Food prices spike: Was Glenn Beck right again?

FanOreilly 2011/03/16 21:42:52
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Liberals love to mock Glenn Beck's predictions.

-Liberals mocked Glenn Beck's prediction on gold prices.

Glenn Beck was right.

-Liberals mocked Glenn Beck's prediction on the recession.

Glenn Beck was right.

-Liberals mocked Glenn Becks prediction on food prices.

Looks like Glenn Beck was right...again.

Was Glenn Beck right again?
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  • FanOreilly 2011/03/16 21:45:04
    Colbert and Stuart don't have ideas of their own so they mock those with ideas.

    Once again Glenn Beck was right.

    colbert stuart ideas mock ideas glenn beck glenn beck

    Stuart and Colbert are the ones looking like idiots now.

    stuart ideas mock ideas glenn beck stuart colbert idiots colbert stuart idiots stuart ideas mock ideas glenn beck stuart colbert idiots colbert stuart idiots

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  • keeper 2011/03/17 02:48:56
    GB was right... comedycentral was wrong..
  • Art or Gunny 2011/03/17 02:47:51
    Art or Gunny
    He always has the charts to emphasize his points
  • den 2011/03/17 02:36:53
    it is common sense that food prices will rise this may be exagerated though
  • CoolStoryBro Bn 0 ;) 2011/03/17 02:35:53
    CoolStoryBro Bn 0 ;)
    Duh! It is yes!

    duh Duh
  • WTF Turtle BN-0 2011/03/17 02:34:28
    WTF Turtle BN-0
    If he was I haven't noticed and if he is I probably still won't notice unless it starts affecting the price on groceries at the commissary on base; and if that happens I hope the price of bullets won't go up as well. It's bad enough that if gas prices hit $5 a gallon I'll go out and buy a siphon pump. Adapt and overcome any and all obstacles to survive in a country experiencing fits of stark raving lunacy. But maybe I'm just being paranoid.
  • bman~AV... WTF Tur... 2011/03/17 03:02:45
    You sound like Air Force there omgdeadturtle. Where you stationed at?
  • WTF Tur... bman~AV... 2011/03/17 03:15:08
    WTF Turtle BN-0
    Shreveport, LA. But I'm not in the Air Force, I'm in the Navy. I had the sudden urge to surround myself with steel walls and float in the ocean in the middle of no where in the dark when I was younger.
  • bman~AV... WTF Tur... 2011/03/17 03:22:19
    Good for you. From one retired vet to a current serving vet. THANK YOU for your service to your country. I never liked the water and never learned how to swim so I didn't get in the Navy. I decided to go Air Force and worked on aircraft. It's all good though.
  • WTF Tur... bman~AV... 2011/03/17 03:26:15
    WTF Turtle BN-0
    Well then, you know there are no thanks necessary until retirement so the thanks goes to you.
  • bman~AV... WTF Tur... 2011/03/17 03:32:35
    Well, I still do thank every vet I run across just the same. It's a tough job out there no matter what your profession. My son is the NCOIC over at Gitmo and not a day goes by that I don't think about him and the rest of our troops. Being a retired vet I think I think about it more than some folks. Keep up the good work out there and don't let the bad guys hurt you.
  • jer1five 2011/03/17 02:24:50
    Well, he said they would and they have (and will probably go much higher) so, yeah, I guess he's right again. That sound I hear must be progressives grinding their teeth.
  • tff~PWCM~JLA 2011/03/17 02:22:54
    yes, the Libs are trying to use a shell game with the economy. Pay attention to my one hand while I rob you with the other.
  • your favourite worst nightmare 2011/03/17 02:22:32
    your favourite worst nightmare
  • Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA 2011/03/17 02:16:14
    Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA
    Liberals don't have any smart people to look up to.
  • AL 2011/03/17 02:09:04
    Becks been right all along up to now!
  • Gudridur 2011/03/17 01:50:21
    My fiance swears by Beck. And from time to time I agree. Case in point.
  • BAMACRUSADER 2011/03/17 01:43:24
    The man is frighteningly accurate almost every time.
  • SharkKiller 2011/03/17 01:37:48
    You remind me of this clown.
    remind clown
  • wtxwoman SharkKi... 2011/03/17 18:35:36
    My grandmother used to think everyday was going to be judgement day. She lived her life in preparation for it, and died at the age of 87!
  • SharkKi... wtxwoman 2011/03/17 18:40:37
    My grandmother was the same. Doctors continually told her to quit smoking or it would kill her. Sure enough, it did. She was 97. *chuckle*

    On another note (B-flat), these clowns milk that tax-deductible status for all its worth.
  • Timmy 2011/03/17 01:32:10
    When will the Left ever learn, entitlements cost. The Right is to blame to.
  • 232 2011/03/17 01:07:20
  • Walt 2011/03/17 01:03:35
    Glenn Beck has a consummate staff of professionals working on his behalf, gathering information. His predictions are based on that.
  • Toots 2011/03/17 01:03:09
    Beck is right on the ball they should listen to him. They won't,
  • Aurora 2011/03/17 00:44:12
    yep GB was right.
  • desi-cakes 2011/03/17 00:40:00
    Yeah I guess
  • Medicated 2011/03/17 00:30:22 (edited)
    And he will be right much later as the left pushes their agenda with the help of the blind voting democrats that still think unions protect workers, health care will work and socialisim is the answer. Just wait till the war comes to America.
  • Noah Vaile 2011/03/17 00:26:39
    Noah Vaile
    Yes. Annoying, isn't he?
  • WindyWyattMoon 2011/03/17 00:24:03
    Yes ,He was right.
  • JAKE~PWCM~JLA 2011/03/17 00:22:41
    yea, he has a lot of good investigative journalism and research, he is just a dram queen
  • Lily Blooms Eternal 2011/03/17 00:22:21
    Lily Blooms Eternal
    Sure looks like it, doesn't it?
  • RicardoCabeza 2011/03/17 00:21:08
    Once again this is not Glenn Beck, this is a report that Glenn Beck is quoting, and the answer is yes... but Beck is missing everything except for the basic initial shock..
  • RicardoCabeza 2011/03/17 00:19:15
    Wait, Glenn Beck was only parroting that stuff... There were many of them, one that beck could not accomplish in reading was none other than Friedrich Hayek, and instead of having these goofy fat head kids like Beck and Limbaugh on the radio we should have had Mr. Hayek him give us the radio show instead... but he is now dead, Beck is a parrot and Limbaugh is going to need anti gravitics to move his leviathan girth from the dinner table to the smoking den.
  • Theresa 2011/03/17 00:16:55
    Yes he was....again.
  • 2012 rick 2011/03/17 00:13:54
  • Biki~pw... 2012 rick 2011/03/17 01:21:20
    Been there, done that, been working feverishly at it for over two years now. I don't go to the grocery store without also buying something to put into my stock. I see all those poor Japanese standing in cold weather just waiting for a chance to get into a grocery store and I don't want that to be me!
    I have a storage container that is my "Only use in the event of nuclear catastrophy" I used to say that jokingly....not anymore after what is happening over there, and could happen here just as easily. I'm not against using nuclear to fuel America, but when I find out they are built on fault lines I really makes my scratch my head wondering who came up with that brilliant idea.
  • 2012 rick Biki~pw... 2011/03/17 01:29:01
  • Biki~pw... 2012 rick 2011/03/17 02:07:31
    We have a couple of acres with chickens and goats, could do cows as well if needed. A large garden plot, an independent well, hundreds of gallons of water stored and are working on a windmill this summer so we will be able to get water if electricity goes down.
  • 2012 rick Biki~pw... 2011/03/17 02:12:39
  • Biki~pw... 2012 rick 2011/03/17 18:04:18
    We have a set up with either friends or family. We live close to a dairy, so we go get the unwanted one day old males, raise them until they are off the bottles and then pasturize them at either my in-laws property (they have over 40 acres) or if things get really bad and gas is in short supply we'll pasturize them at our friends house (and they have 5 acres). We've done it several times in the past now, (even thought the in-law swear up and down they aren't going to do it again, I know if things get bad enough they will cause the property is just sitting there being rented out to horses)

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