For the first time in American history, a state-senate president, Russell Pearce (R) of Arizona, was defeated in a recall election. What is your take on this historic event?

Prozac 2011/11/11 16:52:29
- Pearce was the architect of a nationally controversial immigration law,
SB 1070, which essentially required that immigrants provide legal
documentation when stopped, for other reasons, by law enforcement.

- Liberal media are attempting to cite the recall as a sharp repudiation
of the Republican party’s stance on immigration — and the extremist
nature of the Republican party as a whole.

- Some think it came down to two factors, neither of which should be of particular
concern to Republicans, statewide or nationally: The unusual rules under
which the election was held, and Pearce’s demeanor and personal

- If Pearce runs again in 2012, some think he will likely win the primary
with his substantial resources. They also believe he will triumph in
the general election as a Republican; it is difficult to see a Democrat
winning this district.

Read More: http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/282878/reca...

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