Four-Year-Old Brings 9 Bags Of Marijuana To School

doctorwho_guru.†=♡ 2012/01/26 20:15:37

An investigation in continuing after a 4-year-old special needs student at Hanover Elementary School in Connecticut brought nine bags of marijuana to school on Tuesday and offered it to his classmates during snack time, CBS New York reports.

School Superintendent Mark D. Benigni told the station the investigation centers around the wellbeing of the 4-year-old.

"Our concern is for the 4-year-old student, who had no knowledge of what he was bringing to school," Benigni told CBS New York.

According to a report by the Meriden Record-Journal, police plan to seek an arrest warrant for the boy's mother and pursue charges of risk of injury to a child, possession of a controlled substance, and intent to sell.

Detective Lt. Mark Walerysiak told the paper that authorities don't want to rush the investigation.

"They wanted to make sure they knew where the marijuana came from," Walerysiak told the paper. "You don't want to rush and put a case that may have holes in it through the courts. Sometimes it's smarter to step back and do a little more digging before making an arrest. That's true of any case, not just this one."

NBC Connecticut reports the teacher called the police after seeing the student produce the drugs, and that the bags of pot appeared to be wrapped in preparation for sale.

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  • Sam-I-am 2012/02/18 22:29:07
    pot party
    I am gonna be in her class.......LoL
  • Splashstorm 2012/02/08 15:11:05
    Marijuana isn't bad. Not like they knew how to smoke it.
  • Bat Outta Hell 2012/02/07 07:12:54
    Bat Outta Hell
    Damn, they're starting EARLY these days, aren't they?! :P
  • Nikki 2012/02/07 05:46:13
    Maybe mom hid it one day and forgot it lol
  • John Galt jr or Ron/jon 2012/02/07 01:48:18
    John Galt jr or Ron/jon
    Chances are D.A.R.E. had just visited his school and he wanted to narc out his parents for a free t-shirt
  • Jessica Schultz 2012/01/28 06:57:26
    Jessica Schultz
    oh. my. goodness
  • Monkey D. Luffy 2012/01/27 14:56:18
    Monkey D. Luffy
    If he offered that as snack to his friends, means he knows what the weed is for.How..?
    Either somebody in his surrounding uses that or he saw that on TV, but for him to get access to it, must be somebody in real.In any case, his childhood is now ruined. >_<
  • Mario 2012/01/27 14:44:36
    Haha. He doesn't have "special needs" if he knows how much to charge for the weed, now does it?
  • Ryan Huchel 2012/01/27 08:14:58
    Ryan Huchel
    Good, everybody is toking now.
  • Ryan 2012/01/27 06:47:26
    Omg !!!!! this is wat happens when there's lack of discipline at home !!! -_-
  • katy.isodo Ryan 2012/01/27 08:07:00
    Uhm.. even without discipline four year olds don't go out and buy drugs, the parents had it in the home to begin with and he probably picked it up and thought it was something his friends would like after he's seen his parents or parents friends enjoy it so much. He's not even of the age to have any perception of the 'drug world' as of yet.
  • Ryan katy.isodo 2012/01/27 08:12:48
    Lol u took it wrong !!! i didnt meant that he went out and buy that marijuana instead that was for his parents cutie ;) !!
  • katy.isodo Ryan 2012/01/27 08:23:29
    I really doubt his parents are selling/dealing/storing weed due to lack of discipline, it's probably just a source of income or recreation, at least I hope it's nothing extremely bad.. though still not something I'd want around a child, especially if they aren't going to be careful with it.
  • Krissy 2012/01/27 06:45:04
    Maybe his class had a nature project and he had to bring in his favorite looking plant...
  • Ryan Krissy 2012/01/27 06:47:51
  • Jack the Dude 2012/01/27 05:22:24
  • doctorw... Jack th... 2012/01/27 05:28:21
    To small kids YES.
  • Jack th... doctorw... 2012/01/27 05:29:41
    Jack the Dude
  • katy.isodo Jack th... 2012/01/27 08:14:36
    I can't imagine it's safe for children who are still growing and have a lot of brain synapses that are still forming and any mood altering chemicals like marijuana can harm this process or at least alter it. What's safe for someone over 18 doesn't mean it's safe for small children.
  • katy.isodo Jack th... 2012/01/27 08:09:30
    As much as I agree that it's not dangerous, I wouldn't give it to a FOUR YEAR OLD. I also wouldn't give them caffeine or a lot of sugar, it's not that it's dangerous it's just not age appropriate. Also the fact that it's currently illegal and has a lot of dangers that adults can willingly deal with if they so choose, but that children shouldn't be exposed to.
  • Jack th... katy.isodo 2012/01/28 01:04:14
    Jack the Dude
    Yes, four is a bit crazy, caffine is eh, but sugar is ok.
    Wait, you said "As much as I agree that it's not dangerous" but the u said "Also the fact that it's currently illegal and has a lot of dangers" what?? that doesnt make sense.
  • katy.isodo Jack th... 2012/01/29 19:58:12
    Dangerous in the sense that normal already grown adults are generally able to pick out the dangers of it like lowered sperm count, the possibility for over use, as well as any the societal imposed risks like inability to pass drug screening or getting arrested. Adults can deal with these dangers so they aren't really what I perceive as dangers though they may be.. children on the other hand can not handle these dangers and risks and do not have the ability to control this yet. Even sugar is the same way, children especially as young as four do not yet know when to stop eating candy before it makes them sick, they do not know as of yet to take care of the dental side of it because of the effects of sugar, etc etc. The dangers for a four year old are MUCH greater without parental supervision, and if the child was able to get that much of it to school with him.. well, something is missing in the parental department.
  • Jack th... katy.isodo 2012/01/29 21:31:27 (edited)
  • katy.isodo Jack th... 2012/01/30 17:18:34 (edited)
    Beyond the fact that I've had several male friends actually test with lowered sperm count after extensive prolonged use of the substance, there are many studies that also point to such evidence. Over use could be different for everyone, I generally say it's over use if it's becoming a problem in various issues of a person's life, is effecting health in other areas, etc. And only partially true re the sugar, kids get a ton of it fed to them via public schools without parents being even slightly aware, school lunches are for the most part.. horrid.
  • Jack th... katy.isodo 2012/01/30 21:03:05
    Jack the Dude
    Interesting, I did not know that. Im sorry I doubted you. But men do keep make sperm over and over again. Its not that "horrid" its bad, but not "horrid."
  • katy.isodo Jack th... 2012/01/30 21:10:27
    True, but it alters the way sperm is produced and will slowly over time lower the amount of sperm you are able to produce over all. Not to mention that the drug can take quite a long time to completely exit the body, especially from fat storage. No it's not horrid, but it is a side effect that someone of age would be able to decide for or against logically where as a four year old can not have that rational logic.
  • Jack th... katy.isodo 2012/01/30 21:34:37
    Jack the Dude
    9 months I think from the last hit. 30 days to exit your pee I THINK, im not sure. Some 4 year olds are little geniuses, NEVER KNOW!
  • katy.isodo Jack th... 2012/01/31 17:49:39
    Being a genius has nothing to do with emotional reasoning skills. There are brilliant children who can do college level and above school work, it does not however mean, they are ready to emotionally handle the pressures of college or a career. That is the difference, children can't handle the emotional stress of the drug world or rationalize the dangers that go with it.
  • Jack th... katy.isodo 2012/02/01 01:10:01
    Jack the Dude
    They dont HAVE any emotional stress!!
  • katy.isodo Jack th... 2012/02/01 09:21:54
    The drug itself does not cause emotional stress, but the use of it can lead to social issues which do. Inability to get a job due to inability to pass a drug screening is just one. In this case the parents are probably selling which while I may not agree.. is illegal and there are safety risks which go along with that, a four year old can't handle the emotional stress that goes along with selling or doing drugs. Any substance which alters the mood has emotional impact, adults can handle it, children can not.
  • Jack th... katy.isodo 2012/02/01 23:23:33 (edited)
    Jack the Dude
    The "drug" takes away stress. I dont think he was ACTUALLY gunna roll a joint up and smoke it. I agree with you, but that is if you get caught!! Gotta keep it on the down-low.

    What I think happened was that his parents put it in his coat, or either, more likely, mistakenly took it thinking that it was something else.

    Children as in??
  • katy.isodo Jack th... 2012/02/05 19:43:29 (edited)
    It is true that the THC content does take away a level of anxiety/stress, which can in the end lead to over use and dependency because of those effects, which is termed psychological addiction. But the entire atmosphere of selling/buying drugs isn't something children of any age should be around. I personally wouldn't even want my older teens around it.. they go through enough already.
  • Jack th... katy.isodo 2012/02/05 23:18:43
    Jack the Dude
    You cant really grow a dependency for weed.

    Tru, I guess. Well older kids have actual friends who sell it so its easier.

    I go through ten times what they go through and I still smoke it.
  • katy.isodo Jack th... 2012/02/08 14:56:51
    Actually you can grow a psychological dependency to just about anything. People get this confused with physical addiction, physical addiction is very temporary even with harder drugs like crack, and cocaine. Psychological addiction is very different and is what keeps people coming back to a negative behavior - it fills a need for them. Shopping, gambling, sex, lying, hoarding, even internet.. can all be psychological addictions which have no physical addictive quality to them.
  • Jack th... katy.isodo 2012/02/09 05:06:54
    Jack the Dude
    Not really. Look it up, u will find that weed is physically addictive. Crack and Cocaine ARE MENTALLY ADDICTDIVE. Its like (mental) I NEED CRACK SO BADLY!! I CANT LIVE WITHOUT IT!! vs. (Physical) Dude I really want to get high today.
  • katy.isodo Jack th... 2012/02/10 23:46:19
    Actually you have it backwards. Mental is the psychological addiction to something without physical effects to back it up. This is what actually keeps most people in an active addiction because it lasts much longer than a physical addiction which in some cases can play out in a few days. Mental addictions can take years to completely get rid of. Physical addiction manifests itself through shakes, cold sweats, seizures, etc. etc.
  • Jack th... katy.isodo 2012/02/11 03:26:34
    Jack the Dude
    I dont have it backward.
  • katy.isodo Jack th... 2012/02/11 18:30:11
    The way you described the physical effects make it seem so. Physical addiction shows itself through physical side effects as I listed above. Shakes, chills, cold sweats, seizures, muscle spasms, etc are all examples of someone having trouble with a physical addiction. These can ride out in as little as a few hours to at most a few weeks with residual effects lasting a few months. But if you disagree and have proof to back up your claim, feel free. Key word of course being.. proof.
  • Jack th... katy.isodo 2012/02/11 23:30:22
    Jack the Dude
    Not really. If you see it that way, ok I its switched, whatever it is, you cant get really "addicted" to it like you can get addicted to cigarettes, crack, coccaine, or other things.

    My proof is that I have smoked it for about now 3 years!! I smoked it not only for recreational uses, but medical uses, even though I did not receive that card thing.
  • katy.isodo Jack th... 2012/02/12 16:54:54
    True, and because marijuana has no physical addiction.. there are many people who will never become addicted. However, there are those who form psychological or mental addictions. It's the same as the fact that many people can gamble, drink alcohol, or do a number of things.. and not have addictions, and still others do form them over time.

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