Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission to Hold 'Python Challenge': Brilliant or Bad Idea?

News 2013/01/12 19:45:23
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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conversation Commission has come up with a unique contest to say the least. The Commission is sponsoring the 2013 "Python Challenge," which allows hunters to compete again each other to see who can capture the most Burmese pythons in the Florida Everglades. The event is also open to non-hunters.

Contestants must pay a $25 entry fee and undergo an online training regimen, where they learn the differences between protected snake species and the actual Burmese pythons they are hunting for. The winner of the "Python Challenge" receives $1,500. Whoever catches the longest python receives $1,000. The contest has about 500 people from as many as 32 states traveling to Florida.

While the contestants bring in money to the economy and also take out the rather large snakes that are said to be the size of minivans and weigh as much as grown men, there are some against the "Python Challenge." There are those that don't support hunting and others who think non-hunters in the contest might not be able to deal with the heat and mosquitoes. One thing is for sure: it's a unique way to eliminate a potential wildlife danger.

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  • SUSAN WAGNER 2013/10/24 14:54:55
    If stupid people wouldn't own exotic snakes and then release them into the wild we wouldn't have this devastating problem.Non native species cause ecological disasters.Now we have to go kill them all to save the native ecosystem.Sad there are so many dumbasses..but it is Florida..so..
  • Marianne 2013/06/02 18:55:45
    But under the strict control of professionals.
    There has been and still is much abuse.
  • BigKwell 2013/01/18 20:50:23
    Those pythons are non-native AND harming the native wildlife.
  • t.eliot, topbard 2013/01/18 17:39:11
    t.eliot, topbard
    The best Python is Monty.
  • wgossett99 t.eliot... 2013/01/22 13:56:40
  • gfreeman BN-0 2013/01/17 20:47:13
    gfreeman BN-0
    Florida also needs to ban the importation and sale of Pythons.
  • TombstoneJim 2013/01/16 16:31:12
    Plus snake skin boots should be cheaper...
  • wgossett99 2013/01/16 14:29:28
    We should do the same thing here in Louisiana with nutria.
  • t.eliot... wgossett99 2013/01/18 00:10:05
    t.eliot, topbard
    Nutria are tearing up Oregon too.
  • wgossett99 t.eliot... 2013/01/18 17:20:02
    Really? I thought they were warm weather animals. But now that I think about it, they were originally brought to Louisiana for their fur.

    In Jefferson Parish (county) which is adjacent west of New Orleans, the sheriff department has regular night hunts for the critters in the drainage canals. It has been very effective.
  • RH wgossett99 2013/01/21 14:55:33
    When was the nutria brought in to Louisiana?
  • wgossett99 RH 2013/01/21 14:58:54
    Early 1900's, I think. There are conflicting stories whether they got loose during a hurricane or were simply set loose.

    Supposedly the McIlheney's (of tobasco sauce fame) brought them in from South America for their fur.
  • RH wgossett99 2013/01/21 15:02:56
    They are nothing but a pain in the butt. I remember watching a news deal on them. Are they legal to shoot/trap etc or do you have to have permits?
  • wgossett99 RH 2013/01/21 15:36:25
    There is a program. Details can be found at http://www.nutria.com/site10....

    Essentially you can hunt or trap them. There's a $5 bounty per head. But first you have to get a permit. The legal region is anything south of I-10 / I-12.
  • RH wgossett99 2013/01/21 15:37:16
    Can out of state people get permits?
  • wgossett99 RH 2013/01/21 15:41:16
    Probably. Check the website.

    Come on down for some good hunting and fishing. It's got to be warmer than where you are. lol
  • RH wgossett99 2013/01/21 15:48:29
    It is 23 degrees right now... and that is exactly why I was asking. Thinking a nice road trip for some good hunting & fishing might be in order. :)
  • wgossett99 RH 2013/01/22 13:54:29
    Well I don't hunt but I do fish when I get the opportunity. We have no fishing seasons here in LA. You can fish year round and you don't have to cut holes in ice to do it.
  • Nat Turner 2013/01/16 13:15:32
    Bad Idea
    Nat Turner
    I pushed the wrong thing, I think that is a good idea....is the money being used to devenim & feed the snakes?
  • kevjon Nat Turner 2013/01/16 15:12:45
    Pythons don't have venum
  • Nat Turner kevjon 2013/01/16 18:18:01
    Nat Turner
    Oh! but are they going to use the money to make the snake less harmful? Meaning pull it's teeth or something.
  • kevjon Nat Turner 2013/01/17 01:01:29
    They don't have teeth. We have problems with coyotes and wild hogs where I live, our parks and wildlife pay people to bring in ears and snouts which helps reduce the populations, I'm sure they have the same intent here.
  • Nat Turner kevjon 2013/01/17 21:08:45
    Nat Turner
    Why would you go in thier house? You sure as hell don't want them in yours! Leave them alone!
  • kevjon Nat Turner 2013/01/18 01:48:19
    You live in the city don't you, so how many animals do you displace in a city full of people cars and concrete?
  • Nat Turner kevjon 2013/01/18 14:39:13 (edited)
    Nat Turner
    Louisiana has 6 foot crocodiles crossing the road, we don't bother them, and they don't bother us!
  • kevjon Nat Turner 2013/01/18 16:19:33
    Thats great but coyotes pack and they kill my calves, would you like to reimburse me on my loses to keep those coyotes happy? In the everglades the pythons are eating our natural animals of that habitat including crocodiles.
    everglade anacondas eat large animals
    While in the Amazons in the 1970's I witnessed an anaconda being removed from the river and killed, it took a child from the village and took it under water drowning it and then consuming it. Your everglades are next for their habitat
  • Nat Turner kevjon 2013/01/18 16:34:21
    Nat Turner
    What are they supposed to do! what would you do if you were hungry? I'm not condoning that I'm simply asking a question is your stock in an fenced area?
  • wgossett99 Nat Turner 2013/01/18 17:24:49

    The point is that the pythons are not native to the Everglades. Someone turned some pet pythons loose and they have run wild just like nutria here in Louisiana. Alligators were here for centuries before Louisiana was founded.

    But it took man to bring the pythons to the Everglades.
  • Nat Turner wgossett99 2013/01/18 17:45:42
    Nat Turner
    Sorry! I didn't know, is there something we can do beside killing them?
  • kevjon Nat Turner 2013/01/18 19:10:39
    Oh yes, I have a deer fence all the way around my whole ranch, that would be 10 feet tall. The problem is that coyotes are like dogs and can dig under the fence. They also look for holes created by wild hogs. I'm not for whipping out the population, just controling it. Think what would happen if we didn't have dog pounds and they just let all those dogs run free in cities?
    deer fence
    ferrel hogs
    These are the ferel hogs that tear up our fences
  • Nat Turner kevjon 2013/01/19 19:39:36 (edited)
    Nat Turner
    Your farm seems to be very beautiful. And yes you have a problem, are the snakes coming In under the fence? I don't think a dog will help the snake problem if the snakes can consume calves!
  • kevjon Nat Turner 2013/01/21 02:28:37
    Thank you, we love living in the country.
    I don't have a snake problem that would be the everglades in Florida, I have hog and coyote problems. Hogs eat snakes and so do road runners. I like the road runners and have several on my ranch. I hope you don't have the wrong impression, we like native animals but recognize when the become too populated they need to be controlled for their own good.
  • Nat Turner kevjon 2013/01/22 13:34:35
    Nat Turner
    I was going to write..I thought Hogs ate Snakes. What is a road runner? Don't hogs make good ham and hocks? That's good meat and shouldn't be a problem as for the coyote I'm not sure what you can do about that!
  • kevjon Nat Turner 2013/01/22 20:16:19
    Yeah hogs do eat snakes and as far as ham and hocks, well wild hog has to be prepared in a special way. If you haven't tried wild hog you may not like it..I happen to enjoy it but hogs in large numbers can destroy a property. A road runner is a bird that tends to run more than fly and they will kill a rattle snake. Coyotes, like I said in large numbers will kill live stock.
  • Nat Turner kevjon 2013/01/23 13:30:42
    Nat Turner
    Thank you for the info! and you have no choice but to get rid of the coyote I know hogs can tear up a lot of things, but if you like the meat, it's a lot you can do! How much is cattle per head?
  • kevjon Nat Turner 2013/01/23 15:36:39
    Between $ 800.00 and 1,200.00 for cows, bulls can run from 800.00 to 40,000 +and calves average around 450.00 to 900 .00 depending on their weight and market prices. With the drought most people dumped their cattle so right now cattle prices are high when buying.
    It cost a fortune to feed right now because every thing cost so much more, Fuel is up as is hay and corn due to the shortages from the drought. And now that these politicians want corn converted into fuel it makes it even harder for us cattle raisers to get corn at a decent price. That's why you see higher cost on beef in the store.
  • Nat Turner kevjon 2013/01/23 16:52:31
    Nat Turner
    I had no idea cattle was so exspensive! To feed them must be horrific! You asked me if I wanted to reimburse the calf you lost to the snake...NO! that's too rich for my blood!
    Thank you again for the info!
  • kevjon Nat Turner 2013/01/23 17:00:37
    I mention coyotes to be my problem, the snakes are in Florida...I'm in Texas.
  • Nat Turner kevjon 2013/01/23 17:04:29
    Nat Turner
    What do you think should be done about your coyote problem?
  • kevjon Nat Turner 2013/01/23 17:27:09
    The state used to do aerial contraceptive drops into areas overpopulated. They have also set out arsenic bait and now under the animal rights laws they are forced to give dollar incentives for ranchers to shoot them which we were doing anyway.
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