Football star to blacks around the country.. Just say NO... NOBAMA

iamnothere 2012/08/25 13:03:13
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  • Deep007 2012/08/26 19:04:23
    Smart man
  • thefatguy 2012/08/26 11:57:38
    He is the 2%.
  • Dar 2012/08/26 09:31:41
    Interesting! Owens hit the nail on the head. Smart man.
  • bob'45 2012/08/25 18:58:17
    And I sure hope this trend continues.
  • iamnothere bob'45 2012/08/25 21:54:48
    so do I bob
  • beachbum 2012/08/25 14:56:25
    More and more people have woken up............cool!
  • Kat ♪ ~ ♪ 2012/08/25 14:24:45
    Kat ♪ ~ ♪
    Good, more of the high status celebrity types among blacks are coming out against him.
  • MichaelJ 2012/08/25 13:50:52
    It is encouraging that prominate black Americans like this genteleman are speaking up. I hope other black Americans are listening.
  • iamnothere MichaelJ 2012/08/25 14:11:34
    one can hope last night tuned in for 10 minutes of Hannity.. had a black pastor as part of his focus group.. who inspite of all the horrid things Obama has done to the black community.. only reason and I repeat the only reason he was not voting for O again is his backing of same sex marriage.. Was ok that unemployment is high.. was ok that 40% of all
    abortions are in the black community..Was ok that Biden can make racial slurs .. Just made me shake my head and feel sad that it takes to many head slaps before anyone in the black community will get off their butts and look seriously at this man and his policies that are so destroying them.
  • thefatguy iamnothere 2012/08/25 21:54:10
    Tribalism trumps patriotism, it seems.
  • Vision of Verve 2012/08/25 13:11:54

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