For Every $1 Added to the Economy, Obama Added More Than $3 in Debt

jt 2012/09/17 17:55:12
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  • ghostrider 2012/09/18 01:21:11
    Obama administration totally failed
    Well, not "totally" ... BUT, 'Obama' didn't add a single $ that wasn't appropriated by the (Republican-controlled) House of Representatives to the debt ... a (no) president can spend money not appropriated by the 'purse strings controlling' House ... but, of course, e-v-e-r-y president gets blamed ... seems everyone forgets: "The President proposes, Congress disposes" ... and, another 'of course' -- the story is from Fox news.
  • Lerro DeHazel 2012/09/17 21:14:43
    Obama administration totally failed
    Lerro DeHazel
    Also, the money added to the Economy stopped right there . . . .The Debt, however, is still drawing interest (growing) . . . This is where our Grandchildren come in . . . Many citizens who are going to be directly responsible for the payment of this GROWING Debt, are not even born yet.
  • POWERSHAKER 2012/09/17 20:43:05
  • Max7 2012/09/17 19:33:14
    Obama still working on the economy
    President Obama accepted more debt than all of the other presidents when he went into office. The viral Facebook Post says that President Barack H. Obama has the lowest spending record of any recent president.
  • Roblem BN-0 2012/09/17 19:17:49
    Obama still working on the economy
    Roblem BN-0
    Yes, I know you don't like to be reminded of the facts... but a giant mess was handed to this administration. One that took years to manifest and will take years to get out of.
  • Max7 Roblem ... 2012/09/17 19:35:09
    handclapping  handclapping and more handclapping Well said!
  • frank 2012/09/17 18:48:53
    Obama administration totally failed
    It's only 3 to 1? I would think it was a much higher ratio.
  • GANGA~Patriotic Revolution ... 2012/09/17 18:34:57
    Obama administration totally failed
    GANGA~Patriotic Revolution BL-100+
  • lurx: the soda jerk 2012/09/17 17:58:53
    Obama still working on the economy
    lurx: the soda jerk

    ...just another reason to let the Bush tax cuts expire.
  • jt lurx: t... 2012/09/17 18:00:01
    How long? lol just couple more months left....?
  • lurx: t... jt 2012/09/17 18:03:13
    lurx: the soda jerk
    It's not like he hasn't tried...

  • jt lurx: t... 2012/09/17 18:07:56
    He couldn't do it well so let him go...

    What U do if U hire somebody to do a work in Ur place and the guy screwed it more? U going to say 'well U tried it,,,and I am happy, let me pay what I agree'?
  • lurx: t... jt 2012/09/17 18:15:15
    lurx: the soda jerk
    Why should vote in the very people that support the specific policies that are driving the current deficit?

    ...you simply can't lower taxes on the rich, support an increase in military spending, and then demand that the deficit be paid down without raising taxes on the middle class.
  • Patric 2012/09/17 17:58:37
    Obama administration totally failed
    and the sad part,

    obomma can not see how this is a failed agenda ...
  • jt Patric 2012/09/17 18:10:42
    Most of these libs never accept the truth what we see in front of our eyes!!

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