taking out all the luggage space below. If they are going to charge us for checked luggage, why don't they even give us decent service? Why don't we have to produce a claim check or ID, to insure that somebody else doesn't walk off with our luggage, while being delayed by border control or by a needed restroom break?
  • ll 2013/05/03 16:43:50
    I’ll just take another airline.
    Duh...suck my d#@$ frontier!
  • Moodybloo70 2013/05/03 15:53:14
    I’ll just take another airline.
    Go Ahead..........
  • dallasjoe 2013/05/03 15:50:33 (edited)
    I’ll just take another airline.
    SOME not all Frontier as an Airline you SUCK you SUCK even more NOW. Wish Lufthansa and Condor could fly domestically in the US
  • NarcolepticGoat 2013/05/03 15:05:48
    I don't fly, so no, not really much of a change for me.
  • runningintriangles 2013/05/03 14:43:26
    I’ll just take another airline.
    I rarely fly anywhere (being broke severely limits my travel opportunities).

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