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By Henni Espinosa, ABS-CBN North America Bureau

May 16, 2012

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – His controversial statement supporting same-sex marriage has certainly not given President Barack Obama a boost in popularity. A recent poll shows that a third of America like him less, now that he champions gay and lesbian rights.

But Obama continues to challenge the younger generation to impact the world, by making changes that help all people. Obama said, “What young generations have done before should give you hope…That’s how we achieved women’s rights. That’s how we achieved voting rights. That’s how we achieved worker’s rights. That’s how we achieved gay rights. That’s how we’ve made this union more perfect.”

For a predominantly-Catholic Filipino community, Obama’s support for same-sex marriage could cost him the presidency. Bernardo Baba is a devout Catholic raised in the Philippines. He said he’s not voting for Obama in the coming elections because, “He has a lot of beliefs that go against my Church, my religion.”

His wife, Mia, said she’s more open to the subject of same-sex marriage because she was raised in the U.S., where it is legal in some states. She said, “I have cousins who are gay and for me, it was like — why not? But now, it’s hard for me to make that decision. I’m leaning towards what the Catholic Church is preaching.”

While same-sex marriage goes against his Catholic faith, Willie Jurado said he still thinks highly of Obama. Jurado said, “It’s a free country. The president can always say whatever he wants to say.”

Father Ed Dura of the St. Augustine Church said the Catholic Church remains firm on its belief that a marriage should only remain between a man and a woman. But he said Obama’s support for same-sex marriage should encourage priests to openly discuss this among their parishioners.

Dura said, “In small groups, I can ask them — Is this helpful to their faith? Is this helpful to their being a person, to the meaning of their personhood? I would rather listen to them rather than tell them what to do.”

For now, where Obama stands with the people, is 50/50. He is neck-and-neck in the polls with his likely Republican opponent, Mitt Romney…with economy, and not same-sex marriage, dominating the campaign.

Bernardo Llona said Filipino Catholics should disregard the same-sex marriage debate and focus on whether Obama and Romney can fix the economy. He said if Obama can make life better for him in America, he has his vote.

For now, one thing is clear — Obama is wading into an area that continues to divide people in America. It may not be the top priority in the country right now but it still has the potential to hurt him in his reelection bid.

You may contact Henni Espinosa at henni_espinosa@abs-cbn.com for more information.

It seems the Chicago campaign machine has made yet another round of serious miscalculations, by deciding to have President Obama come out of the closet in support of "Gay Marriage" last week--and is now suffering massive losses in three key, game changing voting blocks that were responsible for ushering him into the Oval office in 2008.

Catholics chimed in yesterday, with 43 different entities across the nation suing the Obama administration, to block the Obamacare rule mandating employer health care coverage of contraception, abortion-inducing drugs, and sterilization, according to a FOXNews opinion article today by Maureen Malloy Ferguson and Ashley McGuire, of The Catholic Association.

Obama was ahead [of Mitt Romney] among Catholics by 9 points in early March, but is now trailing by 5 points.

The Pew survey finds that 52 percent of Catholic voters with an opinion would vote for Gov. Mitt Romney, as opposed to just 47 percent who would today vote for President Obama, which on election day would mark a swing of 18 million voters away from Obama.

Such a loss will be a stunning blow and remake the 2008 electoral map, delivering Florida to Gov. Romney, and leaving the President Obama no margin for error in Colorado or Ohio.

As to Catholic women specifically, in the most comprehensive survey conducted on the issue yet, Washington-based public opinion firm QEV Analytics recently found that when all of their findings were consolidated, the mandate has yielded no advantage for the administration among the young female voters it was presumably targeting--where just 17% of women under 45 say they are more likely to vote for Obama because of it, and 26% who say they are less likely.

Among every other category of women, the issue turns out to be a loser, with 29 percent saying they are now less likely to vote for the president because of this issue, which is more than double the 13% who say it makes them more likely to support him.

Team Obama has also used this same faulty calculus on the predominantly Christian black community--regardless of the recent NAACP "show vote" in support President Obama's conciliatory position on Same-Sex Marriage.

During an interview with The Christian Post, Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr., Senior Pastor of Hope Christian Church in Baltimore, Md., and one of the nation's most outspoken black pastors, said that President Obama has drawn a hard line on major theological issues such as same-sex marriage, and expects black Christians to compromise their beliefs, according to Paul Stanley's May 17, 2012 article in The Christian Post.

"Obama laid down the gauntlet on black leaders," Jackson said. "The question we are being forced to address is 'are you going to be black or be godly.'"

A group of black ministers calling themselves the Coalition of African-American Pastors, many of whom represent the nation's fifth largest denomination, the Church of God in Christ (COGIC), are holding a press conference in Memphis, Tennessee, to call on Obama to denounce his position on same-sex marriage.

The Rev. Bill Owens, a veteran of the civil rights movement who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King and other noted civil rights leaders during the peak of the movement in the 1960, said, "We will be spending the next weeks and months visiting black churches, asking for support from pastors and their flocks to speak up against the media-generated view that gay marriage is a civil right," Owens told CP.

"We ask President Obama to stand with the black church, on the word of God, and evolve again back to the common sense biblical view that marriage is the union of husband and wife."

When asked if Obama's stance on same-sex marriage impact voter turnout in the African-American community and ultimately, the November elections, both Jackson and Owens say the answer to that question is "yes."

Jackson outlined the issue by putting black Christians into three general categories.

1. Black Christians who are in a state of denial ... believing Obama succumbed to political pressure from homosexual activists in order to win a second term--Jackson describes this group as "nominal Christians."

2. Black Christians who feel betrayed in the faith ... and will either not vote for Obama or not go to the polls at all--causing Obama to lose key battleground states like Ohio and North Carolina.

A recent Public Policy Polling poll shows that approximately 60 percent of black voters in North Carolina are opposed to same-sex marriage.

3. Black Christians who are so angry with President Obama that they are planning to vote for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

"The black community is in an adulterous relationship with President Obama," Jackson said. "He is asking us to stray from the most basic tenets of Scripture – that marriage is an institution made by God for man and woman to become one and procreate. He's telling us it's fine to hold onto our beliefs, but that it's also okay to accept his stance on a position that goes against that core belief."

"This is no different than a married person having a relationship with someone other than their spouse," said Jackson.

Jackson, like Owens, recognizes that the core issue for black Christians – like all Americans – is jobs. "Blacks want to be recognized and not taken advantage of," Jackson said. "They want politicians to realize there are significant issues of race that still need to be addressed and that jobs and economic opportunity are more important that homosexual marriage."

"I don't know if it will be a 'make-or-break' issue or not," said Owens. "But this is not good for President Obama."

Other than students, whose unemployment rate currently stands at about 53 percent, the black community has suffered the most from Obama's failure to create jobs--as their unemployment rate for April was 13 percent, as compared to 8.1 percent for the nation, according to University of California at Berkley Monthly Labor Center report dated May 6, 2012.

Contrary to the vacuous rantings of the mainstream media, the GOP and Conservatives welcome all aboard, for the singular purpose of restoring America to her former glory, and creating the largest "net of opportunity" for the greatest number of people--as soon after January 13, 2013 as possible.

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  • Mamaknows 2012/05/24 20:50:59
    Let him talk and his loose the election all on his own!
    It just shows just how far removed most liberals are from the everyday voter....that when a politician starts really talking about what they think/support that most average voters recoil from them...
    That says a LOT.

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