Foster Friess: I hope Obama's 'teleprompters are bullet-proof'

doctorwho_guru.†=♡ 2012/04/13 01:13:39

Foster Friess, a wealthy Republican who helped fund Rick Santorum’s presidential run but is now supporting Mitt Romney, used gun imagery Wednesday to describe the campaign against President Obama.

“There are a lot of things that haven’t been hammered at because Rick and Mitt have been going at each other,” Friess said during an interview on Fox Business Network. “Now that they have trained their barrels on President Obama, I hope his teleprompters are bullet-proof.”

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  • #Justice4Trayvon 629 BLOCKT... 2012/04/13 22:56:30
    #Justice4Trayvon 629 BLOCKT CONS
    Maybe someone should make a snide remark about HIM & a bullet-proof vest!!!
  • Tedster 2012/04/13 21:34:25
    Geez, who does he think he is saying stupid crap like that, Romney?
  • compufreek 2012/04/13 17:14:26
    OOPSIE!!!! I hope he didn't mean shooting the POTUS by that statement!!???
  • Sandy 2012/04/13 14:11:41
    The use of violence evoking metaphors are always inappropriate. They only add fuel to the already hateful climate that the right has perpetrated against our president.
  • Bastion 2012/04/13 13:50:35
  • Tedster Bastion 2012/04/13 21:47:51
    Speaking of Caribou Barbie herself, funny how last week she was pushing for Allen West to be the VP with Romney. Then this week that Florida crackpot, whackjob West says that between 78 and 81 Democratic Congressmen and women are card carrying Communists!

    No doubt her thoughts were that if you put a rt wing, paranoid, nut bag extremist with Romney that will help balance out the ticket. Also, it would insure Romney's health from assasination attempts from the Tea Baggers should he become president.
  • #Justic... Tedster 2012/04/13 23:09:39
    #Justice4Trayvon 629 BLOCKT CONS
    If that's their idea of a "balanced" ticket please lock me in an insane asylum cuz I think I'll be safer there than walking the streets "free."

    Maybe now we're getting a glimpse of what they really mean by "Fair & Balanced" at FOX snooze.
  • Tedster #Justic... 2012/04/13 23:24:53
    Yeah, you gotta love Bullwinkle Barbie and her special brand of Hannityesque lunacy. And I'd say more like "Fair? Unbalanced".

    Just watch the nutbag rhetoric heat up as it becomes more and more clear that Obama will outsmart and outmanuever Romney and win again. He'll be called all the things he was before like Commie, Muslim, not born here, anti-colonial ad infinitum ad nauseum and that he'll wreck the country. If we were smart we'd buy stock in gun companies and bullet manufacturers.
  • psiEnergos Bastion 2012/04/14 07:58:09 (edited)
    Funny, all the evidence of the case said otherwise. It's stupid crap like this that perpetuates the notion that people are incapable of any critical thinking at all. The DLC posted a similar map in 2004 using the metaphoric phrases "Targeting Strategy", "Behind Enemy Lines" and "Ripe targets for Democrats", where's the outrage? Biased much?

    Jered Loughner was mentally ill with a fixation on Gifford. Friends had even testified he was very liberal (though he was a registered Independent). The path that led to the tragedy you so ignorantly associate with a Palin campaign map, was probably not even known to Loughner before the shootings as I suspect at LEAST 45-60% of the rest of the country was until the media blasted it everywhere after the fact. So frankly this hindsight predicting from anyone using the Tuscon shooting and Palin's maps are outright exercises in mental brain farts.

    Grow up people, if you're so f*cked in the head that you believe sane people will be motivated to violence with nothing more than a map with targets on it, or a person using common, everyday metaphor for debate (or even light smack talk) is going to lead to an assassination or attempt, YOU'RE the one with issues. Because like it or not, insane people don't need such motivations. I haven't heard about Obama 'cranking up the security' over it, so maybe HE has some sense! Moving on....
  • Bastion psiEnergos 2012/04/14 08:53:18
    Keep telling yourself all that. It might help later.
  • psiEnergos Bastion 2012/04/14 09:01:45
    Oooh snappy comeback. Now go back into your fetal position, the adults need to talk now.
  • Bastion psiEnergos 2012/04/14 09:17:22
    No fetal position necessary. Making assassination references while talking about one's distain For the President of the United States is just Good Clean Fun.

    Thanks for clearing that up.
  • psiEnergos Bastion 2012/04/14 10:02:00
    Clean the wax out of your ears, no such reference was made. Maybe you should look up the word 'context' and try to apply it to the conversation that was spoken. First he said "a lot of things hadn't been hammered at because Rick and Mitt have been going at each other". So using your foolish logic these men have been trying to kill each other, "because NOW (emphasis mine) that they've trained their barrels on president Obama"...again, using this stupendously asinine literalism, you MUST be positing the idea that the candidates are no longer engaged in duels and have instead turned their weapons on a sitting president! How about we stop the silliness?

    Anyone with semblance of sanity knows darn well what was meant;

    The candidates have debated each other hotly but now have stopped and started to turn their attention to Obama. Obama is well known for his gaff / teleprompter ordeal so if someone using the debating metaphor of 'taking aim at his record, or his policy, or whatever' the logical extension of that would easily be 'he's going to need a bulletproof teleprompter' (to survive the campaign attacks on his record). Not even a VAGUE assignation reference is there, unless you simply want one to be there. And if that's the case, you've got issues. Now try acting like you went to school when the schools were still halfway decent, and stop buying into this foolish nonsense.
  • Bastion psiEnergos 2012/04/14 11:43:17
    That's Great! Thanks!
  • Rebel Yell 2012/04/13 13:32:15
    Rebel Yell
    Foster is just p*ssed because Pope Santorum is no longer on the clown bus. Now he has to throw his support behind the ill fated Romney... and Foster knows it. He's having a little billionaire tantrum.
  • Warren - Novus Ordo Seclorum 2012/04/13 13:28:15
  • Maci 2012/04/13 07:29:18
  • #Justic... Maci 2012/04/13 23:10:48
    #Justice4Trayvon 629 BLOCKT CONS
    Maybe they should be waterboarded!
  • Maci #Justic... 2012/04/13 23:50:47
  • #Justic... Maci 2012/04/14 00:52:32 (edited)
    #Justice4Trayvon 629 BLOCKT CONS
    No doubt Maci. I remember many years ago hearing a statement that grossed me out & was a play on an old saying from my childhood. It said:

    Sticks & stones may break my bones BUT whips & chains excite me!

    That statement probably came from CONS!
  • Maci #Justic... 2012/04/14 01:07:46
  • #Justic... Maci 2012/04/15 22:19:40
    #Justice4Trayvon 629 BLOCKT CONS
    Yanno Maci, I said the same thing about Michael Steele also. Palin was their response to Hillary & when that didn't work they went with Plan B. When Steele outlived his usefulness they went with the joker from Wisconsin. Them Wisconsin ReTHUG's are the scum of the earth & Scott Walker is the poster child for them.
  • psiEnergos 2012/04/13 06:14:36 (edited)
    OMG people its called 'metaphor'. Only a mental dysfunction (or the lamestream media) would allow one to take it in the literal context and be (or try to make others) offended by it. Kind of like the people that lost their minds (thanks to the same media that's trying to make a big deal of this) when Gifford's was shot (by another liberal) and tried to pin it on stupid crap like this:

    lost minds media deal giffords shot liberal pin stupid crap

    We seriously need to pull ourselves back from crazy land nonsense such as this and focus on the REAL issues. People really need to stop allowing themselves to be so easily distracted and find some common sense. I would pay good money if someone would call out these dumbass 'journalists' just once with 'Really? Are you that stupid, you don't know the difference between a campaign/debate metaphor and a thinly veiled threat?"...and leave.

    Disclaimer: I am not making light of the Gifford incident, it was a tragedy perpetuated by a sick mind. My point was the lamestream media immediately went on the offensive before we knew much of anything about it attacking conservatives when all the facts in the end said otherwise. the republicans put targets on their maps (horrors!...they got the idea from the dems, but they (the DNC) rushed to hide the fact and the media was mum. The one I included here is the dem version).
  • #Justic... psiEnergos 2012/04/13 23:15:06
  • psiEnergos #Justic... 2012/04/14 05:42:35 (edited)
  • #Justic... psiEnergos 2012/04/15 22:21:51
  • Common Sense Conservative 2012/04/13 05:57:55
    Common Sense Conservative
    You liberals are hilarious, and stupid.He's saying that Hussein Obama had better say all the right things from here on out to even have a chance.
  • Tedster Common ... 2012/04/13 21:41:42
    No, he's saying that Obama will be relentlessly attacked by Romney and carpet bombed by Karl Rove's SuperPac in $200 million worth of ads. Tactics that were very effective against Santorum and Gingrich.

    Unfortunately for the king of the flip floppers he's gonna get hammered for what he's said and done and all the campaigns lies against Obama. He's toast unless he and the Repubs can make the economy do what it did under W.
  • Common ... Tedster 2012/04/13 22:09:20
    Common Sense Conservative
    That's your opinion but he definitely didn't mean anything about guns or harming him as liberals would like to believe.
  • Tedster Common ... 2012/04/13 23:00:08
    It was simply a STUPID thing for him to say especially given that Obama gets an average of 35 death threats per day which is 400% more than that disaster W got.

    Oh, and I just love how you ripped off Ann Coutler's "Hussein Obama" line. Too bad but that was 3-4 yrs ago and even she's stopped using it. Yeah, why not try to demonize and de-Americanize the guy? Try to be more original as those lines have a shelf life, ok?
  • Common ... Tedster 2012/04/16 00:13:13
    Common Sense Conservative
    That's your calling not mine. I'm pretty certain his mother and father gave him that name and I like it. It amazes me how people like you try to make his name more than it is, a name.

  • antiregressivism 2012/04/13 05:43:56
    Wahhhhh! Somebody used "gun imagery"!
  • Queen B 2012/04/13 04:42:26
    Queen B
    This dumbass just can't seem to figure out how to keep his foot out of his mouth. What an asshat. If he had a clue, he'd stop going on television and showing the rest of the world just how ignorant he really is.
  • P. Sturm 2012/04/13 04:39:40
    P. Sturm
    That is a stupid remark to make about any office holder, especially a sitting president. If some psycho take a shot at him, the secret service arrest you and you go on trial for encouraging the moron.
  • luvguins 2012/04/13 03:30:54
    Shows that even the 1% cons are idiots also. This is the same old fool that said women should put a Bayer aspirin between their knees for contraception. He sure got over Rick Santorum quickly. Wonder what the Ken doll, Mitt promised him for his support.

    Is this something a born again Christian should say? Not funny, Foster.
  • Helmholtz 2012/04/13 02:35:49
    I don't think it means anything beyond, "I hope his teleprompters can debate." I think he's just using a metaphor, even if it is a pretty stupid one.
  • nothingbutthetruth 2012/04/13 02:18:53
    What's that suppose to mean? Is that a threat!
  • 3052457 nothing... 2012/04/13 02:53:48
  • nothing... 3052457 2012/04/13 05:21:08
    Well, there is a saying, "man's words are his sword."
  • 3052457 nothing... 2012/04/13 06:15:42

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