Facebook stock dips below 20 dollars for the first time. Will Facebook recover?

☆ElenaDiamond☆ 2012/08/09 18:13:01
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Facebook woes continue as stocks go on a 5 day downward spiral. Since its IPO Facebook has lost 50 billion dollars in value, leaving investors ready to take the money and run.

Facebook stock going down

Now, investors are struggling to understand the impact of the expiry on August 16 of a lockup period on insiders' sales. That's when the first restrictions barring employees and early investors from selling goes away, opening a spigot to roughly 1.88 billion additional shares for trading by year's end.

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  • A Founding Father 2012/08/09 19:44:48
    No Facebook will continue to lose value
    A Founding Father
    Sometimes I have to just sit back and laugh at the misfortunes of those of you who are so unaware of how the world of Wall Street brokerages and Reagan Bank works. The stocks of "Facebook" were sold almost exclusively to "in house" funds and Mutual Funds controlled by Banks and Brokers who brought the stocks "to market", for huge fees and a sizable portion of the initial stocks and options for a second and maybe even third issue. In effect, these brokers and banks acquired your retirement and investment money in exchange for a share of an over-hyped piece of nonsense supported by "advertising" that you pay for each time you buy something that appears there or click on the "facebook" portal.

    So, the "Top 2% Club" members now have more of your money in their accounts and you are helpless to prevent your retirement or Mutual Fund account manager from staying in the game with them and riding the "value" to the bottom, as in the "Dot-Com" debacle that you should remember. Facebook never "lost 50 billion dollars in value" as there was never "value" there, just the imaginations of the hyped stories from the brokers. But, your retirement and Mutual Funds have lost $50 Billion of your money to those who made markets in this absurd game you think is a sort of "capitalism" or "American Dream". Your
    chances of being robbed at the ATM is much less than joining in the games from Wall Street that you don't understand.
  • Gloria 2012/08/09 19:26:18
    No Facebook will continue to lose value
    Going public was not smart. The product was successful. There was no need to take it to the race track.
  • Ken 2012/08/09 19:18:10
    No Facebook will continue to lose value
    Just another fad, until a new one comes along.
  • kevracer 2012/08/09 18:44:20
    No Facebook will continue to lose value
    Facebook eventually will be rank up there with the 70's pet rock as biggest fad
  • WF - Rumpelstiltskin -PWCM~JLA 2012/08/09 18:40:43
    No Facebook will continue to lose value
    WF - Rumpelstiltskin -PWCM~JLA
    Look at it like this. Yahoo has more employees than Facebook . The Yahoo IPO was $45, today trading at $16.04.

    Today Yahoo employs 14,00+-
    Today Facebook employs 9400+-

    In 2008 Yahoo was one of the top 100 best companies to work for and employed over 100,000 employees.
  • JMCC 2012/08/09 18:25:23
    No Facebook will continue to lose value
    It would seem that investors didn't learn from the dot com crash. Facebook's assets are nowhere near what the market value is, after all what is that they actually own?

    Some machinery, some code and some property - and even the machines and property might be leased....
  • jackibuck 2012/08/09 18:18:04
    No Facebook will continue to lose value
    It's that darn Timeline! Don't know one person who likes it.
  • Transquesta 2012/08/09 18:14:33
    No Facebook will continue to lose value
    Initially I thought they would, but now I'm not so sure. The opening price was WAY over-inflated considering the revenue potential.
  • Mr.Hoodz the Truth Troll 2012/08/09 18:14:17
    No Facebook will continue to lose value
    Mr.Hoodz the Truth Troll
    It was a scam from the start.

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