Former Car Czar Rattner Rats on Obama

safari 2010/09/03 03:43:31
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(I love watching them eat their own. I hear they go well with hot chillie sauce.) EXCERPTS: Former Obama administration car czar Steven Rattner is coming out with a new book that depicts him swashbuckling through the financial crisis and also shows Obama as "out to get" the car companies...

Rattner, a former New York Times reporter in Washington, made a mint as a hedge funder, became a massive Democratic donor and returned to D.C. as Obama's point man during the bailout and takeover of GM and Chrysler. He's since been ensnared in a SEC investigation into his firm's efforts to leverage political influence and favors to win government investment deals.

He signed up Obama golf partner and billionaire New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg as a client and now is launching his book "Overhaul" about his time in the administration that includes the following:

-When Obama was told of the plan to pay GM CEO Rick Wagoner a $7.1 million severance package after Obama ordered that he be sacked, Rattner writes: "Suddenly I felt that I was indeed in the presence of a community organizer..."

-"Obama's economic team veered dangerously close to having the government take control of the two most troubled banks, Bank of America and Citigroup."

-Rattner says Chief of Staff Rahm Emanual dictated Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's schedule, public appearances and staff selections.

-Rattner said Obama was frustrated with the auto companies from the start: "Why can't they make a Corolla?" he has Obama asking.

(Last but not Least!)

-"If his team had linked arms with the outgoing administration, as President Bush's advisers had proposed, billions of dollars could well have been saved."

Find the rest of the article including more excerpts @: http://politics.blogs.foxnews.com/2010/09/02/former-car-czar-...

Read More: http://politics.blogs.foxnews.com/2010/09/02/forme...

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  • No nonsense NanC...don't BS... 2010/09/03 03:54:21
    No nonsense NanC...don't BS me!
    Wow, this one it going to take more thought with a fresher brain, but it seems explosive. I will be back, but meanwhile I want to address this sentence:

    "He signed up Obama golf partner and billionaire New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg as a client."

    Does that mean that the Mayor Bloomberg plays golf with 0bama......? If so, that
    might explain Bloomberg's off the charts defense of the Imam Rauf and the "911
    Victory Mosque".

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  • Edward elijah 2010/09/08 21:52:15
  • elijah Edward 2010/09/10 16:24:38
  • PartysOver 2010/09/03 10:14:57
    Yes, as the 2012 elections near and our House turns over the books will fly. They will be most exposing. Obama doesn't care about winning another term, because he knows he doesn't stand a chance.
  • ★Calliope★ 2010/09/03 08:54:50
  • Hula girl - Friends not Fol... 2010/09/03 06:50:52 (edited)
    Hula girl - Friends not Followers
    I love how the left is so desperate....keep the heat on ladies and gentlemen and turn the search lights on and the cockroaches will still be coming out from under the shadows.
    love desperate heat ladies gentlemen search cockroaches shadows
  • safari Hula gi... 2010/09/03 06:51:52
  • Tina Hula gi... 2010/09/03 09:56:05
    I have to let you know that the cockroach photo is of the kind you find in florida and they not only fly but they live out doors, in your car, and can be seen during the day lite hours... Yup sounds like it is a Democrate of the obama admin!!! LOL
  • Hula gi... Tina 2010/09/03 10:15:21
    Hula girl - Friends not Followers
    They are the same we have in Hawaii too...that's why I know what the big ones look like...we call them 747's.
  • beachbum Hula gi... 2010/09/03 14:53:46
    We have in S. Texas, also. HATE those things - one flew at me as a child, and I've been afraid of them ever since.
  • elijah Hula gi... 2010/09/11 20:50:49
  • Lisa 2010/09/03 06:39:39
    You know there will be more! If they think Obama is going down, the rats will jump ship. The Demoncrats are loyal to NO ONE
  • safari Lisa 2010/09/03 06:52:50
    The only thing I've found that democrats are loyal to is the Communist agenda and their own greed.
  • Lisa safari 2010/09/03 06:53:46
    Funny how fast they turn and run from each other..... like snakes
  • Don Heath 2010/09/03 06:23:04
    Don Heath
    Well, well, well.. little Barry is not so clean as he wants us to beleive.. cna't wait for all the other books that will be out once all those tsars are fed up with him!
  • safari Don Heath 2010/09/03 06:53:34
  • Charles R. Anderson 2010/09/03 05:37:32
    Charles R. Anderson
    FDR would not co-ordinate with Hoover after he won the election and was waiting to take office either. These Progressives think they are too high and mighty to work with anyone whose Progressive credentials are less than their own.

    So not being able to do his own tax returns meant Geithner had to do Emanual's bidding on his schedule and his assistant secretary appointments. Nothing like putting a weak reed into the head position at the Treasury so he can be easily manipulated.
  • safari Charles... 2010/09/03 06:54:38
    When he was first appointed I really didn't get it at all. But then slowly the light came on and I realized just what you've said must be true.
  • Drew~PWCM~JLA~ 2010/09/03 05:30:53
    Time for the rats to start nawing on each other.>;)
  • safari Drew~PW... 2010/09/03 05:32:22
    haha! I was wondering if anyone would pick up on the irony of his name. :)
  • Theresa 2010/09/03 04:53:58
    More proof that the Usurper IS an empty suit! His handlers do everything!
  • safari Theresa 2010/09/03 05:33:00
    Especially ..
  • tncdel safari 2010/09/04 02:40:56
    You obviously edited Soros out of that photo. :)~
  • wtw 2010/09/03 04:27:13
    Proof positive that Obama is a power hungry little man that wants to take over as much as he can.
  • safari wtw 2010/09/03 04:34:11
    The only thing you forgot was "Limp wristed" little man :)
  • wtw safari 2010/09/03 05:02:39
    Sorry--I stand or sit corrected. Thanks!
  • safari wtw 2010/09/03 05:33:14
    LOLZ ;-)
  • elijah safari 2010/09/10 18:39:06
    this stuff you billicans write is great stuff for my classes. many young people, and many older, didn't realize that these types of attitudes were still to be found in america at this point in history. your comments are enlarged and posted on the walls of the social studies department. thanks
  • elijah wtw 2010/09/10 16:27:15
  • SodaDead 2010/09/03 04:24:34
  • safari SodaDead 2010/09/03 04:34:33
  • Drew~PW... SodaDead 2010/09/03 05:42:10
    Or sooner if we can Impeach!
  • SodaDead Drew~PW... 2010/09/03 15:42:12
  • Phillip 2010/09/03 04:21:09
    Oturd & the Democraps, killing America as we stand helplessly watching.
  • safari Phillip 2010/09/03 04:36:39
    We may feel helpless but I don't believe we are. November is right around the corner. We can do great things.
  • johnc 2010/09/03 04:18:37 (edited)
    The guy was wrong, it is community AGITATOR but now he is president with the same thinking.
    Did I see that the little round lady with the constant smiley face like a 3rd grade teacher is also out?
  • safari johnc 2010/09/03 04:37:20
    Yes that would be more accurate. I am not sure whom you are speaking of.
  • johnc safari 2010/09/03 04:49:08
    She is an Obama appointee a prof in economics I think, When I went to college for a marketing degee I was also in Sales, Did at school waht got me a grade, did in the real world that made me $$$$. He only has a text book view.
  • safari johnc 2010/09/03 05:33:56
    Oh yes I recall now but also can't think of her name! So true that! Experience is the best teacher.
  • Kim 2010/09/03 04:13:36 (edited)
    ooohhhhh.....Rattner....you are in sooooooo much trouble....Obama is not going to like this at all....in fact, I would up your life insurance for your wife and kids if I were you, because Obama is a Chicago thug community organizer....and you have just pissed him off.......

  • safari Kim 2010/09/03 04:38:02
    Even though he himself is in hot water - it amazes me the depth of corruption in the democrat party still! And I should be used to it by now.

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