FACEBOOK: what does this mean? (see below)

stevegtexas@aol.com 2012/07/05 16:16:12
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Someone recently tried to log in to your account from an unrecognized device or mobile device. Because you enabled login notifications, your account is temporarily locked. Please complete the following steps to regain access to your account.
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  • Jorge Enriquez 2012/08/04 06:26:21
    Jorge Enriquez
    ignore that information now :)
  • Mark 2012/07/11 20:09:31
    More than likely , someone (your wife) went to the ATT store (or who ever your contract is with) , and had them fix something (FB , etc. not functioning correctly on her cell phone - for example) , requiring them at ATT store to tap into account , to make adjustments .
    Typically a warning will come from FB themselves (unaware of un-announced activity) - (if that is the case where an adjustment was made) , and you need to go on PC to simply enter the FB (???) account , the usual way , & it will clear .
  • 'Zedd 2012/07/05 23:33:34
  • kitkat42 2012/07/05 18:08:52
    I got that exact message. I went directly to FB and tried to sign on. It wouldn't let me and I got the same message, I had to get a new password to get back on. It also let you see where the "other" sign on came from and it was from somewhere in the middle east. ?? But the message was legit. Just DO NOT use any links to fix it, if they give one.
  • stevegt... kitkat42 2012/07/05 19:20:32
  • obi_have kitkat42 2012/07/05 19:46:41
    Definitely do not follow links from an e-mail. Go direct to the site. It might be a legitimate message from facebook... often times though, it's a phisher trying to harvest your information.
  • 'Zedd obi_have 2012/07/05 23:34:04 (edited)
  • Vision of Verve 2012/07/05 17:49:37
  • say what? 2012/07/05 16:54:10
    say what?
    I get notifications when I switch between my desktop and laptop but it never locks me out.I think it depends on your network settings.I am not computer savvy.
  • Christy 2012/07/05 16:32:46
    Someone tried to log in to your facebook account from a device different from the one(s) you usually use. It could mean that someone is trying to break into your account. Change your FB password, and make sure your antivirus/anti-malware software is up-to-date.
  • TruBluTopaz 2012/07/05 16:26:15
    Looks like someone tried to hijack your account. If it's a public device in a library or meeting place, it could mean that it doesn't recognize the IP code. I would contact FB directly to make sure someone's not trying to use your account for other purposes.
  • stevegtexas@aol.com 2012/07/05 16:16:56

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