FACT: 98% of the procedures performed on pregnant women by Planned Parenthood are abortions.

Conservative in California 2011/04/17 19:01:57
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  • Robert 2011/04/20 21:51:24
    ha! This was on the news the other day, they were off by about 87%!
    Their response to having that pointed out? "Well we didn't mean for that to be a factual statement."
  • mchappell2 2011/04/20 09:08:25
    Are you sure that is a true fact ???....Just curious
  • lbsalvin 2011/04/19 13:45:34
    Thanks for showing the light. Some people on sh put up a good fight that murder is not ph's main role.
  • wtw 2011/04/19 00:47:19
    Thnaks for the stats!
  • Andrew 2011/04/19 00:27:52
    That's a sad fact.
  • KoAm 2011/04/18 05:31:51
    That's right -- and hardly any of them have to do with rape, incest, or the mother's health. Almost all of them are done out of nothing more than convenience.
  • tomas 2011/04/18 00:42:10
    IF there was ANY "planning" to begin with 98% of abortions would not be needed.
  • TruBluTopaz 2011/04/18 00:27:28
    That figures. It's a money game.
  • patriot 2011/04/18 00:22:17
    Yup-one every 95 seconds.
  • Bureauc 0Bamao 2011/04/17 23:51:41
    Bureauc 0Bamao
    Fact: 98% of the liberals that go to bat for Planned Parenthood will emphasize the other 2% of work preformed.
  • MJP Reeves 2011/04/17 23:46:04
    MJP Reeves
    Planned Parenthood provides birth control pills to needy girls but they do mostly abortions. I don't like my taxes going to pay for killing unborn babies.
  • maggieb 2011/04/17 23:37:30
    No surprise there
  • dave b 2011/04/17 23:22:26
    dave b
    The Progressive Liberals arent interested in facts.
  • Diana 2011/04/17 22:42:40
    I think that is a disgrace.
  • RC..I stand for the TRUTH! 2011/04/17 21:13:25
  • RC..I s... RC..I s... 2011/04/17 21:15:13
    RC..I stand for the TRUTH!
    They kill black babies the most.
  • Shigyrl... RC..I s... 2011/04/18 14:31:32
    Shigyrl but outspoken on my future
    You hear libs tell it this is ok to do.
  • RC..I s... Shigyrl... 2011/04/18 16:52:57
    RC..I stand for the TRUTH!
    Sad...but true my friend.
  • Bible 2011/04/17 21:12:26
    Just because Kyl has the balls to lie on the senate floor, doesn't make his lies true. Fact is that only 3% of PP services are used for abortions. That crazy right-wing is worried about turning into the minority and the non-whites being the majority by 2042. So they (white male) may do or say anything to keep the white babies numbers up. All they are concern with is taking control of the female body, the government maintaining the funding blue pills, forcing woman into unwanted pregnacies, whether it through incest or rape. That why they are against anything from the birth control pill to the morning after pill, but goddamnit keep the government funding the blue pill. White Women Of America say NOOOOOOOO goddamnit government funding blue pill white women america noooooooo
  • Conserv... Bible 2011/04/19 05:37:48
    Conservative in California
    98% of all services provided to pregnant women are abortions.

    Most of PP's victims are Black babies. Margaret Sanger would be proud. Her mission of eradicating the "weeds" lives on.
  • Bible Conserv... 2011/04/19 14:30:56
  • Conserv... Bible 2011/04/20 04:11:55
    Conservative in California
    Sure, if you equate giving a kid a condom with countless consultations followed by an hours long surgery and follow up meetings as both being a "service" then you are right.

    PP exists for 1 single purpose: the extermination of innocent babies.
  • Bible Conserv... 2011/04/20 15:31:47
    It is understood that alot of white men are worried about becoming the minority by 2040, But they better find another way to repopulate, besides trying to deny women health care. Every woman has the right to control her own body whether you like it or not. And you and your kind can keep trying to rid the country of birth control pills, the morning after pills, condoms, you can continue to chase and kill abortion doctors. But the fact is: men want control, but you not going to get. Women control their own bodies and that will never change. condoms continue chase kill abortion doctors women bodies change
  • StonedThoughts 2011/04/17 21:07:21
  • Telly S... StonedT... 2011/04/17 22:44:24
    Telly Samba
    I must have overlooked the 2% that was true.
  • tomas StonedT... 2011/04/18 00:40:12
    Back your statement up with some data / links, etc., to make it more credible.
  • StonedT... tomas 2011/04/18 02:17:59
  • Conserv... StonedT... 2011/04/19 05:39:28
    Conservative in California
    It's what PP admitted to in 2009. I read it from Ann Coulter who did the research.

    If you don't believe me, look up the stat yourself. But, I know you'll ignore the facts and attack me or Ann Coulter.

    You Statists and pro-abortion types are good at ignoring facts.
  • StonedT... Conserv... 2011/04/19 21:06:10
  • Conserv... StonedT... 2011/04/20 04:13:27
    Conservative in California
    PP's own words from 2009 is my source.

    Just because you are too lazy to look up the fact doesn't mean it is not true. You're just lazy.
  • StonedT... Conserv... 2011/04/20 15:20:41
  • Dan Manacania 2011/04/17 21:04:22 (edited)
    Dan Manacania
    I wonder how much of that is related to sex trafficking of minors. A federal crime.

  • jaajaa.B.sexii 2011/04/17 20:26:50
    hey nice question.
  • none 2011/04/17 20:12:15
  • Kane Fernau 2011/04/17 19:41:26 (edited)
    Kane Fernau
    You just can't come out and tell the truth. Abortion is one of the few things democrats own and Planned Parenthood contributes handsomely to democrats..
  • sardoni... Kane Fe... 2011/04/17 22:38:21
    sardonicist BN-0
    Does that make any opposing statement true merely by virtue of it's opposition?
  • WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA 2011/04/17 19:31:02 (edited)
    WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA
    I am in the middle with this (as many other things, since I am a moderate). My question (leaving religious beliefs out of it) is that if these women have the babies and can't support them, who is going to take care of them later? This has always been my bone of contention with those who want to outlaw abortion, are you going to take care of the children? Who is? Don't say their parents, if the parent does not want the child but cannot terminate the pregnancy as they don't have the money, they they will probably not get prenatal care, and they won't be able to care for the baby after it is born either. Don't say they can all be adopted, you know as well as I do if the Mom is a crack addict that is not likely, or if the baby has birth defects, etc., etc.
  • Conserv... WhereIs... 2011/04/17 19:35:43
    Conservative in California
    By your logic, we should be able to kill welfare recipients, illegals, homeless persons, and other "undesirables" people can think of "for the collective good."

    Who the hell are you to think you can play God in deciding who will be allowed to live and who you think should be killed?
  • Robert WhereIs... 2011/04/20 22:02:19
    Heh, you know, now that you've brought that up...
    I was having a discussion with a group of people I know. Most of them are pro-life, I'm unbiased on the issue, and there were two pro-choice girls. So I ask everyone in the group first off "what are your views on abortion?" The pro-lifers said that if the mother doesn't want the baby, put it up for adoption. The pro-choicers said that in cases of rape/incest/etc, the mother should have the option of abortion.
    Later I asked the same group of people, "When you have kids, are you going to adopt, or 'DIY'?"
    The pro-choicers said adopt
    The pro-lifers said make their own
    So what do they expect to happen to all of those babies put up for adoption?
  • SunnyOne 2011/04/17 19:27:52
    Stop drinking the GOP Kool-Aid. It is true that abortions comprise only about 3% of the services offered by Planned Parenthood.

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