Face it, Obama hates you and is hell bent on destroying the core of what makes this Country great, it's people.

Keith Kakugawa 2013/06/14 01:45:41
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  • BULLDOGBlacksmith 2013/06/14 01:58:14
  • JC 2013/06/14 01:52:39
    I often wonder why Obama-haters tend to hate Obama so much more than they do the Republicans, who have a much more malevolent agenda towards the American people. The GOP is engaged in an ongoing campaign to abolish Medicare, Social Security, organized labor, the minority's right to vote, and they repeatedly hold the American people, including the unemployed, hostage to promote the interest of the rich. In addition, they’ve staged a bitter war against women, gays, and the immigrant community
  • Glen Smith JC 2013/06/14 01:58:54
    Glen Smith
    Lies, I tell ya, all lies... except for the immigrant thing, but there called illegal aliens.
  • JC Glen Smith 2013/06/14 02:01:11
    Thousands of Republicans have come together in a solid block of solidarity to embarked upon the exact same agenda. It involves corporations, congressmen, U.S. senators, state senators, state legislatures, city council members, judges, etc. They've come together all across this country, and they're hell-bent on cutting the throat of poor and middle-class America.
    Yet, Obama-haters seem to be completely oblivious to this fact, because they are so totally fixated on this one man, Barack Obama, who was elected twice to be President of the United States by a large majority of the American people, that everything else seems to be irrelevant to them.
  • Glen Smith JC 2013/06/14 02:06:32
    Glen Smith
    Obama who was elected twice in an American Idle style vote that the Founding Fathers would be ashamed of.
  • Daniel JC 2013/06/14 02:25:32
    Here's the one flaw in our election system. The majority is always wrong That's a fact. All Obama's done is crippled the middle class and only those who are ignorant in that class can't see it, but they will.
  • Luca JC 2013/06/14 03:42:50
    really? Well you regurgitate Liberal talking points quite well...So at least we know you are dutifully obedient...

    Now I would respectfully ask that you use this intellect you obviously have for some independent critical thinking and actually provide a single shred of LEGITIMATE facts to back up a single thing you have said. And no, the Huffington Post or Daily Kos, or Media Matters is NOT a legitimate source. Show me a proposed Bill...a hearing...a C-Span video clip...
  • BARRY0619 JC 2013/06/15 17:40:08 (edited)
    "...a large majority..." Let's look at the facts of the last election shall we genius?

    ===========Obama================ Romney
    Popular vote 65,899,660--------------- 60,932,152


    which means O'Turd won by 4,967,508 votes which is NOT a large majority plus when you consider the fraud on the Democrat ticket, (one Democratic poll worker in Ohio was convicted of voting for Obama 6 times and there were probably many more) it's probably a lot less.

  • JC BARRY0619 2013/06/15 17:47:46
    regardless, he won!!! he was elected.
  • BARRY0619 JC 2013/06/15 17:49:17
    You proud of voter fraud?
  • JC BARRY0619 2013/06/15 17:51:58
    he won. end of story.
  • BARRY0619 JC 2013/06/15 21:14:48
    Correction: We ALL lost.
  • JC BARRY0619 2013/06/15 22:18:39
    Ok whatever you say.
  • Daniel JC 2013/06/14 02:20:00
    You should get your facts straight.
  • JC Daniel 2013/06/14 02:22:27
    derp!!! derp
  • maquignon 2013/06/14 01:51:08
    He is doing a very good job.
  • BARRY0619 maquignon 2013/06/15 17:46:13
    Tell us what his specific "accomplishments" are and I'll list my Obama "accomplishments".
  • say what? 2013/06/14 01:47:19
    say what?
    And he has lots of help.

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