Feds Put Target on Filmmaker's Back

Defend Western Civlization 2012/09/15 02:32:19

A frightening violation of human rights by Eric Holder's corrupt Justice Department.

It is hard to know who should frighten Americans more: radical Islamists or our own government.

I say this with only the slightest hint of hyperbole following
Thursday's Associated Press story about the evil genius (not!) behind
the sophomoric film "Innocence of Muslims," which Islamofascists across
the Middle East and North Africa are using as a flimsy excuse -- an
excuse only believed by the Obama administration and other
blame-America-first naïfs -- to kill American people and destroy
American property.

The scary part of the story is not that Nakoula Basseley Nakoula was
described as having a "checkered past" including a criminal prosecution
two years ago.

The scary part of the story is not that we now know that "Sam Bacile" is
an alias used by Nakoula while making the film and publishing it

The scary part of the story is not that Nakoula, a Coptic Christian, was
claiming, when talking about his ridiculous film, to be Jewish (as if
my tribe doesn't have enough problems with people from the Middle East
to Foggy Bottom).

The scary part isn't even that Steve Klein, a "Christian activist" who
was involved with making the film, told the AP that he "warned the
filmmaker that 'you're going to be the next Theo van Gogh.'" Van Gogh
was the Dutch filmmaker who was shot eight times and nearly decapitated
by a Dutch-born Muslim of Moroccan descent who disapproved of Van Gogh's
short film Submission.

No, the frightening, terrifying, chilling part of the story is that Mr.
Nakoula was identified to the AP by "a federal law enforcement official…
who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized
to discuss an ongoing investigation."

The AP notes that Attorney General Eric Holder, who presides over the
most corrupt Justice Department of my lifetime, is launching a criminal
investigation into the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three
other embassy staff in Benghazi, Libya.

It is inconceivable (to the extent that anything is inconceivable with
this Attorney General) that Mr. Nakoula could be a legitimate target of
such an investigation, regardless of what else he might have done wrong
(such as misleading his actors and dubbing their dialogue with
references to Mohammed after the film was made). Nakoula's First
Amendment rights in this situation are absolute.

But even that misses the point: Our government just identified to a news
organization the real name of a person who is undoubtedly the highest
on the hit list, the forefront of the fatwas, of every hypersensitive
but well-armed Muslim radical on the planet.

As if publishing the name isn't enough, the AP then tells the world that
they found Nakoula "outside Los Angeles." Yes, I realize that's a
rather large area and not exactly like giving his street address, but do
you think that makes Mr. Nakoula feel better?

But wait, there's more! The Washington Post (and presumably other
papers) later in the day named his home town as Cerritos, California.
And as if that's not enough, we learn that at Nakoula's property,
"county authorities were present because roughly two dozen reporters and
film crews were waiting to interview Nakoula."

It is exceedingly likely that the Nakoula family will never be able to
inhabit that home again… and that the people who live there next might
always live in fear. (I wonder how much that will damage the Nakoula's
selling price for the home.)

I stipulate that the AP already seemed on Mr. Nakoula's trail, having
traced a phone number used by "Sam Bacile" to Nakoula's address.

I admit that Nakoula clearly knew that he would be taking a risk by
making and releasing this film, despite it appearing more like a bad
Monty Python production than serious social critique.

And I agree that Mr. Nakoula, at least based on his history as reported
by the AP, is not a model citizen. In 2010, he was sentenced to 21
months in jail and ordered to pay $794,700 in restitution for committing
bank fraud.

We don't know whether Mr. Nakoula is an American citizen either, though
one would expect his criminal sentence to include mention of deportation
if he were not. The UK's Daily Mail reports that "Last year, he was
stripped of Egyptian citizenship after he called on the US to intervene
in the country to protect its Christians."

But none of this, not the likelihood of a reporter determining that
Nakoula and Bacile are one and the same, not Nakoula's unsavory past,
and not whatever his citizenship status might be can justify a federal
agent outing him to the world.

This employee of the federal government has put a target on a man's
back. And while we will likely never know the name of this "law
enforcement official," any real Department of Justice would go to great
lengths to figure out his identity, fire him, and give his name to the
public -- not that such an action would put that reprehensible, shameful
character at nearly the risk to which he has exposed Mr. Nakoula.

Read More: http://spectator.org/archives/2012/09/14/feds-put-...

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