First Fish Photographed Using Tool: Impressed?

News 2011/07/18 20:27:53
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In "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," Douglas Adams warned dolphins might someday launch into space and abandon our primitive planet. But new research based on some photographs taken in 2006 suggest there may be other aquatic creatures to watch out for.

The pictures, published by National Geographic, show a blackspot tuskfish, native to coral reefs near China and Australia, smashing a cockle against a rock to open it.

Anyone who's seen "Animal Planet" or "Life" knows just how impressive cockle-smashing is in the animal kingdom. Wildlife narrators sound ecstatic when a primate starts hammering a peanut, so we can only imagine the waves of excitement pulsing through the marine biology world right now.

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  • Jareth Majere 2011/07/18 21:48:19
    Jareth Majere
    more animals use tools than we'd like to admit
  • pyromaniaticwhale17 2011/07/18 21:45:46
  • Trish 2011/07/18 21:45:21
    And no at the same time. All animals use tools to do things, humans are not the first. We just think were the first because we have electricity, and drills.
  • Markie 2011/07/18 21:29:45
    I cannot catch one with bait and a hook!
  • Grandbrother 2011/07/18 21:24:08
    Yet another reminder of just how little we know and understand - not to mention a humbling reminder that we are, in fact, not as far removed from other animals as it seems we'd like to think...
  • Andrew 2011/07/18 21:22:40
    God's designs are incredibly fascinating. Each species opens a window into His wonderful creativity. From Him, man has been able to invent incredible machines to greater harness His creation. This is what He intended. He commanded us to have dominion of His creation. It is a great responsibility that should always be performed with Him in mind!
  • earl 2011/07/18 21:20:33
    It's about time!!!!
  • Tom Roberts 2011/07/18 21:20:17
    Tom Roberts
    All sorts of animals use tools from monkeys, baboons, chimps, birds, Octopi, horses, dogs, etc.
    Man is so egotistical that they think that they invented everything! They defined a human as only the ones to use tools in the 50's.
  • Myst 2011/07/18 21:13:18
    When you're hungry you find a way to survive, looks like Mr Fishy discovered a trick to open his dinner.
  • Jordan Wardell 2011/07/18 20:57:35
    Jordan Wardell
    Birds have been doing this sense they evolved. Otters as well. about time a fish learned to do it.

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