Free 420 Drug Tests: Brilliant or Buzzkill?

News 2012/04/20 13:00:00
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If you don't know what day it is, this probably won't matter much to you. But for some, April 20 is a lot more than Hitler's birthday. For weed smokers, it's known simply as 420. The high holiday. Legend has it the 420 tradition was planted by a group of teenagers at a Northern California high school in the early '70s, but whatever the origin, it's become the most sacred day on the stoner calendar.

Well, Syracuse police aren't having any of it. Starting yesterday, local police have been handing out hundreds of home drug tests to help parents determine whether their kid is partaking in the festivities. They're calling it the "420 Prevention Project." Of course, the tests aren't going to land the kids in jail if they're administed by parents. The point is to open a dialogue, to let parents know what their kids are into. So what do you say? Are these at-home drug tests brilliant... or just a buzzkill?

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  • SueAmazon 2012/06/02 09:04:18
    Get to know your children and you won't need any test. Worry about your own bar and medicine cabinet.
  • Ryoka∞Boy 2012/05/24 12:43:09
    4/20 holiday?
  • Hamilton 2012/04/27 08:19:38
    Actually they are brilliant BECAUSE they are a buzzkill.
  • jimmie 2012/04/25 23:32:17
    never heard of the date or this so called meaning. 4/11 means something.
  • ScottyG - Faqueue 2012/04/25 16:36:58
    ScottyG - Faqueue
    Parents get to be one step ahead of the kids for a change. A kid on weed is a kid in need (of some actual parenting).
  • Cognito22 2012/04/24 13:55:23 (edited)
    When our son was in junior high, we suspected him of doing drugs . . . because of his failure in school and other 'nonconstructive' behavior.
    We made an appointment with a doctor requesting a drug test so we would know for sure . . . and so we could take preventative action.

    The doctor never gave him the drug test but 'talked to him' and our son convinced him he was not doing drugs. One unsuccessful suicide attempt later we found out he had been doing drugs . . . and we were able to get him the help he needed.
  • trader 2012/04/24 00:03:00
    Says something about the parents if they need this kit.
  • Cognito22 trader 2012/04/24 13:57:16
    It gives them to the tools to find out what they need to know.
  • trader Cognito22 2012/04/24 18:47:05
    If they don't know then they aren't parenting well.
  • Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F 2012/04/23 23:27:06
    Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F
    Why does anyone smoke that stuff anyway? It's just a temporarily fun way to get lung/throat cancer. Strictly for losers.
  • ☠ Live Free Or Die ☠ 2012/04/23 23:26:12
  • MorganRae 2012/04/23 15:47:41
  • rightside 2012/04/23 15:45:57
    Its probably something some parents need. Since the liberals think "stay at home" mom's are stupid, the other DiM moms are out in the work force with not a clue as to what their kids are doing.
  • Ben 2012/04/23 15:21:36
    I spent the weekend DJing at a 420 festival. It was great. No one was smoking pot.
  • Kibelle 2012/04/23 15:07:23
    Such a way to cause paranoia and friction in a family! Even if kids did nothing wrong, they would still be resent at their parents for invading their privacy out of sheer curiosity. But still - all in all, quite a useful idea.
  • belle 2012/04/23 14:17:27
    If I had a kid I was concerned about I would give the test to them along with a little something else if they come up positive.
  • Angela 2012/04/23 13:40:04
    I don't comply with the notion of 'holiday' regarding this, but we do not need anymore system intervention...'the kids won't be arrested if the parents administer the test' is far to vague for me...the 'drug war' is a fallacy anyway..it's a way of cutting off elitist cabal drug profit competition...in N.Y. we have a huuuge 'sin tax' on cigarettes and liquor...pot in comparison to alcohol is far less problematic..have you ever heard of pot rehab?? How about alcoholism, wet brain and death? I'm staying with my initial answer on this one..Besides, potheads are too busy ordering pepperoni pizzas to be any kind of societal danger..shouldn't we be more concerned about the hard drugs destroying our youth and this country, and the politically backed violent drug cartels supplying them??
  • MorganRae Angela 2012/04/23 15:47:00
    Wow, well said Miss.
  • Angela MorganRae 2012/04/23 15:50:49
    : )..ty!!
  • Michaelene 2012/04/23 12:03:50
    I think it's a great tool for parents and for job seekers too.
    It allows paretns to confirm drug use rather than assume so they can work out the problems before a child get's into seriously trouble.
    For job seekers, this one is for you, take this before you go to the job interview. In many careers, a failed drug test will be a part of your permanent record (i.e drivers)
  • Crime Time 2012/04/23 10:10:41
  • BRIDGET 2012/04/23 08:52:17
  • Cap 2012/04/23 06:49:19
    I was really more like "Good Idea" than "Brilliant", but I'm all in favor of parents opening up a dialogue w/ their kids - not that that will always be the result, but I'm glad to see cops encourage it.
  • ken2ak 2012/04/23 05:51:59
    Weed slows down neutrons in your brain. . .Smoke up boys and I'll still be your boss. . .
  • Jeh 2012/04/23 05:47:51
    You really want to mess with their 420, give your kids a pregnancy test.
  • rev0lution 2012/04/23 05:23:32
    as long as their not smoking it regularly who cares
  • teachaman~PWCM~JLA 2012/04/23 04:39:27
    there is a wonderful solution to the drug use problem that plagues America and funnels tons of money to the narco-terroroists ... we seize many tons of drugs each year ... these drugs should be laced with arsenic, sarin, strychnine, or any combination of these, then allowed to flow freely on the streets ... the first few thousand deaths of stoners will create an upsurge in the terror that people used to feel about drugs, it will eliminate a signifigant percentage of the woefully useless dopers, and will employ several people in the funerial services industry ... demand will drop dramatically, as will supply ... the loss of funding will wreck the economies of the narco-nations that produce this stuff and do it quickly, hence improving the overall health of not just this nation, but the entire world
  • Jeh teacham... 2012/04/23 05:46:11
  • doc moto 2012/04/23 04:31:50 (edited)
    doc moto

    Lets keep the government away from our kids, they are in the family and minds of our society too much, gov this and gov that; lets police our own...Starting with our example! There is nothing wrong with the weed; it is media and mean people that made it that way; look in the mirror for someone to argue with, look behind your mirror, how many pharma pill you taking? Wait till they start into giving you one for pain and one to make the pain of that pain go away and the blue one helps the green one and so and so forth! Brain washed people, do not read the constitution... Ignorant people fall for slavery!
  • bman~AVA~BTTB 2012/04/23 04:30:33
    Sounds good to me! Let the parents get in and check out their kids. And if the kids object then the parents can always take em to the local authorities and let "them" check out the kids.
  • Jacqui 2012/04/22 21:57:38
    Isn't this an invasion of privacy?
  • giggity giggity 2012/04/22 21:00:50 (edited)
    giggity giggity
    That'd piss me off so much. My 420 this year was amazing!
  • CitizenErased 2012/04/22 18:00:34
    The things that taxes pay for.
  • stevmackey 2012/04/22 17:48:59
    They buy cocktails brewed to fool the tests. Even the tests are for honest people.
  • stormy rae 2012/04/22 16:20:56
  • Jacqui stormy rae 2012/04/22 22:02:58 (edited)
    I've stated this myself. Also if they care about the public's health & safety, why aren't there seat belts in school buses, why are cigarettes still legal, & why is sacarine back on the market.
  • NYCbrit Jacqui 2012/04/23 05:48:02
    Too bloody true! Seat belts are a pet peeve of mine; yes, in most auto incidents the use of a seat belt is beneficial. But insurance companies have far more to do with seat belt laws than our government's loving concern does.
  • Delicious Crab Meat 2012/04/22 16:01:41
    Delicious Crab Meat
    Waste of time and money.
  • TheBorg 2012/04/22 06:45:47
    Pot is not harmless! ~ http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/...

    If the police made this decision on their own to use public funds then I would be adamantly opposed but if a local community decides that buying in bulk and then distributing a product is what they want the police to do then more power to them. They have the right to govern their community however they choose; it is the very definition of "Liberty." If the minority doesn't like it, they can move elsewhere.
    distributing product police power govern community choose definition liberty minority
  • Kirby TheBorg 2012/04/22 14:44:42
    Did ALL of the people who live in Syracuse vote yes for this .No I bet they didn't and how many parents do you think actually had their child use the free drug test. I would be willing to bet the percentages are pretty low probably less than 10 %. So explain how the police and the city have the right to pay for this when most cities budgets are so far in the red they are not sure how to get out of it? And the claim that "Pot is not harmless!" is wrong. Pot is far less harmful than Alcohol and Tobacco which are legal. Quit reading the Governments propaganda when it comes to Marijuana and actually do your own research!
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