Exclusive: Lawyer Files Request For Fuddy Autopsy

doofiegirl BTO-t- BCRA-F ~PWCM~ 2013/12/18 23:33:19
The continuing saga surrounding Barack Obama’s birth certificate once again moved to the forefront when the woman responsible for authenticating the document died in a plane crash off of Hawaii’s coast recently. She was the only passenger – out of a reported nine total people on board – to die in the crash.

Dr. Orly Taitz, an attorney who has filed numerous lawsuits related to the birth certificate issue, is behind an effort to obtain a copy of Fuddy’s autopsy. In an exclusive interview with the Western Center for Journalism, she cited several pieces of anecdotal evidence she believes refute official reports.
“I have a file with all of the media reports on this accident,” she said, “and there are contradictions.”
Taitz is not alone in speculating that there might be more to Fuddy’s death than has been reported; however, she alleges several eyewitness accounts cast aspersion on official accounts of the crash. For instance, she said there is some debate regarding whether the plane’s pilot made a mayday call prior to the incident. Initial reports, she explained, indicate that no such call was sent.
“A supporter of mine reached Richard Schuman, the owner of Makani Kai Air that owns the plane,” she said. “He stated there was a mayday call.”
She also questions accounts that show rescue crews did not reach the scene until well after the plane crashed, indicating that the site’s proximity to the coast would have made the event obvious.

“They were very close to shore,” she contended. “In this instance, the crash could have been seen by shore. Why did it take a reported hour-and-a-half to rescue them?”
Finally, she questions the accuracy of reports stating that nine individuals were on board the doomed flight.

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  • OPOA912 2013/12/19 00:19:10
    Thanks to OZbama, we have become prisoners for a Chicago Thug Corrupt Spying Dictator in the White House. Hey libs? You must be so proud!
  • Dwight 2013/12/19 00:10:19
    I would be interested in seeing that report.
  • Mike Mason Dwight 2013/12/20 22:06:32 (edited)
    Mike Mason
    No doubt you will see it......after it is issued....but you won't be seeing it as a result of this request issued by the worst lawyer in the history of the universe (Orly Taitz) as she filed the request in line with her usual standard of competency ie she sent it to the wrong party and in an incorrect format.

    In the meantime she alleges she is now attempting to get a court to prevent the funeral of this poor woman taking place.....a filing which she has also incorrectly prepared and incompetently worded, which the court has no jurisdiction over anyway and requesting something which there is no basis for in the first place, so it won't happen. She will then screech that the reason it failed was because of conspiracy.

    She is as nutty as a fruitcake and in this instance a vile ghoul who ought to be slapped with the biggest law suit of her life for emotional distress to the Fuddy family.
  • Dwight Mike Mason 2013/12/21 17:39:51
    Oh, I'm sure that those who are just falling over themselves to prove this theory will find a way to gain evidence of 9,000 deaths.
    What I really am surprised at is that the people who claim to be more compassionate are not trying to help that 9,000 escape their predicted deaths by getting them to blue states that would provide for them.
    Instead it looks self evident that they desire those 9,000 deaths as a means to prosecute their political enemies.

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