Fox "News" Loses A Debate To Spongebob Squarepants.

ProudProgressive 2011/08/03 21:23:04
Fox "News" is on a losing streak. With ratings dropping and boycotted advertisers deserting them, Fox was forced to get rid of America's favorite psychotic, Glenn Beck. In recent months they've been badly slapped around on more than one occasion by the most trusted journalist in America, Jon Stewart. Ed Schultz on MSNBC is starting to beat Fox in the ratings. Fox's resident airhead, Sarah Palin, isn't even worth laughing at any more (her "documentary" earned a total of $5400 in the entire Country last week, less than the average take for one showing of Harry Potter). So, in an effort to "reinvigorate" their message of hate and denial, they're now taking on an opponent more on their intellectual level - Spongebob Squarepants! Apparently even an underwater sponge knows more about reality than Fox "News".

Article excerpt follows:

Move Over Jon Stewart, Fox News Declares War on SpongeBob

August 3, 2011

Fox News has a new enemy. Today’s Fox and Friends devoted multiple segments to attacking SpongeBob SquarePants for telling kids the truth about global warming.

In the first clip Gretchen Carlson complains that SpongeBob didn’t tell the kids that global warming is a, “disputed fact.”

Fox and Friends saved their venom for the second attack:

Gretchen Carlson said, “Well we all know that SpongeBob is popular with kids and for the life of me I still keep trying to figure out why. My kids watch limited TV, but every time they choose that show, I’m like why. Anyway, it’s hard to even follow sometimes. Maybe that will be a good thing because SpongeBob is talking a lot about global warming and he is only looking at from one point of view.”

After a SpongeBob clip, hatchet man Steve Doocy went to work, “Ok, so what happened July 20, the Department of Education invited a bunch of DC kids in and they had this festivity and they handed out these particular Nickelodeon books where clearly Nickelodeon is pushing a global warming agenda, and while there’s no disputing the fact that the Earth is getting a little warmer the big question is, is it manmade or is it just one of those gigantic climactic phases you know phases that were going? For a while we’re cold and then we get warmer and then we colder and then we get warmer. Which one is it? The science on both sides, there are a lot of scientists who say it’s this, others say it’s that.”

Fox News griped that SpongeBob presented global warming as fact, when in their eyes it is an unproven theory.

Here is the full SpongeBob short:

What Fox News showed viewers was a 6 year old short which debuted on TBS in 2005, but what they were really talking about was a book SpongeBob Goes Green: An Earth Friendly Adventure which came out in 2009. Even though the Fox and Friends crew was discussing a book, they never mentioned the fact that the SpongeBob short isn’t part of the television show. FNC was sending the message that their viewers shouldn’t let their kids watch that liberal propagandist SpongeBob, who also happens to be ratings juggernaut that has more viewers per episode than any Fox News program.

Scientists aren’t divided on whether or global warming is manmade. A 2009 poll of earth scientists found that 82% of them believe that human activity has been a significant factor in changing mean global temperatures. 97% of climatologists agreed that human activity is a significant factor in global temperatures, but only 47% of petroleum geologists believed that human activity was a large factor.

It is not too surprising that those who scientists who are employed by the oil industry would doubt the validity of global warming. The petroleum industry, business groups, and conservative think tanks, all of which have a financial interest in denying global warming has been churning out their propaganda for almost 20 years.

In response to SpongeBob, the Fox and Friends spouted almost verbatim the big business talking points. The biggest fallacy of all is that the two positions on global warming deserve equal consideration. The science leaves no doubt that global warming is real and manmade.

For daring to side with science on global warming six years ago, SpongeBob is now an enemy of Fox News. The sad thing is that the SpongeBob short contained more factual information about global warming than the subsequent Fox News’ denial.

If viewers really want to be informed, maybe they should turn off Fox News, and turn on SpongeBob.

Read More: http://www.politicususa.com/en/move-over-jon-stewa...

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  • La 2011/08/22 17:10:56
  • ptete in left I trust ~ POT... 2011/08/14 15:53:41
    ptete in left I trust ~ POTC**FUKU2**
    LOL they should turn off Fox News and turn on ANYTHING else if they want to want to appear informed. Starting with Sponge Bob! It's amazing the battles that Fox picks!
  • Account Closed 2011/08/04 01:43:17
    Account Closed
    HEY!!! I watch Spongebob!!!! Not for politics, but because hes damn funny!!!!

    Don't politicize Spongebob!!!

  • Fred We... Account... 2011/12/25 01:52:08 (edited)
    Fred Weasley (bless his soul)
    Yea! Preach to the choir! I am completely on your side!
  • seattleman 2011/08/04 01:10:57
    Way to go, SpongeBob!!
  • SharonJohnson 2011/08/04 00:33:35
    You guys need to get a life. What a bunch of idiots. Do people really listen to themselves. Talking about a MAKE BELIEVE child character. Are you kidding me. No wonder that our nation is in such trouble. People pitting make believe characters against a news channel. Wow The dumbing down of America. Putting something up about this kind of crap people pitting characters news channel wow dumbing america crap Dufus
  • ProudPr... SharonJ... 2011/08/04 13:37:18
    Why do you think no one takes Fox seriously? They lose every debate they ever have against living people so they had to go out and find a cartoon character to attack - and the cartoon character wins!
  • outlaw 2011/08/04 00:27:15
  • Jimbo 2011/08/03 22:32:08
    You can't have your children believe scientists watching SpongeBob for free. They must be taught the earth is only 4004 years old, and you have to buy Huckabee's DVD with a different conservative view of the founder show in cartoons. Can't teach your kids to think for themselves, they must be brainwashed at your expense.
  • T1 2011/08/03 22:16:24
    and after all that bs, FOX News is still the most profitable by a longshot. shows you a thing or two i guess.
  • Bibliop... T1 2011/08/04 04:14:21
    And what does this prove? We flock to see utter garbage at the box office every few weeks or so!
  • T1 Bibliop... 2011/08/04 21:04:09
    only proves they are the most popular for a reason.
  • Bibliop... T1 2011/08/05 01:16:14
    Yeah, just like cults. Popularity means zilch.
  • T1 Bibliop... 2011/08/05 10:48:30
    i wouldn't go that far....it means they are the most profitable and the most watched.
  • ProudPr... T1 2011/08/05 23:19:20
    Everything happens for a reason. But you seem to believe that the reason has something to do with quality. Last weekend "The Smurfs Movie" took in over $35 million dollars. Meanwhile, "Midnight in Paris", which won the Palme d'or at the Cannes Film Festival this year, took in a little over one million. Do you really think The Smurfs was the movie of higher quality?
  • ProudPr... T1 2011/08/04 13:38:45
    What does profit have to do with either credibility or quality?
  • T1 ProudPr... 2011/08/04 21:04:51
    being the most profitable means they are probably the best, like any other brand name that controls the market.
  • Bibliop... T1 2011/08/05 01:16:55
    You must waste a lot of money- if you honestly think that the most popular products are always the best.
  • T1 Bibliop... 2011/08/05 10:49:27
    they seem to last longer and stay in style much longer. you get what you pay for, and paying for the likes of madcow, matthews, olbermann....get real sonny.
  • ProudPr... T1 2011/08/05 23:31:36
    The longest running series on tv right now is "The Simpsons". Do you really think that QUALITATIVELY they are the best show available?

    [By the way, while I agree with you about Chris Matthews, and I think Keith Olbermann is usually right but presents his case in a much too belligerent and confrontational way, you ought to try to listen to Rachel Maddow without any boxing gloves on for a night or two. She's really very well informed (she was a Rhodes Scholar), and usually stays on this side of the credibility line. Just my opinion :) ]
  • T1 ProudPr... 2011/08/06 11:42:42
    rachel....I rest my case. she is a drivelling lesbian attack machine who like her cronie ed, hates everything that is moral and is filled with doublestandards. she makes me sick. maybe you should take off your gloves and watch greta.
  • ProudPr... T1 2011/08/07 17:45:36
    I can think of few people in all of media (television, radio, print, internet) who has shown more morality and genuine concern for the welfare of human beings regardless of their political preferences than Rachel Maddow. And the fact that you think her personal life has more relevance than any other factor pretty much eliminates you from any further participation in anything that could be called "rational debate".
  • T1 ProudPr... 2011/08/07 21:28:53
    anyone who thinks rachel is upstanding has no debate, only sheer ignorance.
  • luvguins T1 2011/08/13 02:30:30
    Anyone that thinks Faux News is credible has sheet ignorance.
  • T1 luvguins 2011/08/13 04:35:49
    i never said fox was anything, but it beats the alternatives like msnbc, or cnn...communist news network. i am sure you frequent those channels and think they are news.
  • luvguins T1 2011/08/13 13:32:43
    You don't know what I frequent, bozo. 50% don't watch any cable news and watch the major networks for their news.
  • luvguins T1 2011/08/13 02:29:29
    Well O'Reilly got sued for sexual harassment, and I'm sure you think he's the cat's pajamas.
  • T1 luvguins 2011/08/13 04:34:46
    actually i cant hardly stand oreilly, he is a borderline liberal in my opinion.
  • luvguins T1 2011/08/13 13:36:48
    You can probably hardly stand yourself with your hate.
  • ProudPr... T1 2011/08/05 23:23:52
    Based on viewership statistics I agree they are the most profitable and the most watched. [Actually, Spongebob Squarepants gets about eight times as many viewers as Bill O'Reilly, but that's for another poll.] But they are not the most accurate, the most comprehensive, the most objective, the most balanced, the most honest, the most credible, or the most "any other indicator of quality". In a given year there are probably several million more Big Macs sold than prime filet mignons, but are you really going to argue about the relative quality of the choices?
  • T1 ProudPr... 2011/08/06 11:43:44
    spongebob comment is correct. america has been officially dumbed down haven't they?
  • ProudPr... T1 2011/08/07 17:46:59
    Apparently so. The fact that there is still a "Republican Party" in the United States pretty much proves that the average intelligence level in America is way below what it ought to be.
  • T1 ProudPr... 2011/08/07 21:29:13
    boy, you are lost son.
  • Oranged... T1 2011/08/04 15:04:52
  • T1 Oranged... 2011/08/04 21:05:03
  • randy 2011/08/03 22:00:44
    Foolish to actually believe any network "News". Use your remote from your cable or satellite provider and use the description button and MSLSD, Communist News Network or Faux News and the description is "Talk" or "Opinion". None of them are actually news by their own description.
    Also, they each have a target audience and advertisers that they cater to for ratings/money. It is about Cash and not news anyway.
  • ProudPr... randy 2011/08/04 13:41:41
    The difference between Fox and the rest of these stations is that while MSNBC or CNN do express opinions, those opinions are based on facts and are clearly identified as opinions. Fox, on the other hand, misrepresents or outright creates its own "facts" then presents its opinions as if they are also facts. MSNBC calls itself "the place for politics". If Fox called itself "the voice of conservative politics" or something like that they would at least be honest. But calling themselves "News" is deliberately false advertising.
  • randy ProudPr... 2011/08/04 13:55:32
    Since all of them are self described talk shows, I doubt every one of them.
  • Bastion 2011/08/03 21:59:19
  • ProudPr... Bastion 2011/08/04 13:43:12
    Don't forget these:

    forget mark foley democrat
    forget mark sanford democrat
    forget john mccain democrat

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