Even the Fox News Poll Shows Obama's Lead Growing: Is Romney Losing the Attack Ad War?

Chris D 2012/08/10 18:00:00
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President Obama opened up a 9-point lead in the most recent Fox News poll. Looks like all the negative ads and character assassination tactics are working. Negative ads may be bad for the American political landscape, but they seem to be working for Obama, at least for now. Do you think Romney will lose the game of hardball -- or will he rebound and win just in time for the election?

FOXNEWS.COM reports:
The president would take 49 percent of the vote compared to Romney's 40 percent in a head-to-head matchup if the election were held today, the poll found.
obama attack ads

Read More: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/08/09/fox-new...

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  • garyt212 Party B... 2012/10/06 06:03:26
    I prefer freedom....
    but if you don't you are entiltled to move or vote for the communist obama communist
  • Party B... garyt212 2012/10/17 17:53:24
    Party Boy [A7X Bat]
    You make some bold claims that I know for sure you can't really prove. How do you know Obama is a communist? Are you a psychic?
  • garyt212 Party B... 2012/10/22 05:04:41
    I'm not stupid. consider myself well educated and informed....obviously you are not :(
  • Party B... garyt212 2012/10/30 18:54:35
    Party Boy [A7X Bat]
    Alright, prove he's communist, then. I'm talking solid proof, here. Not arrogant claims made by right-wing mental cases. You're well educated, I'm sure you can come up with SOMETHING. Plus, I noticed a fascinating phenomina. Apparently, not thinking Obama is a communist somehow makes me automatically uneducated. Please, explain this to me.
  • mblack 2012/08/11 05:35:22
    Mitt Romney is losing
    I don't think selecting Paul Ryan will bring Romney any more votes than he was already going to get.
  • Aurora Blu 2012/08/11 04:54:47 (edited)
    Mitt Romney will rebound
    Aurora Blu
    It's too soon to take these polls seriously, and they really mean nothing to me. IF these polls are accurate it surprises me to know there are so many idiots out there STILL supporting Obama.

    idiot obama supporters
  • the_old_coach 2012/08/11 04:45:47
    Mitt Romney is losing
    The news is reporting that he is picking Pau Ryan as his choice for VP, which virtually ensures their loss in November.

    I'm so mad I could spit.
  • shadow76 the_old... 2012/08/11 06:13:20
    And McCain picked Pawlenty!
  • ducdodger 2012/08/11 04:32:41
    Mitt Romney will rebound
    The funny thing about those polls it seems that Dems have been over polled so they can lean the results towards Obama.
  • mblack ducdodger 2012/08/11 05:38:29
    That would also have unintended consequences. More Democrats would stay home if they see that Obama has a big lead.
  • ducdodger mblack 2012/08/11 17:27:46
    it could but it show that the media is trying to sway the election to the out come they want.
  • MsDianna 2012/08/11 04:25:56
    Mitt Romney will rebound
    Yes Romney will rebound. We've got to get Obama out of White House.
    Obama and all his crew must be kicked out of Washington in November
    or before. America's got to wake up. Can't just sit at the coffe shops,
    restaurants, where we work and just complain about what's going on.
    Have to register to vote and show up on election day!
    God bless America!
  • loudelk99 2012/08/11 04:17:24
    Mitt Romney will rebound
    I don't think any poll can reflect what is going to happen on election day.
  • "OG" 2012/08/11 04:16:52
    Mitt Romney is losing
    The attack ads. Since Obama can't run on his accomplishments he has to run on his hate ads, What i find really funny is Democrats are the 1st to scream about Republicans spreading hate but they have no trouble standing behind the hate their Democratic leader is spreading as he runs for a 2nd term.
  • Jackie G - Poker Playing Pa... 2012/08/11 04:13:56
    Mitt Romney will rebound
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    A chicago thug is winning the attack ad contest - that is apparent, scum does tend to float to the surface occasionally. I do think that Obama and his minions are so out of control now that they have made decent people sick - I still have faith in the American people and there ability to smell out despicable people as apposed to decent successful people - I predict Romney will rebound because of his general decency and outstanding experience.
  • Chris 2012/08/11 04:12:21 (edited)
    Mitt Romney is losing
    The second people didn't support Ron Paul, they might as well just cast their votes for Obama themselves because they just gave him the win. Most people don't want to go back to status quo republicans that assisted in destroying this economy. That time era is over. Ron Paul at least stood for something.
  • james.b... Chris 2012/08/11 04:35:32
    I'd advise you vote Gary Johnson :P It does two things.

    1. It tells people that we are not just kids worshipping a man, but instead we are a united demographic - a libertarian demographic.
    2. Write-ins are immediately discarded and never looked at. It does nothing for us.

    In the end, however, your vote is your vote and I would never wish to impede it.
    gary johnson billion
  • Party B... james.b... 2012/08/11 08:45:57 (edited)
    Party Boy [A7X Bat]
    Does it have to be older? Like, can we take away from the amount of "older" and transfer it to "truer"? "Older" stopped working when the government outlawed slavery.
  • james.b... Party B... 2012/08/11 23:09:32
    Excuse me? I don't quite understand the question. :)
  • Party B... james.b... 2012/08/12 03:10:22
    Party Boy [A7X Bat]
    Progress, my friend. :) We wouldn't be where we are if we leaned back on older, traditional methods as far as technology goes. We don't need to bring back old thinking, we need to clean up the current think. There's a sweet spot where "true" and "new" coincide, and this country, no, this world will be able to do great things if we can find the honesty and goodness in today's thinking. Our world is polluted with corruption, and progress is what abolishes this corruption. If we didn't have the concept of progress, we'd still be using horse and buggy for transport, America would just be a British coloney, and women would still be second class to men. We need to channel the energy of the new generation of people in order to better the world.
  • james.b... Party B... 2012/08/12 03:43:46
    How exactly does this tie in with Gary Johnson? Lol. I think everyone says what you said, but argue on the method.
  • Party B... james.b... 2012/08/14 04:12:31
    Party Boy [A7X Bat]
    Gary said, and I quote, "Not for an untried new social experiment, but for something older, truer, and conceived in liberty." and I propose we just cut the "older" part of the plan. We don't need old fashioned policies, we need policies that can keep up with the times.
  • james.b... Party B... 2012/08/14 05:34:18
    I think he meant older in terms of social ideas - meaning less restrictions on personal freedoms.
  • Party B... james.b... 2012/08/15 04:42:02
    Party Boy [A7X Bat]
    Ahh, now that's an interpretation I never considered. When put that way, I'm behind him 100%! :)
  • james.b... Party B... 2012/08/16 06:29:06
    I can't speak for him, but he is an amazing candidate in my opinion. A cost-benefit libertarian? Well I don't think it can get much better than that!
  • Party B... james.b... 2012/08/17 04:34:55
    Party Boy [A7X Bat]
    Agreed! :)
  • aneed2know 2012/08/11 04:02:24 (edited)
    Mitt Romney is losing
    And it would seem the poster of this questions is as full of BS as Fox noise it, wanna talk about Character assassination, okay lets talk about it. What TV host proudly proclaimed that Obama is racist towards whites, which TV channel day in and day out keeps calling Obama a communist and socialist, which News channel kept airing reports about Obama and the ACA wants to kill old people, come one now you low life hypocrite conservatives this is a easy one for ya, if you ya can tell the truth? Which i doubt very serious if you guys can, but at least try and be honest with yourself.
  • garyt212 aneed2know 2012/08/11 06:25:34
    Hey you got it right for a change....based on his record, beliefs, policies, practices and written statements in his books obama is an anti-American, communist, socialist, racist and yes obamacare will not be free and health care for the elderly will be curtailed. Congrats!
  • BlackSouth garyt212 2012/08/11 10:06:11
    You didn't answer not one part of his question.
  • PoliticallyIncorrect 2012/08/11 03:59:08
    Mitt Romney will rebound
    Polls right now don't matter much, but I don't believe most of the polls anyway. Other than Rasmussen and possibly Gallup, most of the polls run a 10% Democratic overage and the deal with Americans is that they want to vote for a winner. If they can make it look like Obama is ahead in the polls, people who wouldn't have voted for him will. With a Democratic overage, the poll will always lean toward Obeyme. I don't believe that Americans are fundamentally that stupid to believe him. The ads that Obeyme and his regime are running right now show what a truly disgusting person he is. The more personal attacks he throws out, the lower they are getting. Romney has been staying on point and perhaps when Americans actually vote they'll realize that Obeyme is morally bankrupt and not good enough to be re-elected. He never had enough class to merit being elected the first time.
  • Red_Horse 2012/08/11 03:40:15
  • Politic... Red_Horse 2012/08/11 04:00:40
    If you listen to the disclaimers, you will note that most of the polls actually admit to having more Democrats in the sampling to begin with. Of course Obeyme will come out on top in those.
  • Red_Horse Politic... 2012/08/11 04:02:24 (edited)
  • Politic... Red_Horse 2012/08/11 04:06:46
    I find it distressing to think that Americans to be so undereducated and stupid to even think about voting for Obeyme.
  • Red_Horse Politic... 2012/08/11 04:11:39 (edited)
  • Politic... Red_Horse 2012/08/11 04:29:07
    I wish that Romney could find a large quantity of antiObamabiotics then. LOL
  • Charles... Red_Horse 2012/08/11 09:10:21
    Charles Braley
    " Gallup and Rasmussen are still the most dependable. "
  • Red_Horse Charles... 2012/08/12 00:40:03
  • yogiOK 2012/08/11 03:37:07
    Mitt Romney will rebound
    I don't think that he is losing, but rather this ridiculous liberal media is showing it as such, in the hope that this will create some sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. The large majority of the nation recognizes that Obama is just terrible, and anyone else would have to be better.
  • T J 2012/08/11 03:26:55
    Mitt Romney is losing
    T J
    I wouldn't call it character assassination, Romney needs a character to begin with. Right now, he's just a robot that does and says what trends. Anyway, of all the smear jobs done to Obama from the time he came on the scene till now, it's about time he fought fire with fire.

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