Fishermen in Pakistan reel in massive 40-foot whale shark and sell it for $18,750. Shark weighed an estimated seven tons and was six feet wide.

Dar 2012/02/08 15:32:43

The shark from "Jaws" was not this big - not even close.

Fishermen in Pakistan reeled in a massive 40-foot whale shark Tuesday and sold it for a tidy $18,750, The Express Tribune newspaper reports. The largest confirmed whale shark on record was 41 feet long, according to ABCNews.com.

For the record, Bruce, the mechanical great white shark from the 1975 big-screen blockbuster, was 25 feet long and weighed three tons. The whale shark found in Pakistan weighed an estimated seven tons and was six feet wide, according to the newspaper.

The whale shark was already dead when the fishermen found it 93 miles from Karachi, but they had the daunting task of getting the carcass to shore.

Five cranes were reportedly needed to pull the shark out of the water after two cranes failed to do the job.

The whale shark is the largest fish in the sea, according to National Geographic's website. The World Conservation Union listed it as an endangered species in 2008.

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  • Andy 2012/02/08 23:48:10
  • wicked soda boy 2012/02/08 20:24:20
    wicked soda boy
    Who bought the darn thing for $18,750? Scientists? Funny they give an exact sale price, but don't explain what the buyer plans to use it for?
    It was already dead, so it would not be used as food, right?
  • Son Of ... wicked ... 2012/02/08 20:35:18
    Son Of Anubis™
    Hope not...decomp even if not showing would happen inside...not fit for humans to consume then again who knows what they we eat in Pakistan and if you're starving anything looks good.

    Yeah kind of a lot to pay for the fish and again what do they plan to use it for....maybe some rich guy bought it so he can stuff it and mount it....or maybe a museum, auarium...who knows.
  • Mr Wayne 2012/02/08 16:09:03
    Mr Wayne
    See? The Japanese aren't the only ones who can deplete natural resources!
  • Son Of Anubis™ 2012/02/08 16:04:06
  • Wildflower66 2012/02/08 15:57:56 (edited)
    But what is your question ? . For more detail please visit the link below :-


    Shark  Fish
  • p18711 2012/02/08 15:44:22
    Fish it empty :(
  • Jay0Byrd 2012/02/08 15:39:20
    Wow! they must have at least 100-pound test line on their Zebco 202! (smile) zebco 202
  • wicked ... Jay0Byrd 2012/02/08 20:28:29
    wicked soda boy
    Oh, I think I'd want at least a "404". :o

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