France Bans Ketchup in Schools: Smart Move or So Silly?

News 2011/10/06 18:44:10
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Looks like France has done it again. First, French feminists wanted to get rid of the word "mademoiselle" and now the country is banning ketchup in school cafeterias. Ketchup! Do they even realize how delicious that tomato-flavored sauce is? Just what do they think they're going to dip their French fries in?!

OK. Sorry. We had to get that out of our system.

But seriously, in order to promote healthy eating, the French government has recently banned ketchup from school cafeterias -- that includes college -- nationwide. Though you can't put the tomato-based condiment on your cafeteria beef or veal any longer, one thing the government has made an exception for is -- surprise, surprise -- French fries. We wonder how the heck they're going to regulate that.

Jacques Hazan, who is the president of the Federation of School Pupils' and College Students' Parents Councils, calls the new rule a "victory." And others believe that the country has set a great example. "France must be an example to the world in the quality of its food, starting with its children," Bruno Le Maire, the agriculture and food minister in the country, said.

In addition to the ketchup ban, the new rules demand school officials to cut down on fatty foods and use more vegetables, fruit and dairy in their everyday meals.

Do you think France's ketchup ban is a good idea? Should America start implementing something similar?
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  • Merna 2011/10/07 02:02:47
    Smart move
    My school serves Mexican, Pizza, and hamburgers. Every rare now and then there's a salad option, for a side we get to choose between disgusting looking apple sauce or french fries, and we can have all the sugary drinks we want (infinite refills) There is no way in hell this country is in place to judge France, because after all, THIS:


    Is not as common in France as it is here.

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  • Jackster12 David 2011/12/13 15:01:19
  • David Jackster12 2011/12/14 02:15:53
    Are you still there? Poor baby.
  • Jackster12 David 2011/12/14 17:09:49
    From all indications, I eat better than you, live in a better place than you, have a better functioning brain than you, and -- given what an ass you seem to be -- probably have more people who like me than you do. So please, don't feel sorry for me... get yourself a mirror instead.
  • David Jackster12 2011/12/14 18:22:19 (edited)
    Amusing. From information you do not have, you infer a fantasy where you think you know what I eat, something substantive about where I live and from that paucity of information (and your fantasy life) you extrapolate the amusing observation that you "have a better brain" than I do.

    And this from a guy who says he lives in "Fwance". How very amusing.

    Please have your meds moderated, for the good of mankind.
    Edited a typo.
  • Jackster12 David 2011/12/20 15:28:17
    Interesting. You begin this thread by inferring -- from information you do not have -- that French kids "smother their food with ketchup" (they don't) and then use your own flawed assumption to infer that this means there's something wrong with the food. And then, worse, when presented with actual evidence, you continue your unsubstantiated defense or attack or whatever you want to call it. And all because you clearly have some hostile feeling about France which is clearly resistant to education.

    From this -- the indications to which I referred -- I feel pretty safe in assuming you don't know much about food, France, or facts.

    Here's the saddest part: I had to look at your profile and see that you're a person who reads a lot, likes good music, works with wood, and is generally creative... all signs that your mind COULD be more agile than your replies above appear to indicate... yet here, you choose instead to be an impulsive non-thinker that's less interested in learning something or having a conversation than he is in sliming everybody with an unsubstantiated opinion.

    How anybody would "read for 54 years" and still be so closed-minded is either an amazing feat or a terrible tragedy.

    P.S. As for where you live, I've been to Missouri and I've been to Paris and I know which one I would choose. It's your prerogative to disagree, but you'd be lonely in that choice.
  • David Jackster12 2011/12/20 15:52:18
    "You begin this thread by inferring -- from information you do not have -- that French kids 'smother their food with ketchup'".

    Oh, I see now. You are sketchy with your English language skills and comprehension of a conditional statement is beyond your ability. I said, "IF French kids are smothering their food with ketchup... " It seems you do not know--or understand--the meaning of the word "if".

  • Jackster12 David 2011/12/20 18:46:48
  • David Jackster12 2011/12/20 20:13:10
    I get it now. You're "TRYING_ to be amusing. Thanks. I suppose I needed that laugh.
  • Jackster12 David 2011/12/27 17:12:40
    Ha... you know what David, you're a stubborn mule and it's clear this is pointless to continue. It's also the holiday season, so... to hell with it. Even to you, I'll wish it: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. If you ever get over to France, I'll keep an eye out for the guy hailing the waiter for more ketchup... and take you somewhere to for food that will educate you.
  • David Jackster12 2011/12/27 20:51:52
    I don't like ketchup, so you would be looking in vain.
  • Pinkl@dy 2011/10/07 14:12:01
    So silly
    hey ketchup is way healthier than mayonaise! why not ban that too, o and while we're at it ban mustard as well! stupid stupid french move
  • smitty Pinkl@dy 2011/10/07 14:19:39
    I think they should just ban food. Why? Well because food makes you fat.
  • Xion Guest 2011/10/07 14:11:29
    So silly
    Xion Guest
    this kind of silly moves are to make people dont talk about others more important ones..
  • bill 2011/10/07 14:10:23
    So silly
    Leave it to the french to prove what damned idoits they really are.
  • SiliconSorcerer 2011/10/07 14:10:07
    So silly
    Those french fa__ots, if they are stupid enough to let the gov pull this crap they deserve it.
  • jane 2011/10/07 14:09:58
    So silly
    So they ban ketchup but not greasy french fries...brilliant.
  • Swartzy 2011/10/07 14:08:55
    So silly
    It seems a tad extreme to me to be banning that delicious condiment altogether. I mean, couldn't they bring in the sodium-free ketchup first and see how that works out?
  • queenjacqueleen 2011/10/07 14:07:29
    So silly
    This is hard to answer without knowing why they are banning ketchup.
  • pete 2011/10/07 14:06:48
    So silly
    There should have been an answer choice marked "I don't know".

    The ingredients in ketchup aren't the healthiest around (sugar and salt). Besides, it is a cost item for schools and restaurants, so keeping costs in mind by eliminating unnecessary, unhealthy food additives may not be that silly at all.

    Beside, didn't I read recently that our First lady had suggested removing fat items from school lunch programs and taxing fat items in our diets? So the French aren't the only ones heading down this path.

    Overall, the French (Europeans and Asians in general) eat healthier than Americans and we pay more in healthcare costs down the road for our food transgressions with a larger rate of obesity and diabetes. This is especially evident in our non working poorer classes, as the world witnessed in the Katrina evacuations.

    Whether it is a smart or silly move will be determined in a year or two, hence my preferred answer "I don't know" (yet).
  • smitty pete 2011/10/07 14:22:07 (edited)
    The reasons of why we as Americans are fat, we are busy doing other things that have no physical activity in them. We work 50-60 hour weeks grab fast food, drive our kids around, come home exhausted and sit our bums on the couch watching some idiots on reality TV. Food is just one component.

    I for one instead of eating lunch for an hour I spend on hour at the gym during lunch.
  • jimbo999 2011/10/07 14:05:54
    So silly
    It's not like that there aren't worse things out there to worry about, is there? At least ketchup doesn't have 1000 grams of sugar in each serving.
  • mac9 2011/10/07 14:04:24
    So silly
    Idiots all.
  • the wizz 2011/10/07 14:04:14
    So silly
    the wizz
    If you know anything about french cuisine you'll know it's got more calories and cholesterol than almost any ethnic cuisine anywhere in the world !!!! They love butter,cheese and just about every known ingredient to clog your arteries know to man !!!!!!!!
  • Jackster12 the wizz 2011/10/11 21:36:08
    I know something about French cuisine. I live in France. And guess what, the French are vastly more fit than most Americans. Not because they have some magical resistance to gaining weight, but because they eat good food differently. Small portions, no snacking, and very little of the processed, high-calorie crap people eat in the States. (P.S. I'm American and I cook, so I know both sides of the story well enough to comment).
  • Rudy 2011/10/07 14:02:43
    So silly
    wierd people
  • Crislee M 2011/10/07 14:02:36
    So silly
    Crislee M
    Very silly, but really I personally don't care. I don't live there; my kids will never have to go to their schools. And the world can survive without Ketchup. But they will go further. And I highly suspect some dope will try that here too. Possibly will succeed, and when they do they will try for more until our government has to tell us what to eat, drink, drive, wear because we refuse to stick up for ourselves and do for ourselves! I think we shouldn't worry so much about ketchup in France and worry about what is going on in our own country first. Socialist ideas seem to be contagious lately.
  • Crislee M Crislee M 2011/10/07 14:04:50
    Crislee M
    BTW, if parents would take care of their own kid and provide them lunch themselves (which is actually their job) then we wouldn't be having any such conversations. Once upon a time, parents did this for themselves....and not wait for the rest of the world to feed their kids. Do we really NEED school lunch. And I know i'll here but what about the poor kids. Yes, all I've noticed is those are the kids that are more overweight and unhealthy because of the food they eat. and I've worked in schools for years!
  • lil_let... Crislee M 2011/10/07 14:24:42
    I agree about parents sending lunch with their children to school...but now several American schools are banning students from bringing lunch to school because it isn't nutritional enough. Last time I checked it was my job as a parent to raise, discipline and decide what my kids ate not the schools or government or am I wrong??
  • Crislee M lil_let... 2011/10/07 15:09:26
    Crislee M
    Not wrong at all. That job was given to you by God. Even if you don't believe He gave it to you....they are yours...who is to say what is right for them. Even if you pack the most nutritious lunch you can imagine, you can't force them to eat it when you aren't there. We waste a lot of tax money on food (which isn't good for them either) at schools. My kids go to private school. Lunch is very expensive there of course. I make them take a lunch. Heck my income alone pays their tuition...I'm darn sure not going to pay $4/day for lunch. Really the Ketchup thing is just silly to discuss but I think the school lunch thing is important. I think all parents should bring lunch. No matter how poor someone is there is a way for them to have food at home. I know many that have had to ask for food (I'm a church employee, I see a lot) and most American kids will never go without food! We are grossly selfish to think we must pay for kids food because they don't have enough. We have more than enough compared to the rest of the world. And the government should never be a charity, nor tell you, a parent what is best for your child. I don't allow sex ed either. that my job. yes, some parents such and don't do their job. But I will! I promise. I think you will too. Why should we be told what to do because a FEW suck. Once upon a time, most parents just did their job. but the more the public schools/government push us out the more parents give up their job!
  • Crislee M Crislee M 2011/10/07 15:09:38
    Crislee M
    ketchup for all...lol
  • Ella Ro... Crislee M 2011/10/07 15:09:58
    Ella Robbins
    Collectivist social engineering run amok is the cause of many of the problems we face today. Here is a 2002 study that finds that growing rates of obesity closely follow social engineering "successes" in moving women out of the home and into the workplace; and forcing smokers to quit smoking (of course, both policies ensure larger tax revenues):


    The last sentence on page 32 of this report wonders whether the benefits of increasing market opportunities for women and lowering smoking rates outweigh the unintended consequence of promoting obesity. Collectivists ALWAYS find more work for themselves in trying to create Utopia because their solutions always create more problems that only they can solve (so they claim). Inevitably, the Utopian collectivists will destroy free enterprise (as well as the individual's right to decide for himself what the "pursuit of happiness" is) by over-regulation of business and individuals in favor of everyone working for the government...
  • Crislee M Ella Ro... 2011/10/21 16:26:40
    Crislee M
    Perhaps this wasn't actually a reply to my 'ketchup for all' humor. In fact I can't stand ketchup, but I darn sure want the right to eat what I want. Seems so silly for a government to try to control their citizens so much they want to restrict something so unnecessary. I don't think we need to be 'saved' from ourselves. I pay for what I eat and therefore get to choose. I agree we have the right to decide what our own 'pursuit of happiness' should be as long as it doesn't take the rights away from someone else. Isn't this topic just silly? I found it too funny to pass up commenting.
  • metallimike 2011/10/07 14:02:11
    So silly
    how are you gonna eat french fries?
  • rhino 2011/10/07 14:02:07
    So silly
    Who could eat French Fries without ketchup? I sure as hell can't
  • FluffyC... rhino 2011/10/07 14:38:01
    ranch dip

    way better than ketchup
  • Aksana 2011/10/07 14:01:00
    So silly
  • Timetraveler 2011/10/07 13:58:50
    So silly
    years ago they must have banned the use of deodorant for the men too!
  • rosemaryroyce 2011/10/07 13:57:06
    Smart move
    I absolutely love it! Shared this link on FB yesterday!
  • bill rosemar... 2011/10/07 14:12:28
    I see you joined the dumb ass group
  • Philbo rosemar... 2011/10/07 14:13:04
    lol as a joke right?? why not ban french fries lol, besides tomato sauce tastes so good, and is useful with more food than fries...

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