Food prices spike: Was Glenn Beck right again?

FanOreilly 2011/03/16 21:42:52
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Liberals love to mock Glenn Beck's predictions.

-Liberals mocked Glenn Beck's prediction on gold prices.

Glenn Beck was right.

-Liberals mocked Glenn Beck's prediction on the recession.

Glenn Beck was right.

-Liberals mocked Glenn Becks prediction on food prices.

Looks like Glenn Beck was right...again.

Was Glenn Beck right again?
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  • FanOreilly 2011/03/16 21:45:04
    Colbert and Stuart don't have ideas of their own so they mock those with ideas.

    Once again Glenn Beck was right.

    colbert stuart ideas mock ideas glenn beck glenn beck

    Stuart and Colbert are the ones looking like idiots now.

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  • ASPEN typical... 2011/03/17 05:26:51
    Typical Liberal. You just don't have the MORAL COURAGE to admit that Beck was right. He was reporting what the MEDIA wouldn't. If you took the time to be HONEST you would not have posted what you did. Oh and Glenn Beck is NOT and has NEVER told anyone how to live our lives. We have BARACK and MOO~c~HELL~e who constantly DEMAND we live our lives by their RULES. WISE UP.
  • typical... ASPEN 2011/03/17 16:10:41 (edited)
    Young lady, you need to stop assuming that people want to be told how to live their lives. Here are some furry cute creatures for you, these are very entertaining: http://www.drollnation.com/20... enjoy those and relax! Politics is a game for ugly people!
  • wtxwoman typical... 2011/03/17 18:49:09
    These beck worshippers don't realize he doesn't have an original thought in his head. He sifts through other's research and rearranges the facts to suit himself and make it look believable to his followers. He is a con-artist, par excellent.
  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2011/03/16 21:58:10
    Yes, he was right. And he's right about something else: those nuke plants are far less hazardous than the coming bond-market meltdown is going to be.
  • autumn_... Temlako... 2011/03/16 22:19:14
  • bamalady35077 2011/03/16 21:57:32
  • Vietvet 2011/03/16 21:56:34 (edited)
    They hate him because he is right and they can not stand to see anyone throw the truth, it confuses the crap out of the liberals. hate throw truth confuse crap liberals confused democrat
  • autumn_... Vietvet 2011/03/16 22:20:11
    love the post good one
  • Vietvet autumn_... 2011/03/16 22:33:54 (edited)
  • autumn_... Vietvet 2011/03/16 22:38:02
    thank you velvet lol
  • PeterB 2011/03/16 21:54:52
    I hope to hell he get's one wrong for a change! I'm retired, and living on a fixed income, as are millions of my fellow old fogies. I hope this one doesn't happen, but my gut says otherwise. He's gonna be right again!
  • Don't let em' win 2011/03/16 21:54:41
    Don't let em' win
    Lately, he steals most of his information from Alex Jones.
  • RockyMtGirl BN 2011/03/16 21:53:30
    RockyMtGirl BN
    Beck will never be right; even when it seems like he's right! He's Glenn Beck, too many lies, too much fanaticism!
  • Conserv... RockyMt... 2011/03/16 22:05:54
    Conservative in California
    If he lied, he'd be exposed and off the air.

    He was right about gold and food prices, not to mention the spread of revolutions in the MIddle East and the attempt to establish a Caliphate.
  • autumn_... Conserv... 2011/03/16 22:21:45
    he sure was
  • RockyMt... Conserv... 2011/03/16 23:16:15
    RockyMtGirl BN
    Oh, I've been through this scenario before. No, he wouldn't be off the air, since that's what he's paid to do! You can select little tid-bits of data that coincidently might seem to be correct, but not because Beck knew what he was talking about. Nope - he lies like a rug!
  • ASPEN RockyMt... 2011/03/17 05:43:13
    Why are you continuing to say Beck lies when everything that he predicted has come true? You're simply being stupid now. I think you should leave Colorado and move to California. You would fit in with the nuts and fruits of that state. Colorado doesn't need or want you liberals here.
  • RockyMt... ASPEN 2011/03/17 06:03:53
    RockyMtGirl BN
    Get over yourself! If you have to resort to insulting and nastiness, I think that tells a lot about you. You can love Glenn Beck to death, I don't care. This site is about expressing opinions and respecting others'.
    You're comments are in line with someone who loves Glenn Beck. At least I know the majority agrees with me.
  • ASPEN RockyMt... 2011/03/17 06:14:51
    Here we go again. You've been asked to prove that Beck lies and you can't so you're now playing the VICTIM CARD. I did not insult you nor was I rude or nasty. I simply said you're being *STUPID* for not admitting that Glenn Beck was right. Oh and IF the MAJORITY agrees with you that Beck is an insane liar then his Show would NOT have the HIGH RATINGS it does. Cowgirl UP and admit you're the insane liar.
  • RockyMt... ASPEN 2011/03/17 06:29:23
    RockyMtGirl BN
    You are such a child. Why do you think his ratings are high! Limbaugh has high ratings, too. That doesn't make him intelligent; he's one of the worst idiots in show business! You can call me stupid all you want, I know better. Like I said, you pop some pop-corn and enjoy his show, that's your right. I am also entitled to my opinion. You'll learn how this works eventually.
  • ASPEN RockyMt... 2011/03/17 06:50:14
    Why are you making this personal? And why are you bringing up Rush Limbaugh? And why are you attacking Beck's and Limbaugh's intelligence when it's clear you lack any intelligence? You're babbling on about nothing and dodging the questions that are being asked of you. When you post that Beck is a liar then provide the proof. Where is the video's to back up your claims? You asked for PROOF about food prices. I posted the video and you refuse to watch. You're SIXTY THREE. I would think people your age would be passed all the high school stuff and be wiling to debate at an intellectual level. Here is the video to prove to you that Beck was right. If you don't watch and listen then you're exposing yourself as the liar. Here it is. Watch it, listen and then lets debate.

  • RockyMt... ASPEN 2011/03/17 19:56:35
    RockyMtGirl BN
    I have to say idiocy is your forte'; you just love to keep proving it!
  • Conserv... RockyMt... 2011/03/17 05:47:46
    Conservative in California
    Beck has audio, video, and print evidence of everything he suggests.

    What do you have? The opinion of some radical Leftist billionaire's opinion.

    No wonder Beck is so popular with the American People. American People aren't buying the b.s. lies you're selling. No wonder you are pushing government censorship of the internet, cable TV, and talk radio so hard. You cannot win the battle of ideas.
  • ASPEN Conserv... 2011/03/17 05:40:39
    Allow me to apologize for RockyMtGirl. She doesn't represent the majority of Coloradans. Most who live here in the beautiful state of Colorado are Moderates, Republicans, Independents and Conservatives. She resides in Denver and Denver sadly has a lot of Liberal Loons.

    Where I live in Aspen? If it were not for the Liberal Moronic L.A. Celebrities who have vacations homes here , Aspen would be free of Liberals. The Aspen Natives are Conservative.
  • RockyMt... ASPEN 2011/03/17 19:58:20
    RockyMtGirl BN
    Thank God Denver's majority of folks have IQ's above average; you must be a pretty lonely kid.
  • ASPEN RockyMt... 2011/03/17 05:36:04
    Beck was right. You should admit it and stop lying. Nothing Beck has told America has been a lie. If you're going to accuse him of lying then prove it. Don't embarrass Colorado with your stupidity. You in DENVER are an embarrassment.
  • RockyMt... ASPEN 2011/03/17 05:41:29
    RockyMtGirl BN
    I'm a sane person, why would I admit something that crazy! We're talking Glenn Beck - one of the most insane TV celebrities - he's not even a journalist.
    I respect your opinion, but I'll keep mine, thanks.
  • Conserv... RockyMt... 2011/03/17 05:45:54
    Conservative in California
    You say he is insane, but he shows videos of people in their own words admitting to the things Beck says that they said. What do you have? Nothing but the lies that some anti-American billionaire told you to think that you parrot with absolute blind faith.

    So, I will continue to believe what I see in video admissions while deranged Statists such as yourself have nothing to offer but the lies of Marxists.

    Where's your evidence? Beck has his. You have nothing but lies. I do with Beck's evidence.
  • RockyMt... Conserv... 2011/03/17 06:04:49
    RockyMtGirl BN
    Wow, you're easily swayed! Congratulations on your feelings for Beck. I'll stick to mine.
  • Conserv... RockyMt... 2011/03/17 06:05:56
    Conservative in California
    what's your opinion based on? You don't watch his show.

    I tend to believe evidence. You go on opinions of others.

    You're a useful idiot.
  • RockyMt... Conserv... 2011/03/17 06:09:47
    RockyMtGirl BN
    Of course I've watched it - I used to watch Bush speak, too. You have to know your opponents as well as your party. Even if I hadn't watched his show, there's enough "blow back" on every comedian's show, news shows, etc., commenting on the fanaticism this guy spews out on his show. He's not very admired by the mainstream audiences. And thanks for letting me know you think I'm an idiot; I would be insulted if we had anything in common. May I just say "WHEW!".
  • RockyMt... Conserv... 2011/03/17 20:02:40
    RockyMtGirl BN
    The fact that I have the common sense to recognize insanity when I see it; and the fact that the majority of Americans also recognize his rantings are of a man who's totally gone off the deep end! His ratings come from that portion of Americans (about 30%), who also like Palin; these folks have below average IQ's and thrive on the lies and the frenzy state of mind this guy perpetuates in these poor mentally challenged folks. I'd say quit watching whle you still have a chance of restructuring your brain, but you may be too far gone.
  • ASPEN Conserv... 2011/03/17 06:09:51
    Exactly. Beck does show video's of people in their own words admitting to what Beck exposes yet these liberals deny the truth.
  • gray ghost ASPEN 2011/03/17 15:21:17
    gray ghost
    There you go Aspen,Rocky admitted she got her news from comedians. I guess if you hear it from those guys and swallow it hook,line and sinker, it's got to be true.
  • RockyMt... Conserv... 2011/03/17 19:58:59
    RockyMtGirl BN
    It's not "I say he's insane"; most of American KNOWS he's insane!
  • ASPEN RockyMt... 2011/03/17 06:08:19
    He's not insane. You may hate that he exposes the truth and backs up everything he says with facts but refer to him as insane simply because you don't have the decency to admit he was right and you on the left were wrong is a sure of sign of INSANITY on your part. He's not a celebrity nor is he journalist. If you knew anything about Glenn Beck you would have known that. You have never watched or listened to Beck that much is obvious because if you did you would SEE that he produces the facts. Was Beck wrong about the food prices? NO Was he wrong about the chaos he predicted would occur a year ago in the middle east? NO.

    Did Beck lie about
    Eric Holder

  • RockyMt... ASPEN 2011/03/17 06:11:40
    RockyMtGirl BN
    I'm sorry - if you think you can convince me to like Glenn Beck, it's not going to happen - that would be "mental regression"; not interested. Enjoy his show, though!
  • Conserv... RockyMt... 2011/03/17 06:14:20
    Conservative in California
    Millions do.

    It drives you insane. That's why you want government censorship of opposing viewpoints.
  • ASPEN Conserv... 2011/03/17 06:25:56
    How much you want to bet that Wtxwoman will be blocking you and I. She knows she has stuck her foot in her mouth and now she's making up excuses, whining, playing the Victim Card and is dodging the question. lol
  • ASPEN RockyMt... 2011/03/17 06:24:12
    LOL I am not trying to CONVINCE you to like Glenn Beck. You are accusing Glenn Beck of being a liar and I am asking you to provide factual evidence of such. Why are you dodging the question? If you're going to accuse him of lying than back it up. Provide us with video. The fact is, is you can't so now you're making up excuses and posting childish rhetoric like those who listen suffer mental regression. It's not that you're not interested in Beck's show it's because you KNOW what he has said has come to pass and it is driving you batty. So once again. Provide the proof. Show us video of what you think Beck has lied about. If you said it then back it up. We're waiting. GO !!!!!!

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