Obama Failed Soda Head Chief Opi 2012/05/30 01:50:51
Eric Holder, ACLU Lawyers, and IRS Administrators Due to Advise Hundreds of African American Pastors on What to Say During 2012 Election

(Photo: Wiley Price via baptist.org)

Representative Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri revealed on MSNBC Tuesday that lawyers from the ACLU, IRS administrators, and even Attorney General Eric Holder will soon be speaking with hundreds of pastors in the African-American community on how they can best comport themselves throughout the 2012 election.

(Related: Obama Does Damage Control Among Christian Pastors Following Gay Marriage Endorsement)

“We will have representatives from nine denominations who actually pastor somewhere in the neighborhood of about 10 million people,” he said, “and we’re going to first of all equip them with the information they need to know about what they can say and what they cannot say in the church that would violate their 501c3 status with the IRS.” [Emphasis added]

While they won’t specifically tell people whom to vote for, the respected speakers will discuss “draconian” (hint) voter identification laws, and the Congressional Black Caucus expects the move will only help the Obama’s campaign.

Watch the clip, below:

Attorney General Eric Holder has been under fire almost since the first day of his term, for holding biases in such a high office. He largely ignored voter intimidation by the New Black Panthersbecause it “demeans [his] people,” despite the crime that was committed. And while apparently the taxpayer-funded IRS and Justice Department are fine subtly contributing to Obama’s re-election campaign, they have been known to disproportionately audit Tea Parties and other conservative gatherings.

Read More: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/eric-holder-and-ir...

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  • Pronatalist Pronatalist 2012/05/30 02:29:54
    Pronatalist Pronatalist
    Why are terms like African-American and Native-American, being used to a ridiculous excessive degree? Those speaking against "hyphenated"-Americans, that we should be "just Americans," are only getting at the tip of the iceberg of the problem. I think the real issue, is that these terms are designed to hide something. According to a few YouTube videos, Negros are of the tribe of Judah, and the American Indians are of the tribe of Gad. Such groups are told that they are "nobody" and need the help of racist poverty pimps, when in fact, they are descendents of the scattered tribes of Israel.

    If this is true, then we need to bust up the cover-up, and let people know this. For the truth can set us free!
  • Obama F... Pronata... 2012/05/30 02:42:34 (edited)
    Obama Failed Soda Head Chief Opi
    Why are terms like African-American and Native-American, being used to a ridiculous excessive degree, It all P.C , if you say black man, ect... some will say your playing to race card, so the term, is used to put a stop to that,
  • randy 2012/05/30 01:52:40
    They should encourage Americans to vote. Africans have no business voting here.
  • Obama F... randy 2012/05/30 02:21:30
    Obama Failed Soda Head Chief Opi
    Obama is in high panic mode. After flip-flopping on gay marriage, he is terrified of losing support in the bIack, church-going community. So, he is sending out the r acist head of his Injustice Dept, along with his thugs from the IRS, to make sure “his people” see it his way, or else.
  • Pronata... Obama F... 2012/05/30 02:30:50
    Pronatalist Pronatalist
    So does this move us closer to a false flag?
  • Pronata... randy 2012/05/30 02:24:45
    Pronatalist Pronatalist
    Why do they want dead people voting? Losing too much of their base, due to Obama-nomics? That's why they oppose Voter ID. They want to cheat and stuff the ballot box.

    How soon should we expect a false flag from this wicked regime? We need to be prepared to expose it, for even false flags can backfire.

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