Freedom with to much security isn't that what we call prison ?

guardian 2012/06/29 10:38:57
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  • Joe Shwingding BN-ZERO 2012/07/12 16:25:37
    Do you think our homeland is to secure
    Joe Shwingding BN-ZERO
    I am always reminded by the Ben Franklin quote:
    "He who gives up freedom for safety deserves neither."

    Government will sell "safety and security" as a reason to take away citizens rights.
  • PrettieReptar 2012/07/12 13:50:30 (edited)
    Do you think our homeland is to secure
    That's a good way to look at it.
  • auron 2012/06/29 13:05:47
    Do you think our homeland is to secure
    Stop pissing people off, and you won't have to defend against them.
  • Diane Spraggs Yates 2012/06/29 12:48:07
    Do you think our homeland is to secure
    Diane Spraggs Yates
    Obama has increased gas prices I can not afford to leave the house I feel I am on House arrest !!!!! Empty wallet with increase in medicine and food and taxes and fees while our boaders with illegals over whelming our cost providing for them while our citizens here legally has the burdens they have a dozen kids and over populate our schools !!!!
  • auron Diane S... 2012/06/29 13:12:44
    I'm sure the 1.9% decline rate of oil production has nothing to do with the gas prices. I'm sure that the quality oil left is declining has nothing to do with the rise fo gas prices. I'm sure that the fact it takes more energy to extract oil out of the ground these days has nothing to do with gas prices. I'm sure the fact that our entire food industry is dependent on oil has nothing do with the rise in food prices, and the same goes for our medical industry.
    As for the rise in taxes, we live in a system that requires infinite growth, a pyramid scheme, and we are at the bottom my friend. You don't like it, relocalize your community, grow some medicinal herbs, learn some basic first aid, do some excercise, grow and raise most of your own food, and go off the grid with a solar wind hybrid system. I know this requires a little effort, but you could continue being lazy, dependent on the system, ignorant of the world around you, and go on thinking complaining will solve anything.
    But I am sure I'm wrong and everything is Obama's fault, even though he did along with the g8 members flood the market with reserve oil to bring down gas prices until election time, but I'm sure that doesn't matter to you.
  • Diane S... auron 2012/06/29 14:09:34
    Diane Spraggs Yates
    IN June 30 2007 un-employment was 4.6 2008 it was 5.5% 2009 9.5% 2010 9.4% 2011 it was 9.1 May 31 2012 it was 8.2 and ina day we will have another # !!!! And double un-employment Some can find no workso you call them lazy????
  • Diane S... Diane S... 2012/06/29 14:20:45
    Diane Spraggs Yates
    Auron WHAT THE UN-EMPLOYMENT RATE people have no income to pay for high gas prices no matter the reason! 6/30/2007 =4.6% 6/30/2008=5.5% 6/30/2009 =9.5% 6/30/2010 =9.4 % 2011 =9.1% and May 31 2012 8.2% Auron go to hades !!!!!!!!
  • Franklin 2012/06/29 12:36:02
    Do you think our homeland is to secure
    well we "all know" that Americas problem has always been it has way to much $$$ and way to much freedom . Obama is doing a great job of fixing both those problems ...
  • JoeBtfsplk 2012/06/29 10:42:03
    Do you think our homeland is to secure
    First off guardian - the use of 'too' in the title and choice should be used.

    Yes we are growing security. It shows the distrust of government officials to the populace.
  • guardian JoeBtfsplk 2012/06/29 21:18:11
    Sorry about the too thing it was 3:00 am wasn't thinking clearly.

    Thank you for your coments and thoughts are much apriciated.
  • JoeBtfsplk guardian 2012/06/29 21:51:43
    You're welcome. I never mean it in a mean way. Only constructively.

    I agree our freedoms are slowly disappearing. But I will not give up the 'ship'!

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