Federal Judge Restores Early Voting In Ohio

WankerBait 2012/08/31 19:21:05

U.S. District judge Peter C. Economus ruled that "restoring in-person
early voting to all Ohio voters through the Monday before Election Day
does not deprive UOCAVA voters from early voting."

"Instead, and more importantly, it places all Ohio voters on equal
standing," Economus ruled. He said the state "fails to articulate a
precise, compelling interest in establishing the 6 p.m. Friday deadline
as applied to non-UOCAVA voters and has failed to evidence any
commitment to the 'exception' it rhetorically extended to UOCAVA

Is the Republican effort to establish one party rule in the USA finally being squashed?

Read More: http://livewire.talkingpointsmemo.com/entry/federa...

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  • kevracer 2012/08/31 20:39:24
    Several weeks ago I heard a hilarious interview with Ohio Attorney General and waanabe Tea partier Mike DeWine (r) in which he prophesied that early voting ban would be upheld and stated that anyone oppossed to his view was stupid

    Hey MIke who is the idiot now?
  • Zuggi 2012/08/31 20:02:07

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