For Rent: Your Very Own Agenda 21 “Shoebox” Apartment

~ The Rebel ~ 2012/09/26 03:19:23

New York and Boston are already beta testing itty bitty apartments, and yesterday the LA Times reported that San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors is considering official revisions to the city’s building code to allow for even less living space.

If approved, the new quarters — branded as “affordable by design” — would drop minimum housing code requirements to a mere 220 square feet from 290, only 150 of which could be considered actual living space (unless sleeping in a closet counts). To give some perspective on just how small 220 square feet of space really is, the inside of an average school bus is approximately 250 square feet. A person’s entire apartment would be small enough to fit inside the bus — bathroom, kitchen, and closet included. This vision of an austere lifestyle could hardly accommodate one person, let alone someone with a spouse, children, or pets.

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  • sglmom 2012/09/26 07:44:36
    oh hell no

    (SHUDDER) ..

    it is like being buried alive ..
    that is enough to truly drive anyone over the edge ..
    just not enough space to even turn around ..
  • BoredCollieDogRIPmissDyouRm... 2012/09/26 03:30:36
    Awww hell no!
    That's not even enough room for shoes!

    massive shoe closet

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